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This week in the classroom - Budding Actors in our Primary Productions

26 June 2017

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Primary Learning News
Budding Actors in our Primary Productions

On Wednesday 21 June, G1A preformed the story ‘Charlie Cook’s Favourite Book’. The students have been working hard all year developing their English speaking and listening skills and this continued as they practised for the production. G1A chose the story ‘Charlie Cook’s Favourite Book’ because throughout the year they have enjoyed reading a range of stories which have had a big impact on their vocabulary and sentence structure. During the lead up to the performance, the students spent time learning their lines and practised using a range of expressions in their movement and voices. – Ms Sidonie

1B produced a show based on the Roald Dahl books we read during library time. We used songs, poems, movements, story-telling and drawing skills to reflect we have known about the well-acclaimed English author. We are so proud of our performance. We hope you like it as much as we do. – Whole class 

G1C excitedly prepared for their performance of Julia Donaldson’s ‘The Gruffalo’.  Students demonstrated excellent collaboration skills by crafting masks and scenery in small groups. We aimed to build suspense and excitement by sending home class produced movie trailers, using ‘imovie’ on the ipads. – Ms Jessica

1D’s production of “A Birthday Surprise” took place last Thursday. The children really enjoyed taking part in the production with all of the children performing admirably. Over the last few weeks the children were working very hard and they developing both their listening and speaking skills. The story was about a girl named Sarah who found everything “boring”, until a magician came and performed a magic trick on her. The children really enjoyed taking part in the activity and are already asking if they will be doing one again next year. – Mr Jamie

As G1E are known as the ‘Dragons’, we chose ‘Zog’ by Julia Donaldson for our production. Zog is an enthusiastic, hardworking dragon who tries his best every day, just like all the students in our class. We also recited a poem about a dragon in the classroom. G1E thoroughly enjoyed chasing the ‘screaming teacher along the corridor’! – Mr Stevie

Last week Grade 2 performed an amazing show in front of their mums and dads. The show was called ‘Grade 2 and the Magic Key’ and was all about a group of students who had forgotten to revise for their thematic test. Luckily, Mr. Focus had made a magic key which helped the students travel in time to find out about Egyptians, Mayans and other fantastic adventures. The children worked very hard to learn their lines and it was evident how much their spoken English and confidence when speaking had improved. Well done Grade 2, you all should be very proud! – Mr Will and Ms Emma
The world of fairy tales was mixed up for G3A’s production.  The Grimm brothers were writing their stories, when suddenly a terrible gust of wind blew the pages everywhere!  Later that night, the stories began to intermingle in Wilhelm’s dreams.  Cinderella was desperately trying to get to the royal ball, but somehow she ended up at Rapunzel’s tower.  Her ‘Fairy GodBrother’ mistakenly sent her on to the Seven Dwarves’ cottage and Snow White’s castle, Cinderella met loads of new friends — dwarves, bears, pigs, and witches! — all of whom were just as lost as she was!  When they all finally made their way to the ball, Cinderella finally met her prince, and they all shared a giant fairy tale party “happily” thereafter!  - Ms Shiv
G3B’s class production was of ‘The Pied Piper of Hamelin’. It is a traditional tale based on a poem by Robert Browning. I (Ms Jade) remember this story as a child and has enjoyed seeing it reimagined by the children of G3B. It has a lovely moral that you should always keep your promises. The children have worked hard at learning their lines and dance moves.  We are incredibly proud of their determination to put on the best play possible and we have had a lot of fun creating it.  – Ms Jade
Last week, Grade 5A performed Shakespeare’s ‘Macbeth’. The children chose an area they wanted to work on, the costumes, the set, the music, the programme or the props. The children have learnt many skills during the project such as working in a team and how to solve problems. The children also worked hard on the delivery of their lines and developing a good stage presence. It was a fabulous performance from all the children. –Ms Kathryn
G5B performed an exciting and very fun play called The Time Machine. The play was about four school children who build a time machine and then bring back famous people from the past (Li Bai and King Henry VIII to name a few.) Each student had a specific job to do, whether it be an actor, prop maker or work on the sound effects. Each student performed their allocated role excellently and the excited audience thoroughly enjoyed the play. -Mr. Michael
Secondary Learning News
Developing our IB Learner Profile through French

Grade 8, 9 and 10 have been busy reviewing everything they have learned in French classes this year by creating a short movie. Each group produced an original short film with a script reusing the vocabulary they have learned after one year of French at NACIS.
Students showed their creativity by thinking up French-speaking characters and edited their movie with a soundtrack and special effects (risk-takers).
Through this project, the students have demonstrated their knowledge and risk taking approach to study that will allow them to develop and succeed with their IB learning. The students are definitely on the right track to achieving amazing results and as we say in French, ‘Bon travail’ which means good work!
Here are some thoughts that students have written in their reflection journal after having completed their project:
“We have learnt even more French by doing this activity, that’s why I liked doing the project. When I learnt my script it helped me to assimilate more new French words.”  Emily
“The project gave me a chance to communicate with my friend in French and to get to know him better.” Charles
“By doing this project, I really improved my French speaking skills and extended my vocabulary.” Nicole
“Although it was really interesting, it was always very challenging, my group went to Zoo Coffee in Shanghai to shoot our video. We worked hard and put our heart into it. I think we have developed my communication skills and the skill to be an independent learner.” Lydia

Extended learning activities for Secondary
Last week, students completed their final assessment week. We encourage students and families to review their academic progress handouts and reflect on past performance and future pathways. Learning is a lifelong journey and we look forward to helping our students continue to develop their learning and study skills over the coming years.

Last Friday, Secondary students took part in their annual house activities. Students came together to celebrate their individual and collective achievements. Overall, points:
1st: Serenity
2nd: Integrity 
3rd: Fortitude
4th: Honesty
Congratulations, all students can be very proud of their participation, teamwork and achievements. We look forward to next year's house events. 
This week, we move on to wrapping up the year:
Today, we have hosted a range of extended learning activities to ensure our students take a balanced approach to their academic and personal development. Physical activities included kungfu, swimming, football, basketball, tennis, music and dance.
Our senior students participated in a warm-up session for the ‘Shanghai High School Drama Festival’, which will be held in December 2017.
Our younger students were introduced to World Scholar's Club, an international team academic tournament, that will continue to be part of our ECA programme next year and is good preparation for the Model United Nations (MUN). More information can be found at scholarscup.org. Special guests included Ivymaker, a leading provider of robotics programmes. See more at www.ivymaker.com
Our Grade 6 students participated in Personal, Social and Health Education (PSHE) sessions to help them reflect on their growth this year and prepare for next year and Grade 7 participated in a session to focus on mindfulness.
Grade 8 had an introduction to the Nord Anglia Global Campus expedition to Tanzania and our senior students participated in a Creativity, Activity and Service (CAS) session in preparation for their IB future.
On Tuesday and Wednesday, students will have a revised schedule of classes to receive feedback about their final assessments and their overall academic progress for the semester and year. On Thursday, students will learn more about their transition to the next grade, and we celebrate the graduation of our Grade 9 students.
STEM education and careers
Our Biology Teacher, Ms Mandy Wang, is currently participating in the 2017 Honeywell Educators at Space Academy (HESA) at the U.S. Space & Rocket Center (USSRC) in Huntsville, Alabama. 
Ms Mandy was selected by the organisers for this action-packed professional development program designed for teachers to learn innovative techniques to educate and inspire students about STEM education and careers.

We look forward to hearing more about her experiences when Ms Mandy returns this week.

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