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Primary and Secondary Recent Activities

04 June 2018

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Primary News

Primary Sports Meeting
Last Friday, on Children’s Day, the annual primary sports meeting took place.

It was sunny and the air was fresh. Different sports equipment was laid out on the sports pitch. Everything was ready! At 8:45, the sports meeting began. Grade one students were the first to compete. Students’ families came to school to celebrate the special Children’s Sports Day. Students were divided into their Houses, waiting for their competition events to begin.

With the instruction of the PE teacher, the first event began. Students competed hard to cross the hurdles and dash towards the finish line so as to earn more points for their houses!

When the upper grades arrived, the competition became more exciting and fierce.  Teachers also put on their kits and participated in fun events such as beanbag relay and the egg and spoon race. Their performance won laughter and warm applause.

The primary sports meeting was a great success. Students celebrated Children’s day in an unforgettable way. 

The current House points stand as follows:

Integrity – 420; Honesty – 420; Fortitude - 401; Serenity - 391

Playing with Maths - Maths Learner-led activities
On Children’s Day, the primary ‘Playing with Maths-Maths Learner-led activities’ took place. In every corner of school, we could see children’s learning achievements as well as their engagement to learning. Grade 1 & 2 students integrated what they learned with other subjects such as Chinese, Art and thematic learning. Grade 3 students designed their own activities, sharing their learning experience in the past year. Grade 4 & 5 students expressed their understanding in maths in the forms of videos, PPTs and display. Besides this, they brainstormed in various puzzle challenges. Some parents were also curious to join in their discussions.

The primary maths department will continue to integrate maths with other subjects so as to enhance students’ ability to solve problems comprehensively and creatively. Meanwhile, the primary maths curriculum will continue to expand so that students can discover the interest and attraction of maths while having fun.

Secondary News

Grade 8 Chinese Dubbing Competition
Last week, Grade 8 students took part in a Chinese dubbing contest. Through selection in each form, three teams stood out to represent their class in the final competition.

At the finals, students not only need to prepare their own dubbing movie clips, but were also asked to randomly choose and dub the different styles of movie clips prepared by their Chinese teachers.

Let’s congratulate Wendy & Elvina from 8 Beech and Scarlett & Jerry from 8 Yew who won the first prize. This dubbing contest was a good way to exercise students' Chinese literacy, reveal their talent for Chinese and enrich their study in NACIS. What’s more, it helped to develop students’ innovative ability and expressive ability.

The winners are:

  • First Prize: 8 Beech Wendy & Elvina, 8 Yew Jerry & Scarlett
  • Second Prize: 8 Beech Cici & Flora, 8 Yew Caleb
  • Third Prize: 8 Beech Joseph & William, 8 Yew Lucas & Henry

‘Meet a Fragmented Life’ - Essay Contest Award’s Ceremony

On the afternoon of June 1, 2018, the Award Ceremony of NACIS Secondary School ‘Meet a Fragmented Life’ essay contest took place in the gym. The hosts, Garry from Grade 9 and Dora from Grade 7, introduced the award process and prize categories, and then Ms. Jenny, Ms. Mastiana and Ms. Rebecca, our presenters, presented certificates to the winners of G6 - G11.

Please join us in congratulating the winners:

1. Grade 6 & 7


  • 6 Beech Loretta
  • 7 Cedar Sean
  • 7 Cedar Lillian


  • 6 Beech Daniel
  • 6 Yew Isabella
  • 6 Cedar Apple
  • 6 Blossom Andy
  • 7 Sycamore Nicole
  • 7 Elm Richard
  • 7 Elm Vicky
  • 7 Oak Joline


  • 6 Yew Sisi
  • 6 sycanore Julia
  • 6 Sycanore Cindy
  • 6 Oak Jackie
  • 6 Oak Jack
  • 6 Willow Alice
  • 6 Blossom Cecelia
  • 6 Elm Carol
  • 6 Elm Dakota
  • 7 Oak Augustine
  • 7 Sycamore Mario
  • 7 Beech Tina
  • 7 Willow Joy
  • 7 Willow Wendy
  • 7 Beech Dora

2. Grade 8 & 9


  • 8 Beech Tia 
  • 8 Yew Sally


  • 8 Yew Canson
  • 8 Beech Alice
  • 9 Cedar Lucy


  • 8 Beech Joe 
  • 8 Yew Jenny
  • 9 Cedar Greena
  • 9 Cedar Vivian

3. Grade 10 & 11


  • G10 Emily
  • G10 Michelle


  • G10 Candy
  • G10 Lydia


  • G10 Stella
  • G11 Frank
  • G11 Rebecca

Through this contest, students acquired a deeper understanding of ‘Fragmented Life’, and they have become more aware of the importance of treasuring their time. The teachers and students shared the joy of achievement. All students were also inspired to do their best in the future.

Visual Arts Exhibition
Last Wednesday, Visual Arts Students were excited to host their first exhibition and have the opportunity to share their hard work and creative achievements with parents, teachers and fellow peers. We were delighted to invite Joanna Hoctor (Head of Art) as our special guest, alongside her new baby boy, Hugo, to cut the ribbon and open up the gallery to visitors. Candy, Nicole, Lydia, Vivian, Renatus, Michelle and Lucy showed pride and respect as they explained the meaning behind their work to the curious eyes of spectators. Each student displayed a body of work which they have been developing since the beginning of the year. They have all been on a huge journey of self-realization; becoming familiar with the (at times overwhelming) freedom and independence of Visual Arts. 

Other News

NACIS Summer Showcase
What talent we have at NACIS! On Wednesday 30 May, nearly 200 NACIS students performed in the first ever ‘NACIS Summer Showcase’. On this incredible evening, students showed their talent and professionalism across a range of performing arts disciplines. Opening the show, the NACIS Orchestra sounded epic, playing pieces by Dukas and Rimsky-Korsakov and this was followed by our junior choir of Grade 1 and 2 students, singing Red River Valley, a beautiful Canadian folk song.

Spread through the evening, were performances by members of the ‘Actor Training ECA’, who delivered excerpts from Willy Russell’s play ‘Blood Brothers’. Jessie Zhu and Dora Ye both danced with grace and precision, whilst our Junior Orchestra both looked, and sounded wonderful, playing pieces by Offenbach and Pachelbel. Our Senior Choir, with singers in Grade 3 and above, sang an Irish Folk Song called ‘Danny Boy’ which sent tingles down the spines of the audience.

Ooos and Ahhhs were heard from the audience as our junior cellists and violinists took to the stage in their beautiful gowns and smart suits. Their musical pieces beautifully performed to match their enthusiasm and grace.

Finally, our Jazz Band closed the show with much hand clapping, playing ‘Fly Me to the Moon’, ‘Satin Doll’ and ‘St Thomas’. All of these acts were ably assisted by the backstage crew, who set up the stage, ensured acts were ready side stage and ensured the show ran smoothly.

An amazing effort from our students and one that the performing arts department is extremely proud of! Thank you to all the parents who joined us on the night, we look forward to inviting you to our next event soon.
Minhang District Education Supervision Office Held a Seminar at NACIS

To help the development of private schools and to meet people’s demands of education, on the afternoon of May 29, 2018, Minhang District Education Supervision Office held a seminar at Nord Anglia Chinese International School Shanghai. Experts in basic education and private education, estimation experts in municipal education supervision and private education supervisors were invited to the seminar. The seminar was hosted by Supervisor Chen Huihong from Supervision Office. Mr. Wu Jinyu, Principal of Minhang Foreign Language School Affiliated to SISU, Ms. Sue Gu, Head of Primary of NACIS and Mr. Nick West, incoming International Principal of NACIS delivered wonderful speeches, hoping that private school can be given more space to develop themselves as well as their characteristics. Mr. Nick, as a Royal Superintendent, appreciated the seminar and showed expectation towards the standardization and normalization of education supervision. This seminar helped optimize the supervision standard which aims to promote the running of private schools.

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