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Father’s Day

In the week leading up to Father’s Day we wanted to make special cards to give to the children’s dads.

  • Fathers Day1
  • Fathers Day2
  • Fathers Day3
  • Fathers Day4
  • Fathers Day5
  • Fathers Day6
  • Fathers Day7
  • Fathers Day8
  • Fathers Day9
  • Fathers Day10
  • Fathers Day11
  • Fathers Day12

To help the children understand the purpose of this task and the meaning of Father’s Day I was curious to know how they viewed their own fathers. 

The children often make comments about their dads related to how they spend time together, how they are playful with them and what their fathers give to them.  Before starting to make the cards, I posed some questions to the children to encourage them to reflect on the special relationships they have with their dads.

“What do you love about your dad?”

“He’s good at driving and he’s good at riding motorcycles and we’re going to go to the circus and go to different places far away.” – Efosa

“He always, when I try to catch him, he goes and tickles me.” – Gustavo

“I love my dad because he bought me a fidget spinner. And when I sneak in his closet and he says go out then he tickles me. Sometimes he helps me build with cardboard.” – Karim

“I love when he lets me play video games. He plays sonic racers with me.” – Khalil

“Whenever we go into his bed he starts this game called the rascals and gets us in the ratbag trap. He tickles us.” – Saxon

“He likes making potions with me and activities with me. He sometimes holds me and I go back and it gives me a long stretch.” – Farida

“My dad tickles me and I hide under his bed and then he sneaks in and then tickles us again.” – Juno

“He can be the tickle monster. And I go aaaaaagh!” – Ruby

“He sits on the couch with me. When he’s not so busy. Sometimes he’s very busy.” – Khadija

“He plays soccer with me.” – Anas

“He loves me. He plays soccer with me. And watches it with me.” – Tom

“I love him so much. When he doesn’t do something naughty.” – Penny

“I love when he teaches me maths at home.” – Henri

“I love him because he teaches me a lot of stuff.  Like how to swim.” – Gabrielle

“He teaches me how to run fast. And he does nice things.” – Craig

“I love him when he goes to Disneyland with me.” – Lucas

Having listened to the many reasons why they love their fathers I asked what they would like to do for them for Fathers’ Day. 

“We can make a card.” – Luna

“I made a card for daddy’s birthday. It had playing golf on it.” – Henri

“I’m going to draw my daddy on the card.” – Farida

“Can we make a card in the Atelier?” – Gabrielle

“I want to put glitter on it.” – Juno

“I’ll make a card about my daddy. I’ll put soccer on it.” - Tom

So there it was. The general, and traditional consensus was that the dads deserved a card for Father’s Day. In groups, we visited the Atelier where the children could access a range of materials for their cards.

As the children made their cards there were many conversations about what they were putting on the cards, including pictures and messages of love. They talked about colours and images that they thought their dads would like.

During this time I was curious to know more about how the children thought their fathers spent their time so I asked what do you think your daddy does when you are at school all day?”

“He goes to work and prints out stuff.  He goes on to his oil rig and makes pieces for it.” – Saxon

“He goes to work and staples things.” – Khalil

“He always goes to work.  He works on his computer there.” – Luna

“He loves me.” – Anas

“My daddy goes to school too. He teaches the big kids about maths.” – Henri

“Work. For money. He works on computers.” – Farida

“He works to get money. He works in an office.” – Juno

“Working. Gets some pennies to buy our uniforms.” - Ruby

It was lovely to hear the children talk about their dads in this way. It came across to me that the children held their fathers in high regard and their words seemed to reflect conversations they may have had with their parents. But I think the message that was clearest, was that the children all spoke of love for their dads and wanted to make something special to celebrate that for Father’s Day.

-Nicola Dickson