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Robert Livesley


Year 6 Teacher

My name is Robert Livesley. I am 24 years old and from the North West of England. I studied a 4 year teaching degree at the University of Cumbria where I specialised in Physical Education. I am a very outgoing person, who enjoys a range of different sporting activities, including: mountain biking, kayaking, squash and football. I am very much looking forward to joining NAISAK and I am excited to work alongside a dedicated team of staff, enthusiastic children and supportive parents. 

From the age of 16 I worked at a children’s play centre where I would plan, organise and carry out children’s birthday parties. This is where I discovered my passion and enjoyment for working with children and ultimately why I chose the vocation of teaching. While studying my A-Levels at college, I also worked at a Nursery caring for children between the ages of 1 month – 4 years. Following this, I studied a 4 year teaching degree, specialising in Physical Education (PE), at the University of Cumbria, graduating with a First Class Honours. During my time at university I was fortunate to experience a wide range of teaching practices, from Early Years Foundation Stage (EYFS) through to Year 6. Throughout my training I developed a range of different teaching strategies and I like to utilise these to keep children engaged and focused during their learning. While studying at university, I used my summer holidays to work in a range of different settings. I spent 2012 as one of the volunteer ‘games makers’ at the London 2012 Olympics, where I worked alongside the coaches of various football teams at a range of different training venues. In 2013, I worked at an American Summer Camp teaching mountain biking; one of my favourite hobbies outside of school.

After graduating in 2014, I taught in a mixed Year 3/4 class at St George’s Central, located in Manchester, where I also held the role of PE Coordinator. During this time, I gained a valuable insight into the role of a class teacher, delivering an inclusive curriculum while also ensuring the social and emotional needs of the children were well met. I thoroughly enjoyed teaching at St George’s Central, however, I felt the time was right for a new challenge. The prospect of working in a school with a reputation such as NAISAK in a new country thoroughly excites me and I cannot wait to get started!

I am a lively, active and outgoing person and enjoy a range of different sports (squash, mountain biking, kayaking) and extreme sports (motocross, rock climbing, and bungee jumping). I have a keen willingness to give everything a try; at least once. I have a very devoted and inspiring family who have encouraged me to wholeheartedly take every opportunity life has to offer. Their reassurances and support have made me eager to experience new things and learn at every possible opportunity. I have also been taught that working hard for what I achieve is in itself a reward, as well as any extrinsic benefits; this has allowed me to gain a good sense of pride and fulfilment when accomplishing my goals.

Gaining and maintaining children’s engagement is an integral part in relation to the way I teach. I strive to do this by being creative in my planning and delivery; providing ‘wow’ lessons which give children the motivation to learn.

In my lessons, I feel it is important to cater for different learning styles. I aim to include visual, auditory and tactile resources to help and improve children’s understanding throughout all lessons.

Above all of this, I believe that it is important for children to develop personal and emotional skills which will allow them to become good citizens in the future.

Working at NAISAK will be different to any other school I have worked in before as they provide children with a genuine worldwide learning experience. I am particularly looking forward to working as part of the ‘Global Campus’ and giving children the unique opportunity to learn on an international level.

I chose NAISAK as, like me, they are ambitious and always trying to better themselves.