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    The expansive landscaped campus of Léman International School Chengdu is nestled amid lush fields and gardens at the foot of Chengdu’s hills.

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    Students will uncover talents, abilities and discover new interests and carry them throughout their lives.


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    Our experienced and talented team of professionals is a critical component of our success as a truly outstanding learning institution.


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    At Léman we believe the only measure that matters is that of your child’s academic and personal growth.


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    Léman International School Chengdu is the premier international school in southwestern China, serving students from Nursery through Year 13.


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LFA News

LFA Donation  乐盟家委会慈善捐献

  • After a successful last school year of bake sales and other events. LFA committee donates 30% of the profits to a charity organisation.  This year, in agreement with LIS we will split up our money to help the organizations our kids are visiting during the China Exploration Trip.  The first 50% of our profits has been donated last week.  Our secretary and mom Mrs Sheila Ledger gave 3000CNY to Miss Carol Shill as a donation for the orphanage at Shangri-La.
  • 去年成功举办烘焙义卖和其它活动之后,乐盟家委会为一家慈善组织捐献了30%的利润。今年,与乐盟取得共识后,我们将资金分成若干部分捐献给我们的孩子在探索中国的旅行中探访的一些机构。第一批利润的50%已经与上周捐出。我们的秘书也是位母亲,Mrs Sheila Ledger通过Miss Carol Shill转交3000人民币捐献给了香格里拉的孤儿院。
  • The remaining 50% will be donated next year to the second group of students traveling during the spring.
  • 剩余的50%将于明年春季捐献给第二批参加探索中国旅行的孩子们将访问的机构。

Halloween sweets 万圣节糖果

  • If you are about to travel to your home country or another sweet destination… don’t forget to bring your lovely candy back.  So our kids can enjoy the Halloween treats soon @ school.  
  • 如果您将于最近回家乡或者到其它甜美的目的地,请不要忘记把可爱的糖果带回来。我们的孩子可以在即将到来的学校举办的万圣节糖果会上享用。


Hereby you can find our first LFA activities.  Each coordinator created/or will create a wechat group.  By scanning the QR code you can help out in organizing these events.



体育活动 -- 地点:乐盟

  • 14th October, Saturday: CISA Under 15 and Under 11 Soccer – Coordinator: Maggie

-       09:00-16:30

-       LFA will hold a bake and hotdog sale. Items for sale can include baked goods, Waifood hotdogs, other savory snacks, vitamin water, coffee and tea.

-       If you want to bake, donate food for us to sell, or helping at the booth the day of the soccer game please scan the QR Code below.

  • 10月14日,星期六:CISA15岁和11岁以下足球赛,协调员:Maggie

-       09:00-16:30

-       乐盟家委会将举行烘焙和热狗义卖。义卖的物品包括烘焙食物,Waifood热狗,各种零食,维他命水,咖啡或茶。

-       如果您想自己烘焙食物捐献给我们义卖,或者在义卖亭里帮忙,请扫描下方的二维码。


  • 14th November, Tuesday: CISA Cross Country – Coordinator:

-        Leman will be hosting the event in the back forest of the school.

-        Lunch will be provided for participant runners only

-        LFA will hold a hotdog sale. Other items for sale can include other savory (springrolls etc), some  baked goods, snacks and vitamin water.

-        If you want to bake, donate food for us to sell, or helping at the booth the day of the Cross Country please scan the QR code

  • 11月14日,星期二: CISA 越野赛,协调员:待定

                 -         乐盟将在后山举行该项活动。

-        午餐仅提供给参赛运动员。

-        乐盟家委会将举办热狗义卖。其它义卖的物品包括各种口味的食物(如春卷等),一些烘焙食物,零食和维他命水。

-        如果您想在该项活动当天帮助烘焙,捐献食物义卖,或者在义卖亭里帮忙,请扫描下方的二维码。



  • 17th October, Tuesday: at Ascott Hotel in Kuanzhai Room , 10:00am  (in Chengdu town) – Coordinator: School

-        our school counsellors, Mrs Kusmierski(social/emotional counsellor) and Mrs Mindorff (university counsellor), will host a series of parent sessions designed to help and inform parents. 

-        Our first session is on the topic of technology in the home: helping parents manage media and technology. We will focus on information that Common Sense shares with parents about the impacts of the range of technology that permeates our homes.

-        We encourage parents to bring their devices as well to share strategies and tools you use to "manage your family's media message".

10月17日,星期二:雅诗阁服务式酒店宽窄厅,上午10点, 协调员:乐盟

                 -        乐盟的顾问,Mrs Kusmierski(社交/情绪顾问)和Mrs Mindorff(大学顾问),讲会举办一系列旨在帮助和通知家长的聚会。

                -         第一次聚会的主题是家庭里的科技:帮助家长管理媒体和科技使用。我们将会集中与家长分享来自Common Sense Media.org的信息,探讨关于科技对与我们的家庭的影响范围。

                -         我们鼓励所有的家长都能参与并携带你们的科技设备,一起分享“管理家庭媒体信息”的策略和工具。


学校活动 -- 地点:乐盟

  • 31st October Tuesday : Halloween – Coordinator Samantha

-        If you want to help the school and LFA in organizing Halloween then you are the parents to help us!

-        LFA will help the school with decoration, buying or donating candy, help filling the trick or treat bags, …  please scan the QR code.

  • 10月31日,星期二:万圣节,协调员:Samantha

-        如果您想帮助学校和家委会组织万圣节活动,那您就是我们要找的人!

-       乐盟家委会将会协助学校进行万圣节装饰,购买或捐献糖果,帮助准备"不请吃就捣蛋“的糖果袋,等等。请扫描下方二维码参与。




  • 11th November Saturday: Holiday Bazaar – Coordinator

-        This year the Chengdu International Club will organize the Holiday Bazaar @ Beanstalk International Bilingual School

-        Holiday Bazaar is a public event for those who like and enjoy the Christmas atmosphere

-        If you want to help SCHOOL and LFA in organizing a booth and sell some goods, once a coordinator is assigned we can start organizing.


-       今年成都国际俱乐部将在青苗双语学校举办假日集市。

-        假日集市是一个旨在喜欢和享受圣诞节气氛的公众活动。

-        如果您想协助学校和家委会组织布置摊位和售卖物品,请待我们确定了协调员之后,会立即开始组织工作。

SOCIAL EVENT - @ venue
Safe the date:



  • 18th November, Saturday – TBD

-        This is a parent and teachers’ event, goal is to meet and get to know each other in an informal way.

  • 11月18日,星期六, 地点:待定

                 -         本活动仅限于家长和教师,目的是以非正式的方式见面和了解彼此。

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