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This week in the classroom - Showcasing creative talents

09 October 2017

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Primary News

Lower Primary

Grade One – Who am I?
In Grade One, the students have been finding out more about themselves in the topic – Who am I? Last week, the students identified which groups they are part of as well as which groups they share with their fellow students. Also, the students learned about what children all around the world look like and the students identified the differences and similarities between themselves and children from different countries. Finally, students learned amazing facts about their bodies, before finding out how the beat of their pulse changes before, during and after exercise. This type of practical learning promotes independence and curiosity in our students.

Upper Primary

Grade Three - Showcasing our creative talents
In Grade Three we have been creating our own islands. The project was designed to help students work on a variety of skills such as communication, creativity, open-mindedness, and team work. To start with, students were put in groups of four and they created an island together thinking about the flag, cultural dress and national anthem. They had to remember to listen to other peoples’ ideas and be respectful. After this, they created their very own islands by building on the ideas from their group discussions. Students were encouraged to ‘think outside the box’ with how they presented their island resulting in the production of pop up booklets, stories and models to name a few. Students demonstrated independence, creativity and collaboration.

Curriculum Development

Using the Think Series in Chinese learning
On the morning of 26 September, we welcomed two Primary Chinese education experts, Xue Feng and Zhu Xinya, to experience how personalized learning is implemented at NACIS in Grade One and Grade Five.

In learning Chinese characters, Ms. Huilin inspired students to discover the connection between images and characters through observing, thinking, imagining and expressing, to allow students to build a fundamental understanding of the features of pictographic characters, experience the fun of learning Chinese characters and master different learning techniques. Ms. Huilin used a variety of games to get each student involved and to experience the ‘magic’ of Chinese character learning. In this fun learning environment, Grade One students were not only able to understand the various methods of learning characters but to also help foster good learning habits.

Grade Five students enjoyed reading ‘Alice in Wonderland’ with their teacher Ms. Siyuan. Through personalized reading and listening, all students reviewed the classic text with their teachers to obtain a further understanding of the characters and ideas.  They also recreated the story in groups by drawing, editing and performing to present their unique and different understanding of the content.

After the classes, the Chinese team came together and shared their feedback with the experts. We look forward to further exploring and researching different teaching methods for Chinese learning at NACIS.

Secondary News

Grade 6 – NACIS budding biologists
Grade 6 science students have been focusing on biology in their most recent unit. This topic has started their new unit of ‘Into the living world’ where students will be looking at habitats, adaptations in order to gain a greater understanding of the world around them.

The first investigation gave students the opportunity to demonstrate their abilities as scientists by respecting nature and performing accurate scientific investigations. (Some of them have even overcome their fear of snails!)

Students investigated snails by testing their responses to stimuli and through a variety of humane experimentation. They tested what senses a snail might have and how they would act under certain circumstances. The science team has been really impressed by Grade 6s’ ability as scientists as they worked carefully to grasp a better understanding of the world around them and how small creatures impact on it.

High School News

Grade 10 and Grade 11 - Business Management
With Semester One in full swing, Grade 10 and Grade 11 continue their Business Management courses with great enthusiasm. All students are already a coherent group in which respect and collaboration are apparent in our diverse class. 
Over the first weeks, students have shown great natural curiosity to get themselves familiar with the concepts of Business Management. The course starts with a closer look at business organizations and their environment. Topics like entrepreneurship, stakeholder influences, types of businesses and objective setting will be introduced in the first chapters. It is a real pleasure to notice that the curiosity of the students goes already beyond the scope of the first chapter in the book. The students wanted to know more about private equity, venture capital, angel investors and crowd funding. To foster their curiosity we touched upon all these areas of interest in the first weeks.
In order to develop in-depth knowledge and thorough understanding of the Business Management content, students are encouraged to independently explore and research relevant contexts and ideas alongside the content offered. The realization that Business Management is around us 24/7 is, for many students, an eye-opener. Students are also encouraged to set individual challenges and work to the best of their abilities. The approach to learning also encompasses the development of positive attitudes, self-management and how they work as teams together to accomplish assignments. 

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