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This week in the classroom - Collaborative Learning demonstrated by G5B

10 April 2017

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Primary Learning News
Collaborative Learning demonstrated by G5B

The students of G5B have been partaking in a number of creative and interesting activities over the past couple of weeks.
G5B had a lesson of learning and enjoyment when students from G2A came to the classroom to produce animation films of the stories that the latter class had written. Each student in G5B was paired with a pupil from G2A. They then worked together, with an iPad, to produce some sophisticated, high-quality animation films. Both sets of students exhibited their skills in both working as a team and in working with technology to produce excellent work. We watched the animation films at the end of the lesson and the students were impressed and enthralled by each other’s work.
At the end of March, the students of G5B finished their Island Adventure projects, which they had been working on for 8 whole weeks. The final assignment for this project was to create a 3-D model of the island that they had designed and written about. Each 3-D island was of a very high standard and are now proudly displayed in the classroom. Each pupil was given a certificate for the brilliant work they produced.
Another highlight of the past few weeks was the traditional dance that students performed for a special guest from the Julliard School in New York. The students performed excellently with professionalism and maturity. An integral part of the performance’s success was Jessica Lin and Jessica’s mother who helped choreograph and direct the other students’ dances. The special guest, Ms. Ingrid Kapteyn , praised the student’s performance vehemently.

Secondary Learning News
Secondary students demonstrate critical thinking in Chinese Literature reviews
In recent weeks, Grade 6 students have been studying an article called ‘Youth’. Students were tasked with rewriting the text based on their understanding and experience. To enhance learning, students interacted with each other by questioning opinions allowing for better communication and understanding.
This week, Grade 7 students read literature articles about traditional customs and ways of life. This included the Hutongs of old Beijing and the Alleys of Shanghai. To finish, students created wonderful posters about Hutongs and Alleys based on their newly acquired knowledge.
The students in Grade 8 are to participate in a Chinese debate later this semester and have been busy making relevant preparations. According to their own daily life and social experience, students have provided various motions, but the final two motions are confirmed as: “Should parents make children adapt to society as early as possible or try to keep their childlike innocence”? and “Is money the root of evil"? We are looking forward to their brilliant performance.
This week, Grade 9 students began a new literature topic: fantastic journey stories. The teacher selected three classic literary or works including: “Gulliver's Travels”, “Alice in Wonderland” and “Spirited Away”. These works have wonderful imagery and interesting characters, allowing students to think and get in touch with their emotion.
Recently, Grade 10 students have been improving their literature review methods. Firstly, students are encouraged to thoroughly understand the original literature text; then display literary criticism theory using a variety of methods. We have also held an activity called ‘I am the Critic’ that allowed each student to criticize a famous literary work of their own. The students' comments and opinions were always unique, demonstrating their sound critical thinking ability.

Grade 8 demonstrate their practical science skills
Last week, Grade 8 continued on their biology learning journey by analyzing crucian carp. Students examined the internal anatomy and learnt the unique features that have evolved making them so well suited to their environment. Our budding scientists are making great progress and are looking forward to the next topic.

Building Teamwork through Sport
Our PE students are coming to the end of their first unit of work in the second semester at NACIS. Students have completed their final performances where they were put into groups to develop and create their own gymnastics routine based on the previous seven lessons of work. These routines included rolling, travelling, jumping and vaulting, skills that the students have developed since the start of the semester. Groups were required to collaborate and develop their creative thinking skills to shape and direct their end of unit performances. Moving forward, students are now in the process of developing their analytical skills to evaluate their performances. The final performances highlighted how much the students had progressed over the course of the seven weeks, but importantly it was evident how far the students have developed their social and cognitive aspects of their assessments since the start of the year. Excellent work Grades 6 and 7!!

Thematic exploration in Grade 7 and Grade 8
Grade 7 and Grade 8 students continue to develop thematic exploration and speech in Humanities.
Grade 7 students have been focusing on drawing comparisons between the Westernization Movement and the Japanese Meiji Restoration. Students deepened their understanding of modern China and analyzed how both China and Japan have reformed with the influence of the Westernization Movement. To illustrate their knowledge, students worked in groups to produce detailed presentations.
Grade 8 students have been learning about the First World War. Students engaged in independent research by choosing their own group topic. Topics included the cause of the First World War, the relationship between the allies; the battle of Verdun; war weapons and so on. They also tried data collection using different search engines to help select evidence to make a logical argument that was presented successfully before teachers and peers with the help of multimedia.

Global Campus – Worldwide
Global Campus-Tanzania Reflection
Author: G9A Han Yan, Justin ,Shin 
"The intention of the Tanzania expedition is that all students engage in a short term project which will contribute greatly to the local community. In Two days, We completed the teachers housing at the Nazareti Primary school. For two days we improved the health and well-being of the families in need by building a goat sheds, solar lights and smokeless stoves.  The remaining two days we went on Safari and saw the wild-life in Africa. During our stay in Tanzania we stayed at Shamba Kipara private camp. The campsite was really beautiful and the kitchen served great and tasteful meals every day. After a hard day of work we could jump in the swimming pool and play volleyball or football. The camp had all the facilities we are used to but the only difference was we slept in tents with students from different countries and cultures, including America, Mexico, Vietnam and Qatar. It was really easy to make friends with the other students from all over the world and we are still in touch with many of them. Overall it was a very rewarding experience. We really made a difference to the local community in Tanzania."

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