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This week in the classroom - Grade 5 Learning & Secondary House Sports Competitions

11 June 2018

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Primary News

Grade 5 Learning

Grade 5 students have experienced an excellent range of Reading, Writing, Speaking and Listening activities over the last few months. After our parents meetings, the whole grade embarked on writing a description of a setting, which was based around a sinister looking picture. It was excellent to see the vocabulary development of all the students and how they were able to communicate their ideas even more clearly. Following this piece, we then began some instruction writing. Parents and children both collaborated on this piece to cook some tasty meals at home. Then, using this knowledge, the children had to think about how to develop these experiences into a final piece of writing. The results were fantastic! Now, the students are just beginning a unit on playwriting. They will have to be open-minded in order to create a storyline which is full of interesting characters and exciting events!

The Grade 5 assessment week has come. Students are now experiencing the happiness of Chinese learning in a variety of ways.

The integration of classic texts and playwriting. After studying and understanding the adapted excerpts of Slave Hero and Poor, students were asked to write bilingual script and prepare for the performance. Their imagination was put into full use while thinking of different elements – the poster design, the background music and editing, the props production and the character image-shaping.

The integration of literature appreciation and individualized expression. Students tried to get into the setting, to get a further knowledge of the noble and tender-hearted Lu Fangweng while trying to understand the change and growth of Tu He, a character in Cao Wenxuan’s Straw House. They expressed their understanding in characters from different eras in their own way.

The integration of beautiful melody and affectionate reading. Students, individually or in group, selected their favourite literature works and read aloud with the music. Some students chose the music they like while some students played the music themselves. They expressed their deep emotion and understanding through their affectionate reading. Their emotion got sublimated.

The multi-element subject activities aroused students’ awareness of team spirit while promoting the integration of multiple subjects. Students’ moral qualities and citizen responsibilities got clarified while their Chinese learning was developed.

Secondary News

Secondary Sports Day
So it rained….a lot!! Nevertheless, we still managed some of our NACIS Sports Day team events.

The morning started with a highly competitive Grade 7 Handball Competition, with all houses performing at such a high level there was not much to separate the Houses apart from some clinical goal-scoring, brave goalkeeping and high tempo action saw Honesty beat Fortitude in the final as the game went in to over-time. It was a ferocious affair played with excellent spirit and respect from the girls and showed how much they have progressed over this academic year, well done to all involved and congratulations to Honesty.

After break-time, our Grade 6 students took part in their team events, with the boys taking part in Basketball and the Girls participating in floorball. Once again, the competition was competitive but more importantly was played in good spirits and each student played their part for their house, the results of this will be revealed later on!

After lunch, we had our showcase event, which was our Grade 7-11 basketball, over 150 students spectated this event. The sports hall was loud, and the basketball quality was highly competitive with all games being extremely close. It saw an excellent team display from Integrity allowed them to come out on top as victorious. It was a great event that was played with a high level of sportsmanship that we expect from our students.

We now look forward to June 15 and hope that the rain stays away where we will have our Track and Field events, as well as our Grade 6-8 football and Grade 8-11 Ultimate Frisbee events.

Other News

NACIS Mr. Robot robotic team will represent Shanghai to participate in FGC National CAST finalist

The NACIS Robotic Club was founded by 9 students - Matthew Liu, Johnson Liu,  William Chu, Daniel Li, Malvin Ma, Mark Chen, Yuki Zhou, Action Yan and Ian Pan -  in the second half 2017 during their study in ivy·maker. This spring, they formed FIRST Tech Challenge(FTC)7201 Mr. Robot team and decided to participate in the 2018 FTC. They have won the Second Place Grand Award in their first competition in Shanghai American School, and in the ensuing tournament, such as FTC Shanghai regional and Nanjing regional competitions, they all performed well above the standard. Given their outstanding record, Mr. Robot team was invited by FIRST Global Challenge China Committee to advance their journey in 2018 FGC China game.

Before the game, all the team members have undertaken good preparation. With the support of teachers in the NACIS ECA department and with the guidance of Ivy Maker coaches, they carefully prepared and trained hard. Despite the heavy homework load from school, they stayed up late and conquered a number of technical problems. During this period, the school leaders, the grade department and the parents also gave them tremendous support. In the end, Johnson Liu, William Chu, Daniel Li, Malvin Ma, Mark Chen, and Yuki Zhou structured a new 1005 Mr. Robot team to participate the competition representing Nord Anglia Chinese International School Shanghai.

On June 1-3, 2018, the FIRST China Finals & WARC FGC(FIRST Global Challenge) Regional was held in the Suzhou Science & Technology Town Sports Center. In this competition, there were nearly 300 teams from all over China, and around 2500 people have attended the game. Among them, there were No.11 Beijing School, The High School Affiliated to Beijing Normal University, The High School Affiliated to Renmin University of China, Hangzhou No.2 High School, Chengdu No.7 High School, and Hefei No.8 Senior High School, as well as some international teams from Russia and other regions.

Mr. Robot was the youngest team among all the contestants, but they fought hard and didn't show any fear at all. With perfect collaboration and a solid grasp of technology, they came to the fore among more than 30 teams, with the highest Cumulative Points, they won the ticket to the final round and finally won Connect Award Winner and Finalist Alliance Captain. According to the latest news, Mr. Robot will be the only team representing Shanghai City to compete in the FGC National CAST(China Association of Science and Technology) final in Guizhou in July.

This is not only the reward for the hard work of the Mr Robot team, but also an encouragement to the innovation of science and technology for NACIS. Here, we would like to extend our warmest congratulations to all the winning players and the Ivy maker coach team and we look forward to the brilliant achievements in the next match!
What is FIRST Global Challenge? 
The FIRST Global mission is to inspire science and technology leadership and innovation in young people from all nations in order to increase understanding, instill the importance of cooperation, address the world’s most pressing issues, and improve quality of life for all. This mission is accomplished through the FIRST Global Challenge, which culminates with an international robotics game that will rotate among different nations each year. By showing the youth of the world that if they communicate, cooperate, and work together using the tools of science and engineering to find solutions to the world’s grand challenges – water, energy, security, medicine, food, and education – they will be able to accomplish great things and become part of a truly global community.

What did FGC bring to the students?
This year’s robotics challenge reflected how we need to cooperate as a global society to solve the water crisis. Teams representing over 140 different countries will be organized into two (2) competing alliances, hydrogen and oxygen, each alliance composed of three (3) national teams that rearrange into different alliances each match. These alliances are tasked with transforming a polluted river into a clean water source while storing as much water as possible. As the teams prepare for the end of the game, they get out of the path of the flooding river by seeking higher ground.

Solving this global water issue will need much more than the best engineering minds of our era. It will require a whole new generation of tech savvy future STEM leaders who will demand a global response to the issue of water security. These students are doing much more than competing in a robotics game – they are learning that these challenges will only be defeated when people realize we are all on the same team, and that with technology, we can accomplish things we can only imagine by communicating, cooperating, and working together to apply technology as a tool for positive change in the world.

The Impact of FIRST Programmes
In 2017, 3500 global sponsors, including more than 200 Fortune 500 sponsors, such as Boeing, Google, IBM, GM, Qualcomm and NASA. They were actively recruiting the talents from the list of FIRST contestants, and the general application form of many schools in the United States would require an indication of whether the applicant had participated in the FIRST programmes.

In 2017, more than 100 world world-famous universities, such as MIT, Yale University, Columbia University, University of Toronto, Canada, etc., provided more than $50 million scholarships for the FIRST Challenge.

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