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This week in the classroom - Learn in many different ways

21 May 2018

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Primary News

Taking Learning outside of the classroom during our Primary Spring outings

Grade 1
At part of the Thematic topic ‘I’m Alive’ the children have learned about different animals are their habitats – and why they live in particular habitats.

During our recent visit to the zoo, Grade One children saw a variety of different animals and learned more about their particular habitat and why they live in these habitats.
Some of the Grade 1 children said:

“I loved feeding the ducks, we gave them bread and they came really close to us.” – Hannah Han,  1 Cedar

“My favourite part was the giraffe because I like tall animals” - Yao Yao Lin, 1 Willow

“I most enjoyed looking at the two parrots fighting with each other. It was very funny.” – Heather Han, 1 Beech

“I went to the zoo with 1 Oak class and I saw a tiger roaring at my friend. There were two green corcodiles swimming in the lake. I had a wonderful time at the zoo.” - Elizabeth Lu, 1 Oak

“I like seeing the tiger because it is very cool. It was one of the best days since I came to Grade 1”. - Eason Shi, 1 Blossom

“My favourite part was going on the safari bus and seeing the flamingos and the big, brown bears.” - Ethan Shao, 1 Yew

“My favourite part was looking at the tiger. I liked the baby tiger because it looks very cute”. – Skyler Chen,  1 Elm

“The birds were very pretty. They were flying around and making some funny noises. It was a brilliant day because I got to see different types of birds.” – Amy Wang, 1 Sycamore

And many other students expressed their interest in different kinds of animals such as Alilurus fulgens, flamingos and leopards.

Grade 2
Grade 2 visited the Ocean World Aquarium in Changfeng Park. We arrived to find a beautiful, sunny day in the park and enjoyed a walk past a lovely lake and some spring flowers to the Beluga Whale Theatre! We found our seats and watched in delight whilst the whales performed many clever tricks. We ate our lunch in the park and enjoyed the sunshine. Finally, we toured around the Aquarium and saw many interesting species of fish. It was an excellent opportunity to see some sea creatures we had learned about during our ‘Land, Sea & Sky’ thematic topic.

“In the spring outing, I got to know more about marine animals as well as their living habits. I got more curious about the ocean. Staying together with my classmates gave me bravery when seeing sharks. I really enjoyed this trip.” – Lily Ding, 2 Beech

“We went to the ocean world, which helped deepen the study of the topic ‘Land, Sea & Sky’. I saw different kinds of fishes and the lovely penguins. I gained a lot during this trip.” - Elaine lv, 2 Yew

“I was moved by the performance of the beluga whale! Also, we had the opportunity to see a kind of piranha – dragon fish. I hope I will go there again to find more interesting animals.” – Felicia Fang, 2 Elm

Grade 3
Grade 3 visited Shanghai’s Botanical Gardens. This has furthered our learning journey linked to our topic of ‘Saving the World’. The students had the opportunity to look at a variety of plants and vegetation, comparing to our learning of the different layers and species found in the rainforests around the world. We discussed the differences between the range of flora and fauna found in the Botanical Gardens. We also saw how the gardens were able to recycle materials and create beautiful sculptures!

Luckily, it was a beautiful day and the students enjoyed working and exploring with their grade!

Grade 4
To celebrate the Exit Point of our thematic topic, Grade 4 went on their Spring Tour to Zotter Chocolate Factory. It was a beautiful, sunny day and the students were in great spirits on the bus journey. On our arrival, we were taken into the cinema where we watched an introductory video. This explained the history of the company, the whole chocolate making process and where they source their cocoa beans from. Students learned about Fairtrade and the ‘Bean to Bar’ initiative.

Following this, students moved on to the most exciting part of the day……tasting the chocolate! There were over 150 different flavours to choose from and many of the children managed to sample quite a few of them! Each class took the opportunity to create their own chocolate bar that was divided and then distributed to take home. We also managed to take advantage of the fabulous weather by sitting outside to eat lunch together.

“I really enjoyed the chocolate taps where you could pour lots of different types of chocolate onto your spoon and eat! We also watched a movie which explained how chocolate is made, about cocoa beans and where they come from.” - Tim Zhang, 4 Elm

“The chocolate factory is a wonderful, exciting place with many different varieties of chocolate. I got to taste many flavours, some were bitter some were sweet. I enjoyed learning about the steps in making chocolate.” - Asland Cai, 4 Oak

Secondary News

Last week was bursting with creativity and challenge for our secondary students for our Enrichment Week Shanghai History project. Students had prepared themselves well and were raring to get started. 

A series of skills workshops and talks by experts at the beginning of the week enabled students to follow different lines of historical and creative enquiry; then later in the week they got busy designing and creating their exhibitions.

Student House group leaders showed wonderful leadership skills in guiding and supporting their House members to put together marvelous exhibitions which really showcased all the extended learning skills of which we are so proud at NACIS.

Creativity, Risk-taking, Resilience, Determination, Communication, Internationalism, Collaboration and Enquiry were all evident in the students’ final presentations to judges and parents, and the results were of an extremely high standard.

A panel of judges from the Communications, Media and Design industries, together with our very own Mr Nick West, incoming International Principal of NACIS, were given the difficult task of selecting the best House. All the students involved deserve credit for their efforts. Congratulations to Fortitude House for coming first overall! This was a truly memorable and hugely positive learning experience for all.

High School News

Secondary Enrichment – CAS Scholarships
It is with great pleasure that we announce the recipients of NACIS CAS Scholarships for 2018.

The scholarships were awarded to the following students in recognition of their meaningful engagement and contribution to Secondary Enrichment activities:

Gold Award

  • Yang Xinyi Ashley (Grade 11)
  • Shin Jung Hyun Justin (Grade 10)
  • Ding Qiqun Emily (Grade 10)

Silver Award

  • Wu Xunpu Martin (Grade 10)
  • Zhu Ziqi Chris (Grade 10)
  • Liu Kai Jack (Grade 10)

Bronze Award

  • Liu Siqi Elsa (Grade 10)

In addition, in recognition of exceptional performance, the following students have been endorsed by the school to work towards their Duke Of Edinburgh International Award, the world’s leading youth achievement award:

  • Yang Xinyi Ashley (Grade 11)
  • Shin Jung Hyun Justin (Grade 10)
  • Ding Qiqun Emily (Grade 10)

The goal of all programmes is to develop internationally-minded people who recognize their common humanity, who take responsibility for their actions, and who strive to make the most of all the opportunities that are presented to them.

Through their actions, these students have demonstrated all attributes of the IB Learner Profile and represent what it means to be a NACIS student.

Other News

The Grade 9 Physics and Chemistry Practical Test
On Wednesday 16 May, Grade 9 students took the physics and chemistry practical test. The test aims to nurture and further develop students’ practical skills so that they can discover the fun of experiments. We were glad to see students reading and thinking about the questions while conducting the experiment. They answered the questions raised by teachers with confidence.

Physics and chemistry are both experiment-based subjects which are important ways for students to obtain evidenced knowledge. Through this test, students experienced a deeper understanding of both subjects while training their practical abilities. We firmly believe that these students will continue to utilize the study methodologies they obtained during their secondary years and thus forming a solid foundation for their future studies.

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