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Week Beginning 19 March 2018


  • Year 6 Residential Trip to Lin’An.  This is taking place on the week of the 16 to 20 April.
  • International week:  On Monday 26 March at 8.25am you are invited to join us for International Week singing in the Primary playground.  On Thursday 29 March at 9:00am the International Parade will take place in the Primary front playground. Students are invited to wear clothing that represents their cultural heritage. If you are able, please come dressed in your national costume and cheer on. Our Chatterbox coffee shop will be open for parents to enjoy a beverage or snack.
  • After consultation with staff, parents and importantly pupils we have developed a series of new polices of BISS Puxi Primary. These policies include, Assessment Reporting & Recording, Behaviour, Pastoral Care (Ethos & Values), Bullying Prevention, BISS House System and Pupil VoiceLeadership. The policies are recorded on the parent portal.


This week we will be continuing learning about the story of Macbeth.  The children will debate whether Macbeth should have killed the King.  We will also look at creating suspense and setting descriptions.


Shakespeare, language, character, characterisation, drama, feelings, emotions, old English


This week children will explore shape and measure.  The key lessons from the week will be: symmetry and reflection, translating shapes, scaling shapes.  We will also do our weekly mental maths test: please ensure your child knows their 2-12 times tables fluently.


Shapes, reflect, symmetry, translate, transform, congruent


This week we will continue learning about evolution.  The children will reflect on their visit to the Natural History Museum, and then move on to learning about survival of the fittest and adaption.


Evolution, change, animal, human, science, anatomy, growth, adaption, survival of the fittest


This week, we will continue work on touch typing skills.  If possible, please support your child at home with this.  A great website is: BBC Dancemat Typing.


Touch-type, typing, keys, keyboard


This term our new PSHCE / well-being program will continue.  The value covered will be compassion.  This is the ability to empathise with others, and learn about love, integrity, friendship and forgiveness. This week will have a key focus on being different from others – and why that is great!


Compassion, empathy, love, integrity, friends, changes


Wat een geweldige showcase afgelopen woensdag. De kinderen hebben er hard voor gewerkt en geoefend. Bedankt voor uw komst.

Wetenschap en techniek

De komende week starten we met het thema Wetenschap en techniek. We brainstormen over onderwerpen, maken een mindmap en bedenken waar we meer over willen leren binnen dit thema. We gaan met elkaar op onderzoek, gaan proefjes doen waarbij voorspellen en beschrijven van het proces centraal staat.

Spelling tijdens de komende drie weken

Year 3 : extra aandacht voor de ei-plaat (ei-woorden)

Year 4: extra aandacht voor centwoorden (klinkt als een s maar schrijf je als een c) en komma-s-meervoud (komma’s)

Year 5: extra aandacht voor cadeauwoorden (met eau) en verkleinwoorden (boompje)

Year 6: extra aandacht voor leenwoorden en voor het meewerkend voorwerp


Mandarin Y6 MNDC1 -Mr Li

Homework for this weekend: Students will draw picture of their community and present the facilities around.​

This week we will learn the dialogue parts of Neighborhood. Students will be able to ask ways.  

Mandarin Y6 MNDC2 -Ms Ma

Homework for this weekend: Finish worksheet on Lesson.6-Sickness

Next week we will study Lesson. 6 Sickness and focus on “想/要”.

Mandarin Y6 C3-Ms Zhang

Homework for this weekend: Finish worksheet on Lesson. 10-Time.

Next week we will continue studying Lesson. 11 Daily Routine to express their daily activity.

Mandarin Y6 MNDCN-Ms Zhou and Ms He




Year 5/6 French – Ms. Donacien

Homework this week will be to revise the names of countries and nationalities in French.  Complete the activity called Les Pays on the Linguascope app. 

Next week, we will focus on the environment.

Year 5/6 French - Ms Caldwell

This weekend’s homework is to choose an activity from our Shared Learning Grid.
Next week in class, we will focus upon reading longer texts in French and answering some basic comprehension activities.

Year 5 / 6 French – Ms De Borger

Next week we will make a typical French delicacy for our French café.  What is your favourite food?  We will discuss the origin of some typical French foods and make a poster.
This week`s homework will be editing and uploading your conversation in the French café on the Seesaw app. 
Key vocabulary: je voudrais..., un croissant, des madeleines, des meringues, un croissant, un éclair, un macaron, des choux, un gâteau à yaourt, la mille-feuille, les palmiers

Year 5/6  Spanish -  Ms Argent Watson

For homework this weekend, students are expected to complete activities on the Homework Grid and bring in to share with the class.
Next week in class, we will begin to look at the significance of Easter and Catholicism and why it is celebrated in all Spanish speaking countries.

Year 5/6  Spanish -  Dr Cattel

This weekend’s homework is : learn the transport for a test next week

Next week in class,  we will be covering Easter in Spain

Year 5/6  Spanish -  Mrs Jolly

Next week:Students will learn to use the imperative form by following a recipe to bake oatmeal cookies. We will go to the kitchen to practise the new vocabulary.

Homework: The students need to use A4 paper and draw or print a picture with any of the imperative verbs used during the cooking activity.

Year 5/6 Native German – Ms. Welz

Die Hausaufgabe für diese Woche ist im Booklet auf Seite 18. Die Kinder müssen zusammengesetzte Nomen bilden und zu jedem zusammengesetzten Nomen einen Satz in ihr Heft schreiben. Alternativ können sie auch eine Geschichte schreiben, in der die zusammengesetzten Nomen vorkommen.
Nächste Woche werden wir uns mit zusammengesetzten Adjektiven beschäftigen.

Year 5/ 6 Mandarin MND04L1 - Ms Wang

Homework for this weekend: Read the text “Xiao Long is sick”(Part 1)
Next week, we will study text of “Xiao Long is sick” (part 2) and focus on frequency expressions

Year 5/ 6 Mandarin MND06L2 - Ms He

This weekend’s homework is to complete the word search puzzles, and Match the picture with the Chinese.
Next week in class, we will continue to read book 11“吃了什么?what did you eat”, The students will discuss “早餐、午餐、晚餐“and the food they eat.

Year 5/ 6 Mandarin MND06L3 -  Ms Wong

This weekend’s homework is to research and find out the meanings of 4 character idioms

Next week in class, we will continue with our idiom projects.

Year 5/ 6  Mandarin MND06LN - Ms Zhang