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    An unique and a very special learning environment at BVIS HCMC

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EYFS 2018

Weekly Highlights 19/10/2018

Weekly Highlights 31/08/2018 BVIS HCM

Mr Simon Higham - Principal

Mr. Simon Higham, Principal

As the first half term draws to a close, I have been reflecting upon what I have learned so far as Principal of BVIS HCMC. Firstly, they say that times flies when you’re having fun and this has probably been one of the quickest half terms in the 25 years that I have been involved in education. From a personal point of view, this has been important as it indicates both an energy and vibrancy across our school.

Weekly Highlights 19/10/2018

Another main part of my reflections has been the warmth of our school community, from students, teachers – both new and well established in school - and of course parents who I have been appreciative to in their engagement with school life. Over the next half term, this is something that I aim to further develop, looking at ways in which parents can become even more involved with our school and their children’s education.

Weekly Highlights 19/10/2018 Parents engagements

Finally, I have witnessed the true meaning of a bilingual student. I have been astounded in the way in which our students question, engage and challenge themselves in two or three languages on a daily basis. From sharing dual language songs in the weekly primary assembly to talking to our sixth form students about their hopes and aspirations for their future careers, BVIS has taught me the real meaning of the word ‘bilingualism’.

Interestingly, there have been two separate articles in the Times newspaper this week on the benefits of being a bilingual learner. One stated that, ‘researchers found that bilingual children performed better than their monolingual classmates — and the national (UK) average — at the ages of five, seven, eleven and in GCSEs.’ In addition to this, the other article suggested that by sending your child to a bilingual school was ‘future-proofing yourself ‘for later lifelong learning.

More benefits of bilingual education can be found here.

The research is very reassuring, however over the last 8 weeks in school, I have seen the truth behind it all. It’s living and breathing within the walls of our unique and forward-thinking school. Thank you for being part of it and for helping me to become part of it too.

Young Musician of the Year 2018

Weekly Highlights 19/10/2018

On Tuesday evening, 5 of our primary students took part in an incredible evening of music at the Young Musician of the Year 2018 competition. I was so proud to see our BVIS finalists up on stage, representing our school so well.

Congratulations and great respect go to:

  • An Huy Le (Henry) – 4V
  • Bao Quyen Nguyen (BQ) – 5B
  • Tuong Anh Ngo – 5S
  • Duc Tri Tran – 6V
  • Quang Hien Bui (Henry) – 6I

Term Dates  Academic Year 2019-2020

I am pleased to be able to share with you, the Term Dates for the academic year 2019-2020.

Please click here to access a copy from our website.

Global Campus

This year for Nord Anglia’s Global Campus, the focus is on UN Global Goals - numbers 4 and 16.

Global Goal 2018-19 We have a number of projects taking place across the whole school at the moment in relation to these:

1. Photography competition - open to all students in years 5-13; students are asked to take one photo to summarise what goal 16 means to them.

Entries are to be uploaded to NAU global campus by 29th October and also a copy given to Ms Georgina Hardiman for secondary students and Ms Nga for primary students. Photographs will be displayed at a school exhibition during the first couple of weeks of Nov (primary and secondary foyer’s), and 12 winning entries will be selected to be published in a BVIS calendar to be sold at the Christmas Delights event on Saturday 8th December.

2. Community student leaders – have been applying to be a part of the community leadership team.

Applications are now in and the team will be announced in assemblies. The team will help to run community projects such as monthly activity days for different orphanages that we have links with. Additionally, the primary and secondary student leaders will work together to decide upon some school projects to take place over the year to further focus upon the UN global goals 4 and 16.

3. Creative writing competitions - currently three separate events are taking place across the primary and secondary school, again in relation to the global goals.

One being led by Ms Sarah Cullen (Secondary English teacher), another by Ms Claire Donnelly (Secondary English teacher) and one in primary by led by Mr Ian and Ms Rachael. Ask your children about how they are contributing to these competitions over the half term holidays.

4. Comic book competition - open to under 8’s (Year 2 and 3). This project is about to be launched with children being challenged to design a comic book strip about a superhero who saves the planet. Watch this space Year 1 and Year 2 designers!

5. Ask the artist - this is currently taking place in Secondary Drama lessons, and this year the artist is Jasmine Batchleor. Students have had access to some videos from her and are shown her biography and then able to submit any questions they have for her by 2nd November. All of these will be personally answered. An amazing opportunity provided through our Julliard links!

To find out more about Global Campus, both at BVIS and worldwide across our NAE schools, click here for access.

As part of our commitment to the safety of everyone within our BVIS community, I would like to remind you of the following people who you can contact if you have a concern about the welfare of any child within our school (please see the poster below) 

Safety Training BVIS HCM 2018

Weekly Highlights 31/08/2018 BVIS HCM


Ms Rosy Clark, Head of Primary

Bilingual Month

October is Bilingual Month at BVIS – a time to celebrate our children’s amazing bilingual ability!

Bilingual Month 2018 has been particularly eventful with a wide range of challenges for the children to enjoy. On the stage in the playground, our Year 6 house captains, assisted by some of the teachers or teaching assistants, have run a series of bilingual games at lunchtime: bilingual counting; bilingual book covers; bilingual ‘round robin’!

Bilingual Month 2018 BVIS HCMC (7)

Primary classes have also been participating in writing bilingual chain stories, one paragraph per class, using the theme of ‘Global Citizens’ and ‘Vietnamese Perspective’. Classes have also had fun with a riddle journey around the school trying to work out which teacher or teaching assistant is speaking in a different language. Year 5 and Year 6 children have made some bilingual board games for Year 3 and Year 4 children to play at Golden Time and Year 3 children have participated in peer reading on Friday lunchtimes in the library with Year 11 students.

Bilingual Assembly 2018

On Friday, Bilingual Month 2018 came to an end with an assembly led by class 6I, a wonderful bilingual song sung enthusiastically by the whole Primary school and the announcement of the bilingual poetry competition winners: 

Bella (6I), Kayla (6S), Lam Giang (4B), Tu Tan (3B), Nhu Anh (3S) and Susie (2V).

There were literally hundreds of bilingual poems written, so many congratulations to the winners and also to the following who receive an honourable mention:

Dieu Tu (3B), Sam (3S), Pepsi (3S), Se-a (5V), Kate (3B), Kiet (3V), Mr Max and Ms Yen Tran.

Bilingual Assembly 2018

Weekly Highlights 31/08/2018 BVIS HCM


Mr Jack Rudin, Head of Secondary

We have had a very enjoyable and vibrant half term at BVIS and this last week has been a fitting finale before we have a break.

Geography Field Trip

Last weekend our Year 11 iGCSE geography students travelled to Mui Ne to carry out geographical fieldwork to prepare for their final examinations. Students visited Hai Fish Sauce company to study industrial systems, carried out a tourism study and practiced sketching at the Red Sand Dunes on Friday. As you can see from the photos the students really got stuck into their field work on Saturday, when they carried out a river study in the Fairy Stream, before a beach study and looking at coastal management at different locations in Mui Ne. Such a productive weekend away will be a great help to students when they sit their final geography exams in June!

  • Geo Trip 2018 Y11 (7)
  • Geo Trip 2018 Y11 (5)
  • Geo Trip 2018 Y11 (4)
  • Geo Trip 2018 Y11 (3)
  • Geo Trip 2018 Y11 (2)
  • Geo Trip 2018 Y11 (1)

Biology Week 2018

Dr Marina Kenyon from GoEAST, the endangered animals charity in Cát Tiên, kindly judged the school’s BioArtAttack entries. She was blown away by the effort and creativity shown by the students and found selecting a top three really difficult.

Bio Attack BVIS HCMC 2018

1st. Microscosmos: Lily, Mai Lan and Hoang Anh (71) . Such an important instrument for past biological advances and fundamental to our future. 

Bio Attack BVIS HCMC 2018-19
2nd. Mobile island Lucy Dang (7B) and Kathy Le (7V). At present biology islands and fragments are often all we have to deal with.

Bio Attack BVIS HCMC 2018-19

3rd. Go in is easy but go out is not possible!: Tommy and Mark (7I) .  A strong clear voice of issues within biology.

All entries were uploaded to the Royal Society of Biology website and I will update you on their feedback. A big thank you to all involved, especially Mr Max’s year 3 class who were so enthusiastic about the Kahoot biology quiz that Bill and Coco went home and made a poster all about it!

Mr Every – Head of Science


On Thursday 1st November students from Key stage 3 will have the opportunity to take place in a morning filled with activities focusing on Science Technology Engineering Art & Maths. This is a great collaborative opportunity and we look forward to working with the students and developing their STEAM skills.


Live Lunch

Live Lunch BVIS HCMC 2018-19

On Wednesday 17th October we had our first Live Lunch of the academic year. The theme this time was Bilingualism to celebrate Bilingual Month at BVIS. Many students ranging from Year 7 – Year 13 participated in fantastic performances playing a variety of different instruments, from Guitar to Piano, and singing in different languages. Well done to all students who were involved! The next Live Lunch will be in December so please talk to Ms Hardiman if you would like to perform.

BVIS MasterChef Week 2

This week saw Duy and Skye taking on Victoria and Minh in the first knockout stage of this year’s competition. The boys cooked up a delicious carrot and broccoli soup and the girls created a creamy pasta dish with fresh crab and mushrooms. The standards were high and all students showed both technical skills and creativity. However, there could only be one winning team, and that was the girls. Congratulations to Minh and Victoria who have earned themselves a place in the grand MasterChef final.

Tanzania Trip

Whilst we are all on Holiday some of our year 10 and 11 Students along with Mr Brown and Miss Lavender will be going to Tanzania. They will be experiencing a new country and culture, mixing with local children and students from other Nord Anglia schools, and be involved with a community building project.

Weekly Highlights BVIS HCMC 2018-19

I am really looking forward to hearing all about it when they get back and I am sure they will have the time of their lives.

Have a great half term break, I know years 11, 12 and 13 will be doing some work in the run up to their mock examinations, and I hope that everyone spends some time together with family and friends.

Introduction to New Secondary Teacher

Each week we would like to introduce you to one of our new Secondary teachers. We hope that this will help you to get to know them better. 

Welcome to Mr Andrew Milne – Secondary Maths Teacher

Andrew Milne

1. Where did you live prior to coming to Vietnam and what was the name of your previous school?

I lived in Manchester and my previous school was called Newman College and was in Oldham.

2. What have been your first impressions of BVIS?

The students are incredibly keen to learn and are very enthusiastic – so much so that at times when they’re talking in Vietnamese I’m worried they’re arguing.  They’re not – their just passionate about maths.

3. What have been your first impressions of Vietnam?

Vietnam seems very relaxed and calm (everywhere except the roads).  The people are friendly and the weather is extreme, whether hot and sunny or rainy (I’ve never seen downpours like those I’ve seen since being here).

4. What 3 things are you looking forward to doing whilst living in Vietnam?

Travelling Vietnam and other nearby countries.


Different foods

If you have any feedback or comments regarding these Weekly Highlights or any other aspect of school life at BVIS, please feel free to contact me directly via email: Simon.Higham@bvisvietnam.com

Have a great holiday ahead and we all look forward to seeing you again on Monday 29th October.

Mr Simon Higham (Principal), Ms Rosy Clark (Primary Head Teacher), Mr Jack Rudin (Secondary Head Teacher)

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