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Secondary Weekly Update 13/01/2017 from Mr. Nick Lee

13 January 2017

  • Nick-Lee-newsletter-13/01/2017
  • Mon-Lich-Su-Viet-Nam-Trung-Hoc|Bvis-Hanoi-Royal
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What do you remember from your school days?

As I was walking round the school this week and popping into classes I went into a History lesson and my own school days came flooding back to me. Mr Lincoln and Year 8 I were just starting a new topic on the English Civil War and suddenly I remembered the Battle of Marston Moor in 1644 and the battle of Naseby in 1645. I shocked myself that I could remember this. I don’t remember anything about what happened in these two battles of the English Civil War, but I do remember the dates. I had to memorise them for a test when I was 12 and and I went about learning these key dates in this rhyme.

“Naseby’s alive in ‘45,

Marston Moor in ‘44”

My apologies to Year 8 with whom I immediately shared that story!

Music and rhyming have always been important ways in which I connect to the world, and so even now I will rhyme words if I need to remember them. Many people find that a more mathematical and logical sequence is needed for them to memorise facts, others like pictures and art. Others still, recall facts by imagining that they are on a journey somewhere.

I wonder what funny facts our students will remember when they leave BVIS and are as grey-haired as I am?

Last week in our new year’s assembly, we discussed the idea of New Year resolutions and how hard they are to keep - but that it was an exciting thing to start a fresh year with the desire for self-improvement. Collectively, we decided to learn a bit of Japanese, and so the entire Secondary school got out of their chairs and learned to count from 1 to 10.

Five minutes later, they could all count to 10. The method we used here was combining actions with words. Ichi, Ni is 1,2 and in English ‘Ichi’ sounds like ‘itchy’, as in scratching, and ‘ni’ sounds like ‘knee’, as in the middle of your leg. So to remember 1,2 we simply scratched our legs whilst saying  “itchy knee”, and so it went on up to 10.

I asked a lot of students at the end of the day to count to ten in Japanese for me - and every single one was able to do it. I wonder now, a week on how many can still remember these numbers.

All our students are unique and whilst some will have found their own ways of learning new information, we try to share a variety of methods, talk about our strategies and try to find the most suitable and creative.

I look forward to seeing you all at the Tet fair on Sunday and I hope you all have a great week ahead.

Mr. Nick Lee - Head of Secondary