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Year 10 News - 22nd April 2016

21 April 2016

Year 10 awards ceremony is on Tuesday 26th April at 10:30am. Students will be recognised for attainment and effort in their IGCSE subjects, with commendations and overall subject winners. There will also be tutor group prizes in various categories, as well as awards for outstanding school reports. It is great to see that ALL STUDENTS have received an award for something, many students winning several awards, so this promises to be a truly celebratory occasion. We sincerely hope you can attend. The event should last around one hour.

I would also like to remind you to please return your responses to indicate your intentions for next year, which have been emailed out to you all. This really helps us with our planning and timetabling for next year. Many thanks. 

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Events over the past fortnight have been coming thick and fast and keep coming at NAIS Pudong. We had the excitement of the house ‘7-minute challenge’ last week, where students worked out during lunchtime, to promote house spirit as well as healthy living. As you read this, I will be with several students in Beijing where they are battling for the inter-school ACAMIS football trophies. Representing Year 10 are: Naser and Luca for the boys; Lovisa, Giulia, Sarah, Chiara and Isabel for the girls. Here is hoping they return with some silverware!

We also have the prestigious sports awards evening next Thursday where all our sporting stars will attend this formal event to reward our star performers. We hope to see you all there.

Year 10 Geography students have been visiting rural China to conduct their practical coursework. They had a very productive few days conducting river surveys and working in the natural environment (see pictures).

Finally, while we say goodbye to our Year 11 and 13 students next week to begin their respective IGCSE and IB examinations, Year 10 students will begin to look towards their own end-of-year examinations in a month's time. Timetables for these will be with you in due course. These are very important as they will be the main judgement to inform their IGCSE predicted grades.

Now, over to the students to find out what is happening in the classroom…

A View from the Classroom

Ethan Church

English: Currently in my English class, we are focusing on the play ‘A View From the Bridge’ by Arthur Miller. Most of our lessons are effectively spent annotating the play along with looking in detail at many aspects of literature.

Biology: In Mr. Crozier’s Biology class, we recently finished a unit on the mammal circulatory systems. We looked, in detail, for several lessons at the mammalian heart, blood, the lungs and other organs.

Duke of Edinburgh’s Award: This Tuesday, myself and 5 other Year 10 students participated in a preparation camping cook-off. Between pastas, oatmeal and dried fruits I’m safe to say we’re certain well prepared and experienced for the real deal. With little to no experience in the kitchen, I’ve grown some more respect for the parents who do this every day!

Little League Football (Soccer in Canada): I help out with Years 3 and 4 with their little league football every Monday. I take my part as a referee within the competitive 15-minute games between dedicated, tenacious and confident 8 and 9-year-old athletes. It feels great to be a part of a future generation of pros in the big leagues.

Reika Azuma

Art: In Art, we are learning how to create a ‘decayed’ work. The teacher gives  us complete freedom on what materials we use, what type of artwork we want to make, and we also research and take pictures on what we want to design. This week, I am manufacturing an abandoned location. I am going to use watercolour painting for this art piece as the colour and the tone of watercolours are extremely suitable for ‘decayed’ artwork. Therefore, for my first step, I decided to design collage pictures; after arranging the pictures, I will start drawing my own artwork on the watercolour paper as my final piece for the ‘decayed’ project. To conclude, I would like to thank Mr.Thomas for his assistance; he gave feedback on how I might improve on my next artwork and he helped me with thinking about lots of ideas.

Design & Technology: In Design & Technology, we are learning about resistant materials. We are analysing our own design brief; students choose one of the five themes for their own design: Storage, Lighting, Furniture, Leisure, Outdoors. We write all of the important information into Powerpoint; we write design briefs such as main areas of target market and design goal, our research plan (including the understanding of primary research and secondary research), we also did surveys in the classroom to understand what other people think of our product. This week, I am writing specifications of my product, which is a toy cart. My main target for my product is to let younger children bring this cart anywhere at anytime putting their favourite toys in the cart. We are writing specifications such as appearance, measurements, anthropometrics, environment/environment impact, durability, social environment, health and safety, ergonomics, cost, stakeholder requirements, functions, manufacture, materials, moral and social issues.

English: In English, we are reading “A view from the bridge”, a play by American playwright Arthur Miller. This weekend, we are working with our posters and writing PEAs of “How the tension is created in the story”. We wrote about five feelings of a character, Eddie Carbone; my group wrote jealous, frustrated, self-protective, protective (to Catherine, another character) and selfish, and later on we wrote annotation for each of the words that describes Eddie Carbone. In the last lesson, we were also acting a small play for the main turning point in Act 1. My group decided to act the chair scene where Eddie and Marco are trying to compare their strength, which foreshadows the end of the play.

Joseph Zachary Chong

Physics – This week in Physics we have been learning about electricity, and the dangers and uses of it. We had looked at the anatomy of a British plug and in order to memorise it, we were given our own plugs to wire correctly. Towards the end of the week, we began to look into electrostatic forces and why we may get static shocks from one another or from touching certain materials. In order to have a visual representation and a form of experiment where we can constantly see the electrostatic charge, we experimented with a Van de Graaff generator to have a better understanding. It was so powerful that we managed to light a Bunsen burner!

Design and Technology – It has been a hectic week in DT as we were all rushing to complete the research section of our course work portfolios. We have been constantly competing with each other to see who would be at the top of the class in terms of how much they’ve got done so that our progress and success would be reflected on our next reports.

English – In English this week, we have been studying a play called ‘A View From The Bridge’ written by Arthur Miller. Throughout the week, we were analysing the script of the play with great detail in order to attain a better understanding of the play. Aside from the detailed annotations, we also managed to act out some of the scenes from Act 1 of the play. These scenes had the most tension, therefore we felt that acting out these scenes would be of great help in order to have a better picture of the scene.

I’ve had many highlights this week in all of the subjects but for me, I have most enjoyed the start of our rugby season. I feel like our team this year has a really good chance at being successful this season, winning some trophies.

Angela Ji

Form class (registration)— Technically this is still a class, but often ignored by everyone. Every morning, I speed walk from the main entrance to class, great exercise. I gather the books I need for my first two periods and head to form class. I always come in late every morning so my fellow classmate Lovisa, is always already in class. She glances at me, as she is quite lonely by herself on our table; rants a bit about how I always come in late. We then engage in small talk, sometimes we observe the behaviour of other classmates. Ms Alderson then debriefs us about our upcoming week. Many often overlook what happens in form class, but it’s where students socialise and find common ground and topics to talk about.

Mathematics— Maths never ceases to fascinate me. We have started a new topic called differentiation; the content is challenging but useful. Similar questions based on differentiation always appear in IGCSE mathematics tests, so this topic is rather helpful.

Business — We learnt about promotion methods as part of our marketing mix topic for this term. We were introduced to the advantages and disadvantages of different marketing media. The case studies and promotion were relevant and applicable to business activities in Shanghai.

Spanish— The immense support and love I have felt during my Spanish class was very comforting. On the day of my Spanish class, I had to go euthanise my dog. I was completely down in the dumps, but the support and kind words I have received from my classmates, Amelia and Chiara, and my teacher, consoled me. Plus Chiara brought a really nice jam cake, which really made my day a lot easier.

Dates for your Diary

Tues 26 April @ 10.30          ***** Year 10 Awards Assembly – parents invited *****

Thurs 28 April                         Sports Awards Evening (Years 9 – 13), 6 – 8pm

Mon 2 May                               IB Exams start (no school for all other students) and continue until Friday 20 May

Tues 3 May                              IGCSE exams start and continue until Friday 17 June

Tues 17 May                            IGCSE Art moderation and exhibition

Mon 23 May                            End-of-year assessments for Years 7, 8, 9, 10, 12 (until 3 June)

Sat 4 June                               Summer Fun Day

Thurs 9 June                          Dragon Boat Festival – school closed but IGCSE exams continue

Fri 10 June                              CCAs end for Term 3

Fri 17 June                              IGCSE exams finish, and Year 11 Celebration

Fri 24 June                             School ends 12 noon