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Summer Performing Arts_Music Programme

The Music Programme

Led by the renowned violinist Annaliesa Place, working in group and one-to-one sessions, our music programme will excite and challenge musicians

Watch Annaliesa perform

Inspiration and Challenge

Your child will be challenged artistically, technically and creatively through workshops, rehearsals and lessons

A more detailed glance


Students participating in the Music Programme (Instrumental, Vocal, Piano*) will cultivate their talent working closely with their teachers in orchestra, choir and smaller ensembles.

Over the course of two weeks, the students will grow in their technical abilities and use their new skills to play with passion and depth. Additionally, each student will receive private instruction from the faculty and will have the opportunity to participate in seminars and workshops including:

  • Daily Masterclasses/Group Performance Classes
  • Music Theory/Composition
  • Improvisation
  • Vocal Diction
  • Body Awareness/Yoga
  • Rhythm through movement
Instrumental and Vocal

Mornings: Large Ensemble Rehearsals, Group Sectionals, Practice

Afternoons: Private Lessons, Practice, Group Classes, Chamber Music


Mornings: Practice, Lessons, Chamber Rehearsals, Chamber Coachings

Afternoons: Masterclasses, Piano Literature Classes, Group Classes, Practice, Lessons, Chamber Rehearsals, Coachings

  • Private lessons and chamber coachings
  • Masterclasses and piano literature classes
  • Group classes with other instrumentalists


There are both faculty and student performances as part of the two-week intensive programme.

On Tuesday July 12, the Juilliard Artist Faculty will perform a exciting program showcasing their talent in a diverse range of repertoire. The student performance, aimed at showcasing all the students have learnt throughout the two weeks, will be on Friday 21 July.

  • 1st performance : 15H00-17H00
  • Dinner  : 17H15-18H00
  • 2nd performance : 18H30-20H00


The music programme is led by fantastic faculty. Below is a list of those who will be working with your child:

  • Annaliesa Place (Lead) - Violin - find out more here
  • Diego Garcia – Conductor, Cello - find out more here
  • John Marcus – Violin
  • Michael Shinn – Piano - find out more here
  • Jessica Chow Shinn – Piano - find out more here
  • Tim Keeler – Choir, Voice - find out more here
  • Rachel Calloway – Voice - find out more here
  • Emi Ferguson - find out more here
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