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This week in the classroom - a fantastic Reading Week

16 April 2018

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Primary News

The Primary students have enjoyed a fantastic NACIS Reading Week. The Book Swap was a massive success and the NACIS Library has been very busy this week helping all the students to switch their books so that others can now enjoy reading them as well. Thank you to all of the students who really got into the spirit of this book exchange - some students even brought in suitcases for all of their books they wanted to swap! There have been additional activities happening all week across the school. Grade 1 has been taking part in a ‘Get Caught Reading’ challenge, and we have seen some fantastic photographs of them reading in very unusual locations, this has encouraged our young readers to talk about their books with their friends and to share about how the unusual photo was taken! Grade 2 and Grade 3 have started the ‘Red Ted’ challenge. Students should read at least three times a week. Every time they read, they will be awarded a point. The winning classes get to keep a real Red Ted trophy for the week! Grade 4 have also been ‘Caught Reading’ in some strange places, and have been doing a ‘Reading Relay’ challenge in their House Teams to see which house could complete most books over a given period of time. When they hand over the books to their team mates, they have to explain what has happened so far in the book which means not only are they practising their reading but also their communication and collaboration skills. Grade 5 enjoyed a week focusing on performance poetry, and produced some amazing performances showcasing the new skills they developed through this reading activity. They very much enjoyed sharing their performances in a special assembly on Thursday which also gave them the chance to extend their speaking and listening skills.

The week culminated with a ‘Bring Books to Life’ event on Friday. Students showed us their creativity in designing and making a variety of costumes so that they could dress up as their favourite book characters. Alongside this, students participated in bilingual ‘Think Series’ activities with their Homeroom Teachers making reading exciting in both languages. Students have demonstrated excellent collaboration skills this week working together and sharing in their love of books and reading produced. These collaborations have resulted in some very creative outcomes. This has also been a great opportunity to celebrate reading and how important it is for our students to love a range of books and texts. The Primary team would like to give a special thank you to all the parents who supported this initiative and continue to foster the love of reading at home!

Secondary News

Grade 7 Chinese Poetry-reading Contest
On April 11 Wednesday, Grade 7 students took part in a Chinese Poetry-reading Contest. Each class selected two teams of students as representatives. At the finals, participants not only needed to read a prepared ancient Chinese poem with classical music, but also needed to read a randomly selected modern poem.

Lillian and Lily from 7 Cedar as well as Mark and Gary from 7 Oak were highly recommended in this activity and their contributions were recognized as being outstanding in their class. This competition allowed students to review the ancient poems they learned in the past two years and to present them in creative and meaningful ways so that they were enjoyed by others. This activity resulted in students’ interests being heightened so that they can have a better understanding of the culture in the traditional Chinese classics.

Learning through Movement
Our PE students are coming to the end of their first unit of work in the second semester at NACIS, where they are taking part in movement composition. Grade 6 students have been focusing on developing creativity, teamwork and leadership through gymnastics where they explored shapes, balances, counter-tension, rolling and group balances. Our Grade 7 students have explored movement through trampolining where they were focusing on creativity and confidence through an open-minded approach. Students have completed their final performances where they were put into groups to develop and create their own gymnastics routine based on the previous 6 lessons of work. These routines included skills that the students have developed since the start of the semester. Groups were required to collaborate together and develop their creative thinking skills to shape and direct their end of unit performances; moving forwards students are now in the process of developing their analytical skills to evaluate their performances. The final performances highlighted how much the students had progressed over the course of the 6 weeks, but importantly it was evident how far the students have developed their social and cognitive aspects of their assessments since the start of the year. 

Grade 10 International Business Studies
With Semester two in full swing, Grade 10 students have started the simulation in groups of two. In the online simulation the students will run as a team their own coffee shop from scratch. Various business aspects come into play: thinking about the lay-out of the shop, a name, a logo and how to turn the shop into a profitable and competitive business while at the same time keeping staff motivated. Based on the lessons learned in semester one and the new topics like Human Resources and Marketing introduced in semester two, students can apply their knowledge straight away. The students will see the immediate consequences of their decisions and learn what it’s to juggle competing priorities amidst a constant influx of information. This type of action learning has more impact on students than simply listening to a lecture or engaging in a case study discussion. Another great advantage of the simulation is; it will smoothen their transition into Business Management next year. 

Grade 11 Business Management 
As semester two progresses the students of Grade 11 continue their Business Management courses with great enthusiasm. During the course students apply their acquired knowledge to their company of choice and present their findings to the class. At the moment we are finishing the last extensive unit of this Academic Year, Marketing. After finishing this unit, we will start to prepare the students for the Internal Assessment which is due December 2018.

Other News

2018 FTC (2018 First Tech Challenge) took place in Shanghai American School Puxi Campus last weekend. A team from NACIS, including 9 children from Grade 7 and 8 called ‘Mr. Robot’ took part in the competition.  It was the first time for these students to participate in such kind of formal competition, and ‘Mr. Robot’ was the youngest team as well since the competitors are mainly above Grade 9.

The first challenge was the team presentation and the team highlighted the motto ‘Be ambitious’, which was impressive. The competition lasted for two days, and was full of twists and turns. In the first two rounds, their machine moved well and the team was rewarded for this; in the following two rounds, unfortunately, their machine did not manage to move, however, they were awarded a high score thanks to the team’s outstanding collaborative performance. On the first day, the team ranked as No.7 out of the 36 teams competing. In the two rounds on the second day, unfortunately, the team did not manage to get their machine design to move and the team finally ranked as No. 20.

It was a meaningful experience; students demonstrated team work, conflict, target setting, creation, goal pursuit, facing the success and then failure. It was their first battle, and we are going to help them have a reflection and keep learning. They had their next competition in Nanjing on April 14 to 15.

MIT ‘Hack the Tube’ competition
At the end of Semester One, students in Primary participated in the MIT ‘Hack the Tube’ Challenge.

The rules were simple, take a cardboard tube and try and make it into something else!

We are thrilled to say that over 150 students participated in the challenge, with designs ranging from creative and thought provoking, to inventive and useful tools.

A team of primary staff members had the difficult challenge of deciding who was the overall winner from each grade. We are delighted to announce that the winners are:

Grade 1: Swee Ding, 1 Oak
Grade 2: Selina Zhang, 2 Oak
Grade 3: Jasmine Du, 3 Willow
Grade 4: Eric Lu, 4 Blossom
Grade 5: Ted Huang, 5 Willow

As well as congratulating our main winners, those students that participated also received a prize. This was not the easiest of challenges and students were ambitious and resilient with their creations.

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