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2018/19 December Week 4 : Message from Sue Gu

20 December 2018

  • 1121enews02

‘Language Out Loud’ - the second "Think Series" Learner-Led Conference

On Friday 3 December, ‘Language Out Loud’ - the second "Think Series" learner-led conference was held as scheduled at NACIS. All parents have received invitation from their children in advance, so that on the special day, they came to school to witness their children’s growth experience in daily bilingual personalized in-depth reading. The project consultant Clement Chung, the Harvard educator Therese Condit, the Mexican principal team led by the group CEO Clariond Luly, the director from Brisbane principal training center Edgar Qian along with his peers, the leader from Huacao town Chen Nan and the leadership team from other schools made a kind, in-depth and meaningful interaction with our children.

On the basis of the first learner-led conference, it has made a qualitative improvement, which is mainly reflected in the following aspects:

1. From mother language to English. The results of personalized in-depth reading between Chinese and English that are included in the daily curriculum were displayed and deepened in the learner-led conference. It aims to promote the improvement of children's overall quality in the field of bilingual learning, such as ‘deep cultivation of their mother language and proficiency in English, reading appreciation, creative expression, critical thinking skills, moral quality and civic responsibility’. G1 children shared their experience after reading the classic bilingual story books Earthworm Diary, Pumpkin Soup, Hungry Caterpillar and Guess How Much I Love You. As the reading books were selected in advance, the children have also conducted a series of explorations on the characters, literature and cultural meanings of the stories. In the sharing session, these lovely characters follow the children's perspective to reality, becoming a painting, a work of art, a clay model, or a fascinating continuation of a storybook. The best part is what the children present themselves. We are surprised to see that G1 children can switch between English and Chinese reading comprehension and expression with ease.

2. Learner-led learning journey. When we return the initiative of learning to students, we can achieve ‘having respect for everyone’ and enjoy a wonderful world of innocence. G2 students took the classic picture book The Giving Tree, which is full of the philosophy of love and combine a series of experiences such as planting, watering and fertilizing. It needed to cultivate saplings in the story with the production of "model tree" to playback the whole process of ‘planting tree’. Therefore, we see hundreds of the same or different trees from the hearts of hundreds of children, which form a lush forest through four seasons. The children finally realized that ‘to give love is more important than to ask for love’. When the melodious violin sounded, children and parents, guests were immersed in the understanding and expression of love in the world. What matters is that they say what they want to say in their own way.

3. From reading to real life. After reading the two classics Charlotte's web and The Little prince, the children of G3 have learned not only the noble friendship between the protagonists, but also the meaning and value of life. Some of the children use three-dimensional way to reproduce the scene in the book. Vivid and different shapes of red roses came to our side, telling us the little prince’s mood of watering. On the small stage and in the corner of the corridor, the children shared their unique interpretation of the text with the guests by means of interaction such as drama performance and creative presentation, for example, charlotte wrote a brilliant chapter for Wilbur with her life. G4 students combined their bilingual reading of Wednesday's War and Bridge to Terabithia to decorate the promenade as a wonderland with green vines as the main color, implying hope, vitality, integration and open-minded. We had the opportunity to wander in the green corridor, or to stop and stare for a moment, or to ask the children about the significance of the waste paper board and Lego, as well as the inspiration of the comic topic area of the whole class, and to participate in parent-child interaction in the class museum. G5 students’ reading books are very profound and meaningful. For example, Wind in the Willows, Number the Stars, Hatchet and Ender's Game, these books not only require the children to have a comprehensive understanding of world culture and history, but also to give full play to the interdisciplinary comprehensive learning and application ability. In the Mini Theatre, we can see a variety of paper puppet and hand puppet plays which were directed and created by the children. Behind the bursts of applause and laughter, creativity, collaboration, peace and warmth are gathered. A beautiful Guzheng music was created from Ender's Game to the fusion of Chinese and western music; Children who read Number the Stars baked a box of star-shaped cookies that tasted of love and shared them with peers, teachers and guests. After reading Give Peace a Chance which was derived from the Second World War, the children set up their own stage and gave bilingual music speeches with their critical thinking skills...

Without the restriction of rules and regulations, every grade corridor has become a new world for children to enjoy reading and express themselves. The school is full of childlike innocence and personality, flowing with the beauty of literature and art. Children dare to be unconstrained and focused on innovation and collaboration. Behind their free expression, is the full cooperation and contribution of Chinese and English teachers.

In the afternoon session, ECA team's students had music communication with guests from all over the world. The combination of Chinese and western classical Musical Instruments and culture was performed, and the well-known Mexican rhymes and Chinese classic Jasmine flower complemented each other. The project consultant and Harvard Educator jointly awarded Think Series medals to the representatives of students from G1 to G5. They also encouraged NACIS students to continue to carry forward their love and ideals in this journey of experience. Principals of Mexico and Harvard educator also walked into the Math class shared by G5 students and Math teacher Elva Gu, to feel the "secret" of Shanghai Math education. Guests have expressed their feelings about this trip one by one, and we will share them with you in the form of special topic video soon. At the same time, the school will further strengthen the communication and contact with global schools, so as to promote the daily cultivation of global citizens.

Thank you for coming to the school and participating in all activities to support the growth of children. Every time you come, you will promote the development of the school, teachers and students with practical actions. Let's look forward to the New Year!

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