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Book Week 2024

The students will be participating in a range of activities throughout the week that will be shared in the weekly Primary and Secondary newsletters.

Monday 4th March - Book Swap (PRIMARY ONLY)
We would like the children to bring in a book they have read and no longer want to keep to swap with another book.

Friday 8th March - Book Character Dress up
We invite the children to school dressed as book characters and to bring in the book their chosen character is from.

Extreme Reading
Take a picture of your child reading in extreme places! PLEASE ENSURE YOU ARE SAFE WHEN PARTICIPATING IN THE ACTIVITY! Click on the link below to submit your Extreme Reading photo!

Extreme Reading



Please see this year's timetables below. The DCIS Libraries are open for borrowing Monday-Friday 08:00-15:15.


Primary students will need a Book Bag in order to borrow books. Any students with outstanding books on their accounts will be unable to borrow until returned or replaced. Further details can be found in the Guidelines section of our site.




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DCIS Libraries-Book Bag-Book Bag

DCIS Libraries Book Folders

Our DCIS Libraries Book Folders are here!

Should you wish to purchase one, they are available at a cost of $5. Please send in the correct amount of money, and your child can collect a book folder from their library.
Water-resistant, sturdy, and practical, students can keep their DCIS Libraries books and Student Planners separate, resulting in more protection and less damage to our books!

Please note, should there be any manufacturing errors with zips breaking, we will replace the folder. We have fed this back to the manufacturers.

DCIS Libraries-Book Donations-Book Donations

Book Donations Welcome!

The DCIS Libraries are always open to receiving donations. We love to give books that are no longer wanted a new home! Please note that we can only accept books that do not have yellow spotting, as this is a sign of early mould and does spread through books on the shelves. If you have books to donate, please send them to the DCIS Libraries. Thank you!