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Brown university acceptance 4

Our students' journey to Brown University

We are very proud of Serena and Komron, two of our graduating students, who have each earned a place at the prestigious Brown University.

Thanks to CDL’s variety of diplomas, each of our students found the best fitting choice for them.

For Serena, this was the IB, as its variety of classes allowed her to explore her interests, encompassing maths, physics, history and art, and to find herself.

Komron chose to pursue the High School diploma programme and is taking five AP (Advanced Placement) classes this year. The flexibility of the AP program allowed him to take the three lab sciences (Chemistry, Biology and Physics), which, as a strongly STEM-oriented person, was the best choice for him.

It was during a US university tour in 2019 that Komron instantly fell in love with the Rhode Island institution. While being one of the most competitive institutions worldwide, Brown is known for its relaxed feel, focus on undergraduates, and amazing professors. Its applied math and computer science departments are both popular and well regarded, which strongly drew his attention. The institution is also the only Ivy League school to provide an Open Curriculum. This is also what drew Serena’s interest as it will enable her to explore her diversified interests and to major in a concentration that she is truly drawn to.

Serena and Komron's’ dream of attending Brown university would have never come true without the constant support and encouragement of their parents who never failed to remind them that they are capable and that if they believed in themselves, they could achieve whatever they set their mind to.

In addition, the school’s teachers gave a helping hand by inspiring them to continue exploring their passions and interests, and as an added bonus, they wrote thorough letters of recommendation.

CDL’s university counselling office helped support me through the application process by providing immense help with submitting the proper documents, guiding me through the process and proofreading my essays.

Although being accepted to Brown is undeniably an amazing achievement, our students have accomplished many other great things during their time at Collège du Léman

Serena describes her biggest achievement, other than her university acceptance, to be her incredible increase in her IB score from a 31/42 to a 40/42 during my academic journey. This achievement is now a reminder to her to dream big and believe in herself

As for Komron, he describes his biggest achievement to be the friends he has made along the way. He still thinks that the real achievement has always been the interests he explored, and all the hard work done at CDL. He sees his acceptance to Brown as an affirmation of this work.

There are many students at CDL who will be graduating in the upcoming years and are still on the path towards their future. As advice for them, our future Brown students recommend building good relationships with teachers, to always keep up good grades, and to heavily explore and excel in interests outside of school.

"Be it acting, debate or research, pursue your interests such that they create a cohesive story that makes you stand out from the sea of people with probably better grades and a laundry list of activities you did in High School. Moreover, start early, give it your all, don’t compare yourself to others and be yourself".
Brown university acceptance 3

As his final words to us, Komron says that in the end, school is what you make of it. "Though the possibilities at CDL have always been abundant, to a large extent, you create your own opportunities." He’s had an amazing time at CDL and would repeat the years spent here in a heartbeat.

Serena concludes by saying she just wants to remind all students to dream big and not limit their aspirations based on ‘requirements’, ‘criteria’, or ‘types of students’. "You are unique, you are enough and you are capable".

A huge congratulations to our incredible students!