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This week in the classroom - Persuasion and transformation

16 October 2017

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Primary News

Lower Primary

Grade 2 - Linking our learning, from chocolate to calculations
Last week the students in Grade 2 started their new Thematic topic titled ‘Chocolate’. They began to develop their inquiry skills as they used five senses to explore the taste and texture of chocolate. The students were given different examples of chocolate to compare by sight, touch, smell, hearing and finally taste! They discussed their preferences with their peers and the whole class and were then given the opportunity to explain what they already know about chocolate and what they are curious to learn more about over the semester.

In English lessons, the students continued to learn about Chocolate through the story of ‘Charlie and the Chocolate Factory’. They were introduced to the author of the original book, Roald Dahl and answered questions about his life and his writing habits. The students were then given the opportunity to watch the 2005 film ‘Charlie and the Chocolate Factory’ to further fuel their enthusiasm about the story. The students discussed the events, characters and the key vocabulary it included. Following this, students chose appropriate adjectives to describe each character and generated complex sentences to describe the characters by giving examples.

In maths class, students continued to work together to extend their knowledge on the rules of multiplication. Working with real life examples, students were tasked to find a problem, ask related questions and solve the problem by independent thinking, cooperation and communication. We saw some great examples of the students coming together and putting the skills learned from all classes into practise. 

Upper Primary

Persuasion and transformation for Grade 5
Last week in Grade 5, students have been learning about tourism. They have expressed their opinions of the impact of tourism on cities close to us such as Shanghai as well as further destinations including the Great Barrier Reef in Australia. By looking at urban and more natural examples, students were able to use their analytical skills to discuss what might attract people to visit certain locations taking into consideration size, weather, language and landmarks.

English learning has complemented thematic learning by looking at new vocabulary, different sentence structures and the grammar needed to be able to write a piece on persuading someone to visit Shanghai. Students wonder if they will be able to persuade some of our new teachers to visit the tourist attractions they haven’t yet visited!

In maths classes, students completed the learning topic of decimal multiplication. Students have learned to use the ‘transformation’ methodology to solve calculations. This included transforming the ‘unknown’ into ‘known’ and ‘new knowledge’ into ‘old’, followed by self-summary to enhance learning ability. As a class, our recent topics across all subjects have ignited our curiosity and allowed us to build on our confidence inside and outside the classroom. 

Secondary News

A new online maths tool for Secondary students
With our bilingual learning approach and high expectations of students, we have recently introduced an online learning and homework system called ‘Mymaths’. This online tool makes learning maths fun and efficient with lots of animation, interactive games and sound to consolidate students’ math knowledge. For each topic, the website provides both lesson and homework sessions for students. In case students need to review any content from their learning sessions, there is a useful self-learning tool where students can revisit content before doing their homework.
For students who enjoy challenging themselves, they are able to explore a variety of topics through this online platform. We are already seeing that this website not only serves as a good online homework platform but also provides a new lens into how we perceive the maths learning process.

High School News

Physics progress - momentum and motion
Using the languages of Chinese and English, Grade 10 physics students are now well on their way in familiarizing themselves with new concepts, terminology and values needed for the Grade 11 physics course.

Students have enthusiastically been studying concepts in describing motion, measurements rounding off rules, scientific notation, momentum, acceleration, scalars, vectors, stability and centre of mass, Hooke’s law, pressure, energy transformation and transfers, work and power, energy resources, and the kinetic model of matter including Boyle’s law.  They have been developing some of the skills such as enquiry and thinking by planning and carrying out scientific experiments.

Students have been developing their communication skills by working together in groups to solve physics problems and carry out experiments and by expressing and pronouncing their ideas to the class in English. This has also allowed them to develop their critical and creative thinking skills to analyze physics.

Creativity Action Service (CAS) - Community outreach visit to an elderly care home
There are two Chinese traditional festivals that take place in October. The Mid-Autumn Festival and Double Ninth Festival (Old People’s Day) have given our students some inspiration to reach out to the local community. Working with a local home for the elderly, Grade 6-9 students created hand-made presents which were personally delivered by Grade 10 and 11 students last Thursday.

The Grade 10 and 11 students also put on a number of performances including singing, dancing, and also a magic show. It was great to see how the students interacted with the elderly who were particularly appreciative of their efforts in creating a fun festival atmosphere.

Students will continue to carry out community engagement activities aiming to cultivate students’ citizenship and global care awareness.

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