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Effective Flipcharts

Flipcharts can be a vital tool in our everyday practice, and with some small tweaks, can give students even greater opportunities to access the things we want them to see. As a teacher, have you ever thought about how many effective flipcharts you have made in your career?

David Barton, Year 3 Leader

An effective flipchart could be deemed one that supports you in drawing a student’s attention to what you want them to see without overloading their working memories. Showing a child a huge colourful heading will draw their attention, but more than likely it will also keep their attention away from what you want them to see. You want them to look at the example on the board but that heading keeps them locked in. Only the distraction of a catchy animation of a man giving a thumbs-up can break their attention from the heading!

Within a classroom, there are so many variants and distractions which could affect a child’s attention and draw their focus away from the key thing you want them to see. Some of these extraneous things are out of our control. Some we can adjust to give children a better opportunity to access the learning. A flipchart is one such thing. Whether its Powerpoint, Active Inspire or Google Slide, the same design concepts apply.

These simple concepts can draw a child’s attention to the key aspects you want them to see.

Bolding or colouring key words, taking out needless images and backgrounds are small but impactful changes. It’s not only about drawing attention, it’s about limited working memories and how they can quickly become overloaded. Lovely looking pictures are nice, but are they effective? If they don’t have a purpose, then delete them as it is using needless working memory. Depending on the purpose, often a line drawing can be more effective than a picture, without overloading the working memory.

How can we make reading the slides easier?

- Chunking linked information
- Limiting the fonts and colours
- Aligning the text to the left (not centre)
David Barton, Year 3 Leader
  • Effective Flipcharts (June 2021)

All can contribute to support reading speeds and maximise the opportunity for children to attend to the slide’s key elements.

For Primary teachers, we can feel obliged to add images and colours to make slides more interesting and attractive. However, it’s our job as teachers to draw a child’s attention to the board and if we need a pretty picture to do this, then surely we are doing something wrong.

There is a recent area of research focusing on whether images and colours can support a child’s motivation in class. The results so far suggest that it can support motivation, but only if the image has a purpose, otherwise needless images can have a negative impact

The important take away, is that the flipchart is not about us, but it is about the person looking at it. What is the purpose of the slide and what do you want your students to attend to? If there isn’t a purpose for an image or text, then removing it is probably the best idea. A small change for a big impact!

Meet Mr. Barton