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This week in the classroom - Critically Thinking

23 April 2018

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Primary News
The students in Grade 3 are coming to the end of their ‘Saving the World’ topic. Last week the children continued to develop their computer skills, by independently creating their own game using coding on Scratch.

Grade 3 students have been celebrating ‘Earth Day’, by discussing how we can look after our planet, writing letters about the positives and negatives of deforestation and creating drama scripts on the story of ‘Earth Day, Birthday’. The students have been linking in their ‘Think Series’ learning to their lessons, creating bilingual dramas to showcase to their class mates. They have also been discussing the impact of not looking after our planet in PSHE lessons.

Secondary News
On Tuesday and Wednesday last week, secondary students visited the Oriental Pearl Tower in Pudong as part of the build-up to our Enrichment Week project. We went with the intention of learning all about the history of Shanghai and we weren’t disappointed.

The weather was fine and bright so visibility from the top of the tower was excellent and students learned a lot about the grand buildings on the Bund. There were also some thrills to be had on the glass viewing platform, or ‘Skydeck’ at 290m above the ground. 

Next stop was the virtual reality film showing a futuristic vision of Shanghai. Again, it was very useful for our students who are currently focusing on sustainable cities as one of their Global Goals. 

Lastly, there was the excellent museum which walks visitors through hundreds of years of Shanghai history through a variety of exhibits and recreations. It was all very life-like and there were plenty of pictures to take. The only drawback was not having enough time to take it all in.

One of the highlights of the day was an excellent buffet lunch which we enjoyed before getting back on the coach. It only remains to say a big thank you to the Pearl Tower staff for giving us such a great visit and to you, the parents, for your support in providing this exciting learning opportunity.

The students will use the knowledge from this trip to help then shape their ideas and contributions to the upcoming enrichment week in May. Learning like this, outside of the classroom, is a valuable experience for students as their own perceptions and ideas can be influenced by other stimulus and they can engage in discussions with others from outside their class, therefore, increasing their learning capacity.

High School News

G10 Chemistry
G10 students are learning bonding and structure recently. They will explore the structure of the pure substance from the point of the interaction of atoms and molecules. 3D presentation and building the molecule mode by themselves helps a lot when understanding the covalent bond and structures of the molecules. The key and difficult points of this chapter are judge the bonds type and write the lewis structure of the molecules, then explain the properties of the substance. This topic requires a strong analysis and thinking ability.

G10 Physics
Grade 10 Physics have been completing the topics electricity, magnetism and forces and carrying out and writing up a full scientific report in order to contribute towards their end of term NACIS grade. Meanwhile, students use Newton’s Law and knowledge of forces in equilibrium to explore our really life model. For example, Elevator model, inclined plane model, determination of mass using balanced forces.  After class, students are encouraged to research relevant materials such as Aristotle and Newton, and think about what think students in 50, 100, or even a 1000 years will make of the physics of our century.

G11 Chemistry
Grade 11 students are learning topic 8 –acids and base recently. The characteristics and properties of acids and bases in chemistry are summarized by their structure and impression in daily life. Students should have an intuitive understanding of the strength and concentration of acids and bases through a series of experiments, like acid-base indicators, pH test paper and instruments including pH meters. The fully understanding of equilibrium will help to master the key points of this semester.

NACIS Sports Events

First Official Match for the NACIS U11
Wednesday afternoon saw the first official match for the NACIS under 11 football team, and what a great first game it was! Up against tough opposition, Ebbe Sand – made up of international players – the NACIS team all worked together as a team with many of them playing their first game of football. NACIS took the lead thanks to a precise finish from Grade 4 Elm striker Miles Zhang after an excellent run from Grade 4 Oak midfielder Jayden Coan. Jayden then added a second goal for the team after a brilliant through ball from Grade 5 Elm’s Leo Wu. A heroic defensive performance from Grade 4 Elm defender Haley Wu earned him the Most Valuable Player award. After meeting all three of our star targets during the game, Grade 5 Willow’s Tom Zhou was awarded the Star Performer.

NACIS U11 Football Tournament
Saturday 14 April saw our first NACIS U11 football tournament held at SUISHQ. The tournament saw us take part in four games, the first game was against the eventual winners SUISHQ, a battling display and some heroic defending allowed us a 1-0 win with the goal coming from Jayden Coan (4 Oak). Our second game, we were unable to find the goal to breakdown a very resilient WACZ team and drew 0-0, with four points from our first three games we came up against a very tough FDIS team. After a hard-fought game with lots of chances we eventually found the goal with a 1-0 win thanks to a goal fom Michael Li (5 Elm). Moving into our fourth game, we needed to win or draw to advance to the semi-final the boys were very unfortunate to lose 1-0 to a very SUISPD team.

Star Criteria
- Show encourage to team-mates
- Play with a smile
- Be respectful to team-mates, opponents and referees.

  • Miles Zhang (4 Elm) Star Player
  • Jayden Coan (4 Elm) MVP

Well done to all of the boys who took part, they represented NACIS extremely well and tried their best throughout the tournament. A special mention to Jayden Coan (4 Oak) who’s creativity, flair and energy saw him selected as tournament MVP, voted for by competition coaches, as well as winning our NACIS MVP award, well done Jayden! 

NACIS 3 – 4 Ebbe Sand Soccer Academy
Our first NACIS U13 football game saw us compete against a very talented ESSA side, after a slow start we found ourselves 0-3 down. Hard-work and resilience saw NACIS come back in to the game, after missing several good opportunities Ryan Wang eventually got us back into the game with a composed finished after a creative run from Bruce Chai. At half-time against a strong wind NACIS found ourselves losing 1-4, the key focus on the second-half was defensive discipline, and shooting on target. The team performed extremely well in the second-half, Bruce Chai getting a goal back with a smart finish and shortly after William Bu dribbled through the ESSA defense and fired in from close range. With the score at 3-4 NACIS tried to find an equalizer but ESSA defended extremely well throughout and eventually saw out the game.

An excellent second-half display from the team, with more composed finishing and game experience will be beneficial for the team.

MVP went to Sean Shu, after many good saves in his first ever game as a goalkeeper, well done Sean!

NACIS U13 First Basketball Games
Sunday 15 April our NACIS U13 had their first competitive basketball games, where we travelled to SHSID to play two games against SHSID and SUISJK. We came out on top in our first game, against tough competition from SHSID winning 24-19, with a particular focus on our zonal defense the team showed excellent discipline and maturity in the victory, Joe Ni winning our MVP award. Our second game, we focused more on our attacking creativity that saw us win 41-15 against SUISJK. After a slow start we eventually found our attacking rhythm and came out comfortable winners, MVP award going to Oscar Hong.

The Establishment of Huilin Workshop
In March, seeking higher teaching quality and further professional development, NACIS Chinese teachers and teaching assistants gathered together to establish ‘Huilin Workshop’. In the workshop, we work hard to enhance the teaching quality and try to find effective teaching methods. We get contact with the top teachers to feel the charm of Chinese teaching. We reflect on our daily work and continuously implement the promotion of mother tongue culture.

In April, we were delighted to welcome Mr. Xu Qiang, one of the top Chinese teachers in Shanghai who has shown continuous enthusiasm in poetry. He addressed a speech on Du Fu’s poetry. In his speech, he talked about Du Fu’s lifetime, his master works of different periods, as well as the social background. He ended his speech with his impressive poetry reading. We were all enchanted. We will never forget this fruitful experience.

Now we are determined to spend more time broadening our horizon and enriching our teaching contents. We firmly believe that the more knowledge we store in our minds, the more confident we are in our classes. Hope we can have more such rewarding opportunities.

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