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This week in the classroom - 4A ‘Iron Man’ Similes

20 February 2017

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Primary Learning News
4A ‘Iron Man’ Similes, International Kindness Week, Tanzania Charity Bake Sale and Inter-House Sport Competition!
4A have had a busy week! In English, students have been learning how to use similes in their writing. Similes are a wonderful way to better engage the reader and elevate the overall standard of children’s writing. It allows the reader to use imagery from the words to paint a picture of the story more imaginatively. Grade 4 has started examining the story ‘Iron Man’ by Ted Hughes. A well-known children’s book, one that I remember reading at 4A’s age, it really captures children’s imaginations with its use of imagery. 4A first examined what similes were e.g. as fast as a cheetah, as strong as an elephant before applying this knowledge to describe different parts of the Iron Man character. ‘A head as big as a classroom’, ‘arms as long as two buses’ and ‘skin as shiny as the sun’ to name but a few.
As part of International Kindness Week, the class discussed what kindness means and how it can help improve the lives of people on many levels. Using their bilingual adjective word mats to help them, children created a poster to promote their ideas and understanding to others.
4A embraced the idea of a bake sale to raise money for projects in Tanzania with great enthusiasm! A big thank you to the parents involved.
This week saw the start of weekly competitions in English, maths, teambuilding skills and sports between the houses on Fridays. Children were able to win points for their house through many fun competitions. This week, Grade 4 took to the sports pitch to battle it out for athletic supremacy! We hope you enjoy seeing them in action.

Secondary Learning News
Spanish Club
At the end of November, a group of twelve ambitious students from Grades 6-10 decided to try a new language as part of their extra-curricular learning. They began, a little nervously, by exploring their prior knowledge of different languages and speaking about the culture of the Spanish speaking world. The majority of the club had not studied Spanish before but enjoyed learning French and English in school, so were eager and willing to broaden their linguistic abilities.
Through active participation, games, songs and quizzes the students have grown in confidence speaking and writing in Spanish. Now, they can understand basic instructions in Spanish, they can count to 100, they can list the days of the week and months of the year and they can even introduce themselves and talk a little bit about their families. Languages open doors to many different cultures and enable communication on a wider scale. The students now have a deeper understanding of all things Hispanic and I would encourage them to continue their learning of Spanish and love for languages in the future.

What’s going on in the world of English?
Grade 6 has had a busy week in English! We have begun our six-week text study of ‘The Wizard of Oz’ by L. Frank Baum. Students have enjoyed discussing the characters and settings of the story. We have learned about the use of dialogue within a text. This will lead into our study of play scripts and the final assessment piece of the unit, which will be a play script based on the text.

Semester two got off to a great start with Grade 7 English! The students in 7A and 7B returned to school excited to see what the new semester would bring. We began by exploring the theme of ‘Celebration and Worldwide Festivals’. The students were eager to share stories about their Spring Festival holiday celebrations and catch up with their classmates. They explained how they usually celebrate special occasions and then the students began researching famous festivals around the world and discovered how different festivals are celebrated in different countries. Their task at the end of this theme is to design an information poster about a famous festival and present it to the class. This project will develop all of the students’ language skills in many different ways, as well as enhancing their IT abilities and broadening their knowledge of different worldwide cultures.
Grade 8 students are exploring the theme of ‘Health and Wellness’ in English class. They began by discussing the differences between physical, social and mental health. They then learned about international sports and were eager to discover more about various common sports in other countries and how they are played. At the moment, they are working on preparing a mock interview with a famous sports personality. The students are writing questions and creating interview scripts and will record the final product in the next coming days. Grade 8 are fully engaging with this important topic and through debate and class discussion, they have expressed very interesting opinions about their health and wellbeing.

So far, Grade 9 students have developed their creativity and analytical thinking skills as they explored different forms of expression, including how architecture is both a producer and product of expression, and how spoken word poetry can be used to create change. Grade 9 students now shift to focus on their own powers of communication and persuasion. Studies of speech and advertisement text types will allow students to investigate the ways in which creativity and language can be combined for different cultural contexts.

Grade 10 students are developing their critical thinking and collaboration skills by leading discussions based on their reading portfolios. They have discovered that leading critical inquiry is quite challenging! It has been wonderful to see increasing maturity and responsibility, both for their own contribution and for helping others. These skills will transfer to upcoming Socratic Seminars that explore text types connected to media. This will develop their understanding of perspective, as well as strengthen their critical thinking skills and expand their knowledge of text types.

House News
As part of our House-Service activities, students will be participating in the Global Challenge for 2017. This year, UNICEF has asked students to tackle Global Goal 2 Zero Hunger and Global Goal 3 Good Health & Well-being. Last week in House, we explored Goal 2 Zero Hunger and students created short films to promote awareness of this goal in our community. Over the next two months, students will be working in their House groups to create action plans that are practical and applied to our local community. If any parents would like to be involved in the Challenge, please contact the school at info@nacis.cn.

Global Campus In School
Tanzania Expedition – Charity Fundraising Bake Sale
This is what our student reported back about their experiences…
Last Friday, we held a bake sale and I was very glad to join this activity. It proved the Grade 9 and Grade 10 students' collaborative spirit and wisdom. We have a great team so we raised a lot of money. Everyone participated in the sale and it showed everyone has love and kindness in their hearts. We prepared the desserts and drinks for our students and our customers were very enthusiastic! They bought a lot of things to support our Tanzania foundation! To go to Tanzania, we will do more fundraising activities and I look forward to everyone’s participation.
~Emily Ding, 9A

This experience gave us a precious opportunity to learn crucial skills and qualities for our future. We had great teamwork with each other and parents, and we worked hard toward the same goal. We overcame many challenges and we bonded tighter and built cohesion. We also raised awareness for the Tanzanian children and strengthened our determination to help those who are in need. Fundraising was important but we have learnt so much more than that through this unforgettable event!
~ Anna Li, Lucy Wu and Freddy Qian, 9A   

Last Friday was a really busy day as everyone dedicated their time and efforts to funraising for the Tanzania Expedition. It was a meaningful and wonderful day as we achieved our goal and everyone received great rewards for their efforts. We also showed our team spirit and the student customers had a great experience – which is the happiest gift for us. Thank you very much to all that took part in the charity sale to help us raise money – you are all great people! Thank you!
~ Frank Wei and Jet Lee, G10

Global Campus In School and Online  
NACIS celebrates the success of our aspiring young authors
We would like to congratulate three primary students, Jasmin Coan, Daniel Zhou and Mofei Gao, who’s Global Challenge Creative Writing Entries have been shortlisted for the published Nord Anglia Anthology later this year. The Anthology showcases students writing and drawings from all the global campus schools, encouraging students to be ambitious and share their skills. Jasmin’s story ‘Who is there?’ has been entered into the Age 11-14 category, Daniel’s story ‘Jacky Zhou and the Terrible Dragon’ has been entered into the Age 8-11 category and Mofei’s story ‘The New Bundle of Sticks’ has been entered into the Under 8’s category.

We are also launching the Visual Arts Competition in school this week, giving students the opportunity to illustrate other students’ stories from around the world, which will also be published in the final Anthology.  Watch this space for more updates and information.

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