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Week Beginning 5 March 2018


  • Reminder: Parent-Teacher Consultations are on Tuesday and Thursday this week. Thank you to all parents who have made an appointment, we are looking forward to talking to you. If you haven’t made an appointment, but would like to, please talk to your class teacher ASAP.


This week we will continue to have a reading focus on ‘The Three Little Pigs’. The children will participate in many activities related to this story, such as acting out the story with puppets and masks, sequencing the story with pictures, making pigs and wolves with plasticine and building the pig houses in the construction area. The children have enjoyed painting pictures from the story and we will continue with this next week and also orally retelling the story.

We will re-visit the Nursery Rhymes that the children learned before the holiday and add the rhyme ‘This Little Piggy went to market’. The children have enjoyed playing listening games in small groups, we will extend this by playing a ‘Guess the Instrument’ game and listening carefully to who took the keys game. Will they be able to guess who took the keys by listening for where they heard the sound?

In maths we will introduce the concept of adding by counting all the objects in two groups. We will count how many pigs are in each house and then count how many there are altogether.


1,2,3,4,5, Once I Caught a Fish Alive

Hickory Dickory Dock

This Little Piggy

The Three Little Pigs

Old McDonald had a Farm


Pig, wolf, house, straw, bricks, sticks, blow, chimney, door, window, roof, count, add, altogether, check


Old McDonald had a Farm


In Mandarin, the children will also learn the story of ‘The Three Little Pigs’ and complete a craft activity related to this story. The children will be making the three houses for the pigs, using different materials.


house房子, straw稻草, bricks砖头, sticks树枝, chimney烟囱, window窗户, door门, roof房顶, shapes形状, rectangle长方形, square正方形, triangle三角形         


The children have been enthusiastic about the Year of the Dog so we will continue to share stories and songs about dogs at group times.‘The Dog That Dug’ will be a lovely way for us to introduce re-cycling, reusing and reducing which, is an area that the whole school would like to promote to greater level. Please can you bring in a toy dog from home so that we can create a dog’s picnic and café.  Please bring  in any photos of pet dogs from home or email them to the class teacher.

We have some very creative children in both classes. We will enhance creativity by making puppets using socks. We are expecting some children will make dog puppets. This will lead to increased development of language skills as the children will be encouraged create puppet shows.

Mathematical skills will be extended as the children will do a lot of problem solving, measuring, estimating and counting as the children build and construct dog kennels using blocks and recycled materials.

Children have been  keen to investigate naming and ordering numbers to 100 this week and have been applying their skills  and knowledge to other areas such as the construction area where they have been using the bricks to build tall towers, discussing who has “more, less, fewer and the same as”.

All of the children are making great progress with copying their names. The children are now being encouraged to read the name labels of their peers by making links with the first letter sound.


More, fewer, same as, dog, puppy, kennel, tail, ears, nose, bone, puppet


‘The Dog That Dug’ by Jonathan Long

‘Some Dogs Do’ by Jez Albourgh


Children are very interested in the dog theme so we will do one more week. We will set up a “VET”  role play area in the Wolves Class.  We will discuss what dogs like to eat and  what can make them sick and how can we help them. Children are encouraged to bring a photo of their dog, they can introduce and tell stories  so as to develop their language skill. 


 The Greedy Dog贪心的狗 (tan xin de gou)  


A Little Dog! 一只哈巴狗 (yi zhi ha ba gou)


Vet 兽医(shou yi),  Dog狗 (gou), sick生病(shen bing), Bone骨头(gu tou), wag its tail摇尾巴(yao wei ba)


De peuters en kleuters ontwerpen deze week hun eigen muziekinstrumenten voor de  straattheaterfanfare.  We zoeken naar geschikte materialen om trommels te maken en tellen de snaren op onze gitaren.  Heeft u thuis nog stevige kartonnen dozen? We krijgen ze graag! 

Kernwoordenschat: de fanfare, de trommel,  de drum, de fluit, de trompet, de gitaar, muziek, luid, zacht