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This week in the classroom - Think local, act global!

06 November 2017

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Primary News

Lower Primary

Grade 1 – Creative toy design
Grade 1 have been very busy over the last few weeks and have recently started their new thematic topic called ‘The Magic Toymaker’. The students collaborated together constructing new toys using pieces of equipment given to them. When the children were writing a letter to the Magic Toymaker, they displayed some great inquiry skills asking some very interesting questions such as: ‘How long does it take to make certain toys?’ and ‘Where are most toys sent to in the world?’. The students also had the opportunity to draw and design their own toy. They displayed how open-minded they are with some of the creative ideas they came up with for new toys. Over the coming weeks, the students will work hard to demonstrate their communication, resilience and reflective skills as they progress further into this topic.

Upper Primary

Grade 5 take to the Silk Road
In Grade 5, students have been finding out lots of information about the fascinating and world-famous Silk Road in their lessons. Finding out about the history; the goods that were traded on the road; and how it opened up Chinese culture to the Middle East and Europe has been very interesting for all of the students in the class. Together, the class has also used resources such as maps and iPads to explore the many countries, Chinese provinces and cultures that the Silk Road passed through.

Last week, the whole school celebrated Halloween on Tuesday 31 October. Using this festival as inspiration, students wrote Halloween themed poems in English lessons. The students used a wide variety of wonderful descriptive language to create lots of scary and interesting poems. The main focus of the poems was to use two very popular poetic techniques: similes and alliteration. Students also looked briefly at the history of Halloween, as well as similar festivals to Halloween that are celebrated in other countries. The students also discussed the many festivals and holidays that China celebrates throughout the year enhancing their cultural understanding of China as well as the world around us. 

In math classes, Grade 5 are now tackling their new topic of statistics. By using real life situations as examples, drawing on existing knowledge as well as lively discussions, students have enjoyed their new topic so far. Students have also been introduced to new mathematical vocabulary such as ‘mean’, ‘median’ and ‘mode’ in both English and Chinese. It is in this way, that a bilingual learning environment is created and one that will help students to succeed with further study.

Secondary News

Learning and Developing with Grade 9
In recent Chinese classes, Grade 9 have been introduced to a number of ancient texts allowing them to enhance their understanding of classical literature and renowned intellectuals. During English classes, students continue with the mystery comedy novel ‘Holes’ written by Louis Sacher. In comparing classic and modern literature, students are able to think more comprehensively with a well-balanced outlook.

In art classes, students have learned about Nigerian visual artist Laolu Senbanjo. Using Senbanjo’s signature style of incorporating traditional African elements into modern day pieces, students have been working on their own designs whilst incorporating traditional Chinese techniques. Creativity has also flowed into the students’ music class where they have been taking on the roles of directors and designers- there has certainly been a lot of laughter heard from the music rooms recently!

Students have been showing their entrepreneurial skills during economic classes as they have been tasked with working out how to set up and operate a successful business. Working on proportions and ratios during their math classes will certainly benefit with their economics task.

In recent Chemistry classes, students have been involved in a hands-on experiment of separating salt from water. To help, students drew on knowledge of the elements learned from previous lessons and worked together to make the task a success. It is in this way that students are able to collaborate and build on their interest of the sciences. Collaboration is also key to Chinese Moral classes as students have together debated the impact of technological advancements on society. Upcoming topics include offshore drilling and mobile phone payments, topics which are sure to spark further lively debates.

French classes have also been engaging as students develop language through the medium of song. Students have commented that this is an interesting and enjoyable way to make language learning more memorable and fun. PE classes have too been active as students were introduced to dodgeball and basketball. By combining skill and teamwork development with an understanding of muscular and skeletal activity, students are sure to make some excellent sporting progress this semester.

Think local, act global!
Over recent weeks, there have been a number of student led initiatives by Grade 10 and 11 students. Students have worked together demonstrating independence, problem solving and organisational skills to arrange fundraising events for Secondary students to benefit the Tanzania fund.

Events were kicked off with Fortitude students who organized a non-school uniform day and ‘sponge the teachers’. Both of these events combined raised not only the awareness of the Tanzania fund amongst the student body but also a huge donation. Well done Fortitude!

Following on from the Fortitude’s success, Serenity organised a talent show for students to showcase their creative talents and have the opportunity to win some of the great prizes on offer. The acts brought huge amounts of entertainment and a significant donation.

Last Friday, Honesty students invited teachers to participate in a ‘Dancing with the Stars’ event hosted in the Theatre. There were some very impressive dancing skills showed by our teachers and it was an afternoon enjoyed by all. Next Friday, Integrity will hold a bake sale for all students to enjoy- we can’t wait to enjoy tasty treats whilst raising funds for a deserving fund.

All the funds raised from the whole school Halloween costume day will also be donated to the Tanzania fund bringing us closer to our overall target. With more activities still to come, students are excited to see just how much we can contribute as a school.

All of the above mentioned events have been organised by students who in the process have had to undertake a number of tasks including planning, assigning responsibilities, communicating with relevant departments, assessing risks and implementing plans. As the events progress, students will continue to apply theory to practice and bridge the gap between ideal and reality. Students are showing they are fitting ambassadors to the ‘think global, act local’ initiative.

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