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Houses at NACIS

16 November 2016

Houses originated in England and are popular in traditional schools with hundreds of years of history.

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The House system creates competition, promotes good work and behaviour, encourages teamwork, provides opportunities to take on responsibilities and brings everyone in the school together. At NACIS, through establishing Houses, we intend to help our students find their own group and have a sense of belonging. Houses create a competitive and cooperative environment and the points-based system helps students build a sense of group pride. Every student belongs to one House and will remain in the same House for their whole school career. 

The Four Houses at NACIS

Our houses originate from the name of our school and embody our ambitious education vision.

Nuo House - Honesty

“Promises will be kept”, represented by lively Yellow

The ancient Chinese story, “Jibu’s Promise is More Valuable Than Gold”, was a popular novel in ancient China and focussed on the ideal of 'keeping promises’ which is the key element of Honesty House. We empower our students to achieve academically, socially and personally. The lively yellow colour represents Honesty House.

De House - Integrity

“Possess intelligence and virtue”, represented by bright Orange

Integrity House focuses on making great achievements for the future.  Throughout history and across the world, virtuous and talented people play important roles in society, which have long-lasting impacts. This embodies the spirit of Integrity House, bright orange represents Integrity House.

An House - Serenity

‘Succeed based on a quiet attitude’, represented by calm Purple

In the Chinese novel ‘Huainanzi', Liu'an from the western Han Dynasty wrote: “Have great ideas with a quiet mind; learn by keeping calm; experience everything with kindness and honesty and judge with fairness”. We hold the belief that with a dedicated and calm attitude students can achieve more. The calm purple colour represents Serenity House.

Da House - Fortitude

“Perfect oneself by helping others”, represented by flourishing “red”

The ability to help others requires internal strength. In modern society today, students are interconnected like never before, and it is important for them to focus on helping others. By helping others and working as part of a team, students can find out more about themselves. This team-spirit is a keystone of Fortitude House. Flourishing red represents Fortitude House.

Expectation from Houses

For students, houses are groups independent from class, which connect children from every grade. All students are elected to represent in different Houses in school competitions, academic and social activities. The four Houses are independent but connected through competition and cooperation. When the students come together, we have NACIS.

Students in the four Houses will grow in our ambitious environment to develop healthy attitudes and open minds and have respect from all, for all.

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