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Standard 2 banner

The school operates under governance and leadership that promote and support student performance and school effectiveness.


2.1 The governing body establishes policies and support practices that ensure effective administration of the school.

Self-Assessment: Level 3

Policies and practices support the school’s purpose and direction and the effective operation of the school. Policies and practices promote effective instruction and assessment that produce equitable and challenging learning experiences for all students. There are policies and practices regarding professional growth of all staff. Policies and practices provide requirements, direction for, and oversight of fiscal management. 


  1. Governing Body Policies, Procedures, and Practices:
  2. ISR Handbooks
  3. Student Handbook: ISR Students Rules & Regulations

2.2 The governing body operates responsibly and functions effectively

Self-Assessment: Level 3 

The governing body has a process to ensure that its decisions and actions are in accordance with defined roles and responsibilities, a code of ethics, and free of conflict of interest. Governing body members participate in a systematic, formal professional development process regarding the roles and responsibilities of the governing body and its individual members. The governing body complies with all policies, procedures, laws, and regulations, and function as a cohesive unit. 


  1. Assurances and Certifications
  2. Communication Plan to inform all staff on policies
  3. Findings of internal and external reviews of compliance with laws, regulations, and policies
  4. Governing body minutes related to training (slides 44 & 45)
  5. Governing body policies on roles and responsibilities, conflict of interest
  6. Board of Directors Bylaws (Code of Ethics)
  7. ISR Board Policies
  8. Board of Directors Agendas / Minutes
  9. Proof of legal counsel
  10. LTC meeting and off­sites
  11. San Roberto International School Website - Board
  12. ISR Policies and Procedures

2.3 The governing body ensures that the school leadership has the autonomy to meet goals for achievement and instruction and to manage day‐to‐day operations effectively.

Self-Assessment: Level 4

The governing body consistently protects, supports, and respects the autonomy of school leadership to accomplish goals for achievement and instruction and to manage day -t o - day operations of the school. The governing body maintains a clear distinction between its roles and responsibilities and those of school leadership. 


  1. Agendas and minutes of Strategic meetings
  2. Maintenance of consistent academic oversight, planning and resource allocation
  3. Roles and Responsibilities of School Leaders
  4. School Improvement Plan Developed by the School
  5. Stakeholder input and feedback
  6. Survey results regarding functions of the governing body
  7. ISR Curriculum Improvement Plan
  8. CAPEX. Committee meetings for academic resources
  9. ISR Social media

2.4 Leadership and staff foster a culture consistent with the school’s purpose and direction.

Self-Assessment: Level 3

Leaders and staff align their decisions and actions toward continuous improvement to achieve the school’s purpose. They expect all students to be held to high standards in all courses of study. All leaders and staff are collectively accountable for student learning. School leaders support innovation, collaboration, shared leadership, and professional growth. The culture is characterized by collaboration and a sense of community. 


  1. Examples of collaboration and shared leadership Collaboration camping (logos)
  2. Examples of decisions aligned with the school’s statement of purpose
  3. Examples of decisions in support of the school’s continuous improvement plan
  4. Survey Results
  5. Administrative Retreats for Planning and Team Building
  6. Collaboration survey results - Survey to all staff members
  7. Meeting minutes from different Committees

2.5 Leadership engages stakeholders effectively in support of the school’s purpose and direction.

Self-Assessment: Level 3

Leaders communicate effectively with appropriate and varied representatives from stakeholder groups, provide opportunities for stakeholders to shape decisions, solicit feedback and respond to stakeholders, work collaboratively on school improvement efforts, and provide and support meaningful leadership roles for stakeholders. School leaders’ efforts result in measurable, active stakeholder participation, engagement in the school, a sense of community, and ownership. 


  1. Communication Plan regarding Mission and Vision
  2. Copies of surveys or screen shots from online surveys:
  3. Involvement of stakeholders in a School Improvement Plan
  4. Minutes from meetings with Teachers, Administrators and Parents
  5. Survey Responses:
  6. Back to School Night Videos
  7. Back to School Night Teachers Presentations
  8. School videos supporting the school Mission, Vision & Values:
  9. End of the Year Report Videos:
  10. Continuous Improvement Process Sessions
  11. Weekly Agenda Samples
  12. Schedules of events and communications with stakeholders involving them in the Purpose and Direction
  13. Communication Plan: All encompassing areas (Action plan for SIM meetings - pushpage)
  14. ISR Webpage
  15. ISR Social Media

2.6 Leadership and staff supervision and evaluation processes result in improved professional practice and student success.

Self-Assessment: Level 3

The focus of the criteria and processes of supervision and evaluation is improving professional practice and improving student success. Supervision and evaluation processes are regularly implemented. The results of the supervision and evaluation processes are used to monitor and effectively adjust professional practice and student learning. 


  1. Examples of professional development offerings and plans tied specifically to the results from supervision and evaluation
  2. Governing body policy on supervision and job evaluation - ISR Personnel Policies (see pages 3 & 9)
  3. Job Specific Criteria
  4. Representative Supervision and Evaluation Reports
  5. Supervision and evaluation documents with criteria for Improving professional practice and students success noted
Standard 2 - Presentation and Video


School improvement - standard 2 presentation cover