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House System

What is the NAISAK house system?

  • House Badges

NAISAK’s houses are based upon names of four famous meteorites from around the world. Each house is represented by a colour; Murchison (purple), Hoba (red), Loreto (orange) and Esquel (yellow). All students as NAISAK from early years up to and including year 11 are members of a house and compete in various competitions over the course of the year to earn house points. Each term the house point totals are revealed in Assembly and go towards the grand total at the end of the year to see which house will be the champions. All staff at NAISAK are also members of a house and come together multiple times a year in student and staff competitions.

The house system at NAISAK helps to foster and encourage a sense of belonging whilst also developing healthy competition that is not only fun, but that also links to the aims of our curriculum.

Heads of house along with house captains and vice house captains help to support and run competitions throughout the year. We also have house point monitors who are responsible for collecting the points from every class in the school each week. 


Words from the Heads of House


Ms Clare (Murchison)

I wanted to be the Head of House for Murchison because I am passionate about our team. I want to inspire the children to be proud of being part of our house team and encourage them to inspire one another. Joining a new year group this year has motivated me to challenge myself and taking on the role of Head of House fulfils this. I want to bring new ideas, exciting opportunities and a sense of pride to each and every member of our team. I will be meeting with Murchison members regularly to discuss team news and upcoming events. Along with my fellow Murchison teachers, I will aim to engage and excite the children of Murchison by adding small but effective team goals, celebrating success, and always strive to compete to the best of our ability.


Ms Charlotte (Hoba)

Being new to the school, I was intrigued by the House System and wanted to learn more about the values represented through it. When the opportunity arose to become a House Captain, I thought this would be the perfect role for me to learn more about the values while allowing me to contribute more to the school. This role allows me to work with pupils of all ages and gives me the opportunity to motivate pupils through House Competitions.


Mr Rawat (Esquel)

I really think that the house system is valuable to a school. It gives pupils a sense of belonging and acts as a second family to them. Pupils will feel as though they are part of a team which is great for their social and communication skills. I wanted to be a head of house because I wanted to help guide young people within a team to be the best that they can be. I like the idea of pupils from different year groups working together towards a common goal. This helps build their skills of working with a range of people. I look forward to helping the students make Esquel the best house at NAISAK!


Ms Diraviam (Loreto)

I believe young minds can do wonders when motivated and by repeatedly talking/counselling the students in my care I hope to bring about a little bit of change in them for the better. I hope my students can redirect all their energy and enthusiasm in things positive and constructive. The House-System is a great way of helping students channelize their thoughts in the right direction and I am here to motivate them towards it.

As Head-of-House –Loreto, I intend to help in conducting/organizing many Inter-House Events and Competitions so that more and more of our students can get a chance to come out of their shell and grow into a well-rounded individual at school.

And remember…East or West...Loreto is the best!!!”


Words from the House Captains


Fatima Saad (Murchison)

I am a good motivator. I am good at thinking of different activities to help encourage more students to take part in competitions.


Rex Lopez (Hoba)

I applied to be house captain because I believe I am the one who is fit for this position. I also feel I will be able to represent the opinions and ideas of those in my house


Maryam Al Kuwari (Esquel)

I applied to be house captain because I believe I can improve and increase my team’s house points. I also have many ideas about the house competitions.


Abhishek (Loreto)

I volunteered to be house captain because I took advantage of this opportunity. Honesty is the best policy.