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BVIS HCMC Hero 09/11/2018

Weekly Highlights 09/11/2018

Weekly Highlights 31/08/2018 BVIS HCM

Mr Simon Higham - Principal

Mr. Simon Higham, Principal

It is great to have returned to school following my visit to the annual FOBISIA Senior Leaders Conference in Bangkok. FOBISIA (Federation of British International Schools in Asia) has been established for 30 years with 61 schools now being a member of this prestigious group. Essentially, FOBISIA aims to support children in their learning by bringing them together in annual events such as Drama, Music, Sport and an ever-growing diversity of disciplines. In addition, it also supports teachers in their professional development and also new leaders in their posts. BVIS HCMC is a well-established member of this elite group of schools and I am pleased to inform all parents that our school is well known and well respected across other members in Asia - this is something that we must be very proud of.


To access more information about FOBISIA, click here to read through their Facebook page.

During the conference that was based around the theme ‘Leading Inclusively’, I was very encouraged to hear the message that successful schools focus upon developing others around them, empathising with those less fortunate than ourselves and making a difference to a child’s life, focusing beyond the academic with their social and emotional wellbeing that is proven to be a critical factor in their overall future success. The saying ‘healthy body, healthy mind’ was often in my thoughts over the weekend.

Ask yourself these questions:

  1. ‘What do I do to support my son/daughter so that they achieve a healthy balance between work and play?’  
  2. ‘Do I encourage my child to talk if they have a problem and if so, how often do I do this?’
  3. Does my child get enough sleep?’ (the average amount of hours sleep recommended by the National Sleep Foundation ranges from 10-13 hours for 3 to 5 year olds to 8-10 hours for teenagers.

To read more about sleep, click here to access the National Sleep Foundation website.

Filming Crew BVIS HCMC 2018

As you will have noticed, this week we have had our videographer on site capturing just a fraction of the amazing learning that takes place across BVIS – both inside and outside of the classrooms. This video footage is now being edited and I look forward to sharing with you all the finished projects over the next month.

Primary BVIS HCMC 2018

As we are approaching Teacher’s Day on 20th November and in preparation for TET 2019, I would like to remind all parents of the following policy that we have across our Nord Anglia Education family. This is not new to our school, however I feel it appropriate to share it with all parents again:

If any gift is given to any member of the BVIS staff, the following guidance must be followed:

  • The gift should be received openly and there should be no attempt for it to be hidden

  • The gift should be of a value no greater than 500,000 VND (around 25 USD)

  • There should be no expectation that anything or any action will be given in return

If a member of the BVIS staff is offered a gift that does not meet the given criteria, the teacher can do one of two things:

  • The teacher can either decline to accept the gift

  • The teacher can accept the gift and record the details on the gift register.

As always, I thank you for your support in this matter.

BVIS HCMC Highlight 09/11/2018

Finally, I would like to remind you of some key events that are happening at our school over the next few weeks:

  • 13th and 15th November – Primary Parent Meetings (B and I classes). 3.30pm – 6.00pm

  • 16th November – Parent Coffee Morning hosted by Family Medical Practice – ‘Learn Life Saving Skills, CPR’. 8.45am

  • Week beginning 19th November - #Love BVIS week across the whole school

  • 20th and 22nd November – Primary Parent Meetings (V and S classes). 3.30pm – 6.00pm

  • 22nd November – Year 9 Parent Meeting. 3.30pm - 6.00pm.

As part of our commitment to the safety of everyone within our BVIS community, I would like to remind you of the following people who you can contact if you have a concern about the welfare of any child within our school (please see the poster below) 

Safety Training BVIS HCM 2018

Weekly Highlights 31/08/2018 BVIS HCM


Ms Rosy Clark, Head of Primary

Global Campus

One of the advantages of your children attending a Nord Anglia Education school is that they have joined a world-wide family of learners. All Nord Anglia Education students can learn together, share ideas, challenge themselves and strive to become reflective global citizens. “Global Campus” is one way in which this is facilitated.

Recently our Year 5, Year 6 and Secondary students were offered the opportunity to participate in the Global Campus “Photographer of the Year” competition. They were challenged to take a photo and describe its meaning using the theme of Global Goal #16 Peace, Justice and Strong Institutions. Entries from three Year 6 students have been sent to Global Campus along with entries from other Nord Anglia Education schools world-wide. Congratulations to Cherry 6B, Gia Ngoc 6V and Bao Tran 6V for their thoughtful and creative entries either about peace (safety and calmness), justice (leadership and fairness) or strong institutions (family and friendship).

  • BVIS HCMC Photographer of the Year 2018 (13)
  • BVIS HCMC Photographer of the Year 2018 (15)
  • BVIS HCMC Photographer of the Year 2018 (16)
  • BVIS HCMC Photographer of the Year 2018 (17)

Twelve entries from BVIS students will be selected for a range of merchandise which will be on sale at the BVIS Christmas event on Saturday 8th December. The photos will also be exhibited on the screens in the Primary and Secondary foyers.

Weekly Highlights 31/08/2018 BVIS HCM


Mr Jack Rudin, Head of Secondary

I am really happy to see that we have more STEAM related events featuring in our weekly highlights this week.

Electronics and Programming

In the Electronics and Programming Club the students have been building many systems using the Raspberry Pii.  One Student has created their own little gaming console which they can plug their controller in to play old NES, Atari and Playstation games.  Other students have used Scratch to program their very own games, used the LED matrix to display messages and graphics whilst programming in Python. Cameras to take pictures and make videos.  It’s been an exciting and wondrous time as students take on the new challenges and learn about technology through creating and exploring.  Well done to all students  who have been involved in this exciting club. I hope to see more take part as we move forward. 

Electronics BVIS HCMC 2018

MIT Hack the tube

Over the course of this week all year 7 and 8 students have been given a cardboard tube with the simple task: create something, anything, using the tube. MIT call this a “hack”, using something ordinary in a creative and fun way. This open task should get the students’ imagination going with endless ideas. The first task should be to think of a problem they want their tube to solve and go from there.

All innovators have until the 10th December to bring their entry into school where we will try to decide who’s hack is worthy of a great prize.

This is a Nord Anglia global challenge across all 56 Nord Anglia schools, they can submit a picture/video of their entry online to the global campus HERE using their school email and password to log on. The Nord Anglia deadline is 14th December.

Mr Todhill

U14 Girls Basketball City Championships

BVIS Basketball HCMC 2018

On Tuesday 6th November, the U14s Girls’ Basketball season came to an end and the team competed in the City Championships against 5 other teams from the city. 13 girls travelled with Ms. Walker and Ms. Van to ABC and played 4 games of basketball in total. The girls demonstrated great perseverance and communication on court, and cheered each other on from the sidelines. Overall they won 2/4 games and secured themselves a place in the 3rd place Play-Off, after narrowly missing out on the final by only 4 points! Well done to the team for finishing in a very respectable 3rd place overall, winning their last game 22-2. Go BVIS!

Ms. Walker

As many of you know last week our 14 ambitious BVIS students returned from an exciting trip to Tanzania, where they went on Safari, helped with building a school and made new friends from schools all over the world.

BVIS HCMC Tanzania 2018 (17)

Some of the students are working on their reflections of the trip and next week I hope to feature their accounts of this great opportunity.

Thank you for your ongoing support in reading this post.

If you have any feedback or comments regarding these Weekly Highlights or any other aspect of school life at BVIS, please feel free to contact me directly via email: Simon.Higham@bvisvietnam.com

Have a great weekend ahead.

Mr Simon Higham (Principal), Ms Rosy Clark (Primary Head Teacher), Mr Jack Rudin (Secondary Head Teacher)

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Be Ambitious BVIS HCM 2018



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