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2018/19 November Week 3 : Message from Sue Gu

16 November 2018

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Think Series reading journey from native language to English…
The departure of Jin Yong, the literary giant of the generation, has sparked a wave of reminiscence in the Chinese world. For a time, the attachment to the bygone era and stories has suffused every street corner. Coincidentally, there is a little Jin Yong fan in our school. In the 2017 Think Series Learner-led Conference, she showed to everyone the book of The Heaven Sword and Dragon Saber and her grow-up stories with a painting accompanied by an essay. The following is my recent interview with Eva Zhou Xiang from 5 Blossom:
Sue: How are you today?
Eva: Great. I am happy everyday.
Sue: Thank you. Your feedback is an encouragement to the teachers. Thank you for your understanding.
Eva: (smiles.)
Sue: I want to dig deeper into the thinking and significance of this painting. Would you like to share with me?
Eva: Sure.
Sue: Why did you initially want to make a painting? What is the story behind it?
Eva: Jin Yong was a writer I love, and The Heaven Sword and Dragon Saber is my favorite book. Sue: Why do you like this book?
Eva: When I read this book, I feel that the fates of the characters intertwine with my own. The stories, plots, and even missions, emotions all attract me profoundly. This book has been a motivation and reminder during my growth.
Sue: Wow! This is charming. Do you feel happy that you can have so much experience out of a book? You really have incorporated reading into your life.
Eva: (smiles again) This book is special to me.
Sue: There are two signatures on the painting. Who is the other one?
Eva: My good friend Chen Ziyin. I am not good at painting, so I invited her to paint my feelings of reading the book, so that the painting would be more visually understandable.
Sue: So you two are a pair of "Think Series " combination? Eva: Yes, we are!
Sue: Why is the "Dragon Saber" broken? What is it intended to express?
Eva: The "Dragon Saber" is a treasure that everybody wants to have, and "broken" means things are irreparable. We want to remind people that treasures should not be "broken" or otherwise they are difficult to repair.
Sue: Sounds philosophical. So you remind people to "value", right?
Eva: (smiles and nods.)
Sue: Is it the "Heaven Sword"? Why is it intact?
Eva: It is the "Heaven Sword". Like the "Dragon Saber", people fight against each other to pursue the perfect sword, but what they ignore is that the most valuable are the ties of friendship among people. It reminds people what is the most valuable.
Sue: Enlightening. Thanks to you and Ziyin for presenting us such a great reading experience. Will you keep it?
Eva: Yes, everyday I place it where I can see, as if it grows up with me.
Sue: I am sure you have more than one painting in your life. There must be many wonderful events in your life. Thank you for sharing your reading story with everyone. A little reminder, though: In the original texts of "谁与争锋(who shall compete with you)", it should be "与" rather than "于". Please be more careful next time, okay?
Eva: (smiling) Yes, thank you!
The brief conversation ended, but the kid's deep understanding of reading, profound reflection of life still lingers. The reason we encourage children, through personalized reading, to think, appreciate, share and finally put into practice is because we believe education will make the world a better place!
Our primary school's 2018 Bilingual Think Series Leaner-led Conference will be held on Monday 3rd December. We welcome you to join and interact with the children, contribute your wisdom and suggestions. On the occasion, the Mexican education team and Harvard Educators will visit and interact with students and teachers.
Special thanks to the hundreds of parents' attendance of my workshops themed From "I" to "We". Through face-to-face conversation with everybody, we have established deeper and more trusting friendship. I hope we can work together with the teachers to bring the children more encouragement and help.