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This week in the classroom - What, where, when? Holiday adventure!

09 January 2017

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What, where, when? Holiday adventure!
'During the holidays I stayed in Shanghai. My mum took me to play golf and I played with my golf teacher. I really enjoy playing golf and practise every couple of weeks. Also during the holiday I ate lots of food and played with my new transformer toy. ' ----- Beta 1A

'In the holiday, I went to Korea and Japan on a cruise ship called ‘The Diamond Princess’. When I was on the ship I got to go to dances and went to watch lots of different dance shows. There were lots of swimming pools on the boat but we didn’t have time to go swimming because we were too busy, we did lots of shopping!'  ----- Joy 2B

'In the holiday, I went to Finland! When I was in Finland, I got sit on a sleigh that my dad pulled through the snow. It was so much fun. When I was there, I also got to see the famous green lights in the sky, they were so beautiful. We had to stay up until late in the evening and stand around for about an hour but then they suddenly appeared!' ----- Tracy 3A

'Over the winter holiday, I went to Harbin in the North. When we arrived off the plane, I felt a rush of cold air, it was very cold! We then went to the hotel which was a lovely old and traditional building, luckily they had lots of heating to keep us warm. On the second, day I went skiing. I learned to stop and turn. This was my first time skiing and it felt wonderful. I was very sad to have to go home.' ----- Daniel 4A

'In the holiday, I went to an American summer school in San Diego. When I was there we went to a super market, which was very cheap compared to China. We also went to the beach, where we took many beautiful pictures. We also went to Disney Land in LA. There are two there, we went to both of them the rides were also so fun and so fast! My favourite ride was a car one. I also got to have face painted like a pink horse. America was very interesting, also the English I have learned at school really helped me to talk to the locals and keep improving my English!' ----- Loretta 5B

How can we apply our maths skills to our everyday lives?  
From this week in Grade 7 and 8 maths learning sessions, students are reviewing what they have learned this semester and are engaging in a research project, “Maths in our daily life”.  In preparation for their research project, students will discuss and collaborate with each other in the classroom to make the choice for their projects. For example: ‘How should we design a traffic light system for intersections so that traffic will flow best’, ‘Can we predict the future result of lottery from the formal results’, ‘How can we arrange daily life so that we can spend time most efficiently’ or 'Are the actions in the movie “Crazy 21 point” true or not?'. In the following weeks, students will create presentations and share their understanding for the maths problems they are interested in. Applying mathematical learning is a great skill for all our students to master.
‘What does a Healthy Relationship Look like?’
Secondary House - Personal, Social and Health Education (PSHE)
Secondary students continued their Personal, Social and Health Education (PSHE) programme in House activity with an inquiry into healthy relationships.
Our line of inquiry was ‘What does a healthy relationship look like?’ and students showed wonderful reflection and communication skills as they shared thoughts and enhanced their understanding as a group.
Through understanding the characteristics of healthy relationships, it is hoped students are able to develop a better sense of self and also develop awareness of their responsibilities to others.
The session also provided students an opportunity to explore differences between people, and how we can deal with differences, respect differences, and come to celebrate differences.
We thank all of our secondary students for keeping an open-mind and respecting their peers as we engage in these discussions. We also encourage families to continue these discussions at home, so that learning is extended beyond the classroom and into real-life situations.

Primary Assessment Week
Students across the Primary School are taking part in assessments this week, allowing the teachers to map the progress that students have made during Semester One. Assessment allows the teachers to get a better understanding of how students have progressed and determine any specific gaps in students learning that can be revisited in Semester Two.
In Grade 1 and 2, student assessments focus more on observations, one to one and group assessments, allowing the students to feel comfortable and get used to the exam principles. In Grades 3, 4 and 5, assessment tasks take on a more formal setting and approach, preparing the students for end of year exams. As with all exams, we encourage students to try their best and use the teacher suggested tools to revise. This includes all of the online learning platforms such as Fun and Friends, Reading Eggs and Mathletics.

Secondary Assessment Week
The timetable for the Secondary Assessment Week has been released to students and explained by Form Tutors.
During the Assessment Week, students will be well-supported by their Form Tutors and Subject Teachers as they complete their final tasks and assessments. We are also proud that students will have an opportunity to participate in a broad range of assessment types, as this is an important part of our assessment philosophy.
A special study skills session has been included every day to give students time to review and prepare for assessments with the guidance of teachers. We look forward to helping our students develop good assessment habits and practices, so that they are able to succeed. We encourage all students to take this opportunity to celebrate their learning journey this semester by showing their abilities during their final tasks. We also remind students that their final tasks and assessments are only one piece of the puzzle, so stay calm and try your best!

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