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Year 8 News - 14th October 2016

14 October 2016

Find out what's been happening in Year 8

  • International Week 2
  • International Week 3

International week –WOW! Once again the community group pulled off an amazing feat, with their culinary skills – giving the school a sample of the delights from around the world. Everyone got the opportunity to visit the hub and sample some food from different nations. Also, the Parade of Nations saw students and staff dressing up according to their national colours and parading through the school alongside their fellow country men and women. There were performances and productions happening in the C-Block Foyer during lunch and competitions run throughout the day. This day was surely my favourite of the year!

Project week information:

As you are aware, Project week is fast approaching. More information will be sent out to you soon regarding packing lists and itinerary. However the flight information I have provided below. These are actual times of the flights and do not indicate what time we will want the students to be at school on the morning of the 31st October. Again, more information will follow shortly regarding this. Here are the flight times:

Flights:  Y8 Xiamen

> 1.  FM9263    31OCT  SHAXMN    0715 0845          T2T4    

> 2.  MU5666    04NOV  XMNSHA    1300 1425         T4T2   

Nord Anglia Creative Writing Competition

The annual Nord Anglia Creative Writing Competition is now open and students will be informed about this in their English lessons. Students who want to take part in the Creative Writing competition must join via the online space on Global Campus Online. When they join they receive a certificate that celebrates their participation in the competition. The winners will be printed in a book that will be distributed to all 43 Nord Anglia Schools across 15 countries.

Nord Anglia Global Library

The Nord Anglia Global Library is also now live and the books are available in the library. Students who want to take part in the Global Library must join via the online space on Global Campus Online.  When they join they receive a certificate that celebrates their participation in the Global Library.

NAIS Olympics – passing the flame.

The NAIS Olympics has come to an end in PE. However, the flame is still alight and will be passed onto Maths where students will have the opportunity to show off their Maths skills in a one-lesson type competition. More information will follow and students will be aware of what is happening. Remember; if a student achieves a medal, he/she also achieves a token for the number of house points. The token is placed into the house box and all points will be doubled at the end of the year. Students seem to be really enjoying it and getting into the spirit of the games. Good luck all.

Lesson Updates and student reporters

Jack Lee 8A for PE

We practiced then competed in our 100m sprinting today. Whilst starting, we learnt 1st to make an 'L' shape with your feet then to put a foot next to it and finally to kneel next to that foot, this is the way you get your starting position for sprinting. After a few practices, we did some timing. We each got 2 turns and ran in groups. We all tried our best and were surprised by how much progress we made from last year. Satisfied with our results (I was very satisfied with my results), we happily ended the class with some house points.

Ciara Wallace 8A for Science
In science we recently have been doing elements and other topics in that area. As we have just finished that topic, we had an assessment for Mr. Howell to see if we understood what we had learnt and so he knows what our average level is. Most of the class got over 60% and we had fun during the practical part of the assessment. Overall science has been a very joyful and exiting subject so far this term.

Axel Persson 8A for German
In German (MFL) this week we have learnt all about tenses. You might think that German vocabulary is hard but it is easy once you get to know it, especially when you are having fun! Our teacher showed us an easy way to remember the perfect tense. It is like a sandwich in the picture where the subject and auxiliary verb (helper verb) go first and then the object comes next. You can have as many objects as you want to make a longer sentence. Last comes the past verb which we put at the end of the sentence. This might seem hard but when you have a small class and a good teacher we can learn it faster and discuss it more and learn from our mistakes. In the week before that we talked about our dream holidays and had a lot of fun. If you’re thinking about trying German you should definitely do it! It's not as hard as it looks.

Zena Bruin 8A for Geography

For Geography our class has been working on posters, in our group we are making a poster for rock armour, the advantages and disadvantages. Rock armour is rock or other material used to armour shorelines, streambeds and others. 

Josie Lonsdale 8A for MFL

In MFL (French for me) we have been watching a French movie and we had a sheet we had to fill out. The movie was in French, it was called Yamasaki. It took a few lessons to finish it. Everyone really liked it and thought it was funny. Now we are looking up some French words/sentences that were in the movie making sure we understand them.

Asher Raj 8a for Guidance

In Guidance we learnt about our feelings and about self-esteem that we should not let others make us feel down about ourselves. We learnt 5 tips from Erica:

1: Cope with criticism, never let someone let you down.

2: Take risks but don’t take risks that you think may get you in trouble.

3: Stand up for yourself - make a choice, don’t do what others want you to do.

4: Be realistic. Think of your achievements but don’t be overconfident of what you can do. You might fail sometimes but you can say at least you tried.

5: Self-esteem – build your self-esteem. At times, you may fall because of criticism but you must not care about what they say, believe in yourself.