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BVIS HCM Cập nhật 2018

Weekly Highlights 31/08/2018

Weekly Highlights 31/08/2018 BVIS HCM

Mr Simon[634x492]

Mr. Simon Higham, Principal

Each day this week, I have had the pleasure of standing at the school gates both before and after school and have been overwhelmed by the positivity and engagement that I have experienced by both students and parents. Engagement and positivity in all that we do is an essential part of learning and something that defines a great school. 

I would encourage every parent to engage with school life by taking just 5 minutes out of your busy schedules each week to read and connect with the information in our weekly update. It is important to learn more about our school, its events and what makes us unique.

This week, myself, Ms Rosy (Primary Headteacher) and Mr Rudin (Secondary Headteacher) are writing together in one piece so that you can gain a wider perspective of events across our school. If you have any feedback on this format or would like to suggest topics that we could cover in future updates, please feel free to contact me directly at simon.higham@bvisvietnam.com. I would be very happy to hear from you.

Weekly Highlights 31/08/2018 BVIS HCM

What defines our BVIS students from other schools is high standards across all aspects of school life. Our professional, experienced and dedicated teachers, excellent and constantly updated facilities and commitment to the very best educational experiences that we can offer – with no corners cut! In addition to this, we take great pride in wearing our BVIS uniform which further defines our commitment to a premier education for all students. I have been pleased to see high standards of uniform from F1 to Y13 during our first full week back.

Some parents have asked me for more guidance on footwear and this can be found in our parent handbooks that can be accessed from our website by clicking on this link.

  • Early Years footwear information – page 18
  • Primary footwear information – page 10
  • Secondary footwear information – pages 40/41

Should you have any questions relating to school uniform, please do not hesitate to contact us either via phone, email or a visit in person. We will be happy to assist and advise you.

Weekly Highlights 31/08/2018 BVIS HCM


Ms Rosy Clark, Head of Primary

Lien Ket “Entry Points”

On Monday our Year 5 children participated in a particularly exciting “entry point” for this term’s Lien Ket topic, “Migration”. A Lien Ket entry point may be an event, visit, visitor to school, experience or activity that is designed to excite and stimulate the children’s interest in the topic to be studied. 

Parents new to the British Vietnamese International School may wonder what “Lien Ket” is so further information may be found here.

Weekly Updates 31/08/2018 BVIS HCM

The Year 5 children took part in an experience designed to challenge them and take them out of their comfort zone as they learned about refugees. Their day began with the task of prioritising the emergency supplies they had brought to school from home. They then had a long and hot walk to their “emergency camp” which they needed to set up in teams in the classroom. Lunch was a simple banana leaf rice dish. A period of reflection to end the day helped the children to focus on their learning about this important and very topical issue of refugees.

Cập nhật Tiểu học BVIS HCM 2018

This term’s Lien Ket topics at BVIS are:

Year 1 – ‘All About Me’

Year 2 – ‘From A to B’ (Transport and Travel)

Year 3 – ‘Rainforests’

Year 4 – ‘Explorers and Adventurers’

Year 5 – ‘Moving People’ (Migration)

Year 6 – ‘Learning’ (a short unit) followed by ‘Ancient Greece’

Introducing One of Our New Primary Teachers

Each week we will have a profile from one of our new primary teachers. We hope that this will help you to get to know them better.

Welcome to Ms Jordana

Jordana Godber

1. Where did you live prior to coming to Vietnam and what was the name of your previous school?

Egypt and worked at a school called Modern English School or MES for short.

2. What are your fist impressions of BVIS?

The feeling of community, the drive to succeed and willingness of everyone to support each other in doing so.

3. What are your first impressions of Vietnam?

Compared to Egypt, it’s clean and the traffic is so quiet!

4. What 3 things are you looking forward to doing whilst living in Vietnam?

Go to the Son Doong caves, celebrate Tet and learn Vietnamese!

Weekly Highlights 31/08/2018 BVIS HCM


Mr Jack Rudin, Head of Secondary

We have had a wonderful start to term and I have enjoyed seeing many familiar faces return and welcoming new ones.

We have some excellent new staff in the secondary school and we would like to express our warm welcome and wish them for a memorable year ahead.

New staff BVIS HCM 2018

Introducing One of Our New Secondary Teachers

Each week we will have a profile from one of our new secondary teachers. We hope that this will help you to get to know them better:

Welcome to Mr Every – Head of Science

Jon Every

1. Where did you live prior to coming to Vietnam and what was the name of your previous school?

The city of Exeter in the UK which is famous for its cathedral. I worked at Okehampton Community College in Dartmoor national park.

2. What are your fist impressions of BVIS?

How professional and supportive the staff are, the quality of the resources and the hard-working students.

3. What are your first impressions of Vietnam?

This is my third time to Vietnam, having first visited in 2003. I love the food, vibrancy and positive ‘can-do’ attitude.

4. What 3 things are you looking forward to doing whilst living in Vietnam?

Exploring the natural history - especially the orchids and the unique vampire frogs (Rhacophorus vampyrus)

Bringing up my son here and seeing him learn to speak Vietnamese.

Joining in with the local community and celebrating the traditional festivals.

Look out for more introductions in next week’s update.

Meet The Tutors Evening

We will be having “Meet the tutor evening” on Tuesday, 4th September 2018 for KS3 (Y7, 8 and 9) parents and students; whereas KS4 and 5 (Y10, 11, 12 and 13) will be on Thursday, 6th September 2018.

We will start off with a presentation from Mr. Shooter and all our heads of year about the academic structure, University pathway as well as daily school life. Then you will have a chance to meet with your children's tutors and talk about the year ahead. Please come along we would love to meet you and start a dialogue to help us work together to make our school a better place for all of the children at BVIS.

Extra-curricular Activities

Although we are well underway with lessons we are in the process of getting all of our clubs and extracurricular activities set up. We have a huge range of activities, ranging from sports, arts, academic enrichment and community service projects.

You will have already had an email explaining how to sign up for club and we will send you an email with the clubs that your son or daughter is in next week.

ECAs Update 2018 BVIS HCM

These will start on September the 10th. Many of our clubs are free but if you have chosen a paid club please make sure that you have paid the fee by the 7th of September.

Cập nhật Trung học BVIS HCM 2018

Public Holiday

Please remember this weekend will be longer than normal due to the Public Holiday.

  • School will be closed on Monday 3rd September due to the Public Holiday 
  • School reopens on Tuesday, 4th September 

In the meantime have a great long weekend with you families.

Kind regards and thank you for taking time to read through our weekly update.

Mr Simon Higham (Principal), Ms Rosy Clark (Primary Head Teacher), Mr Jack Rudin (Secondary Head Teacher)

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