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Final event professionally presented – The 2018 Year-end Final of NACIS Community Golf Team ended perfectly

10 January 2019

  • golf1

On 6 January 2019, at the beginning of the new year, NACIS Community Golf Team's 2018 Year-end Final was staged at the Shanghai Silport Golf Club. There were 33 players in the tournament, the largest number of participants in the history, including 20 in the primary division and 13 in the junior high division. The players competed from two different tee boxes. Kevin Xu from 5 Sycamore and Ronald Zheng from 7 Oak won the championship in their respective division. The "Nord" team in red once again defeated the "Anglia" team in blue by 7 strokes. The event was co-hosted by professional sports companies. A grand tee-off ceremony was held before the competition, and an excellent award ceremony was held after the game. Principal Nick and his wife Sharon were invited to attend the event, and he gave the audience a wonderful keynote speech.  
Excellent performance, beat yourself
The Year-end Final was organized according to the standard of the professional golf events, and the players with excellent monthly results were selected for the tournament. In the competition, a 9-hole individual stroke match was held, with the top three chosen in the individual awards and the winning team determined by the less total strokes of the top 10 players in each team. In the meantime, the Birdie Awards, the Eagle Award, and the Closest Pin Awards were established. In addition, the top 3 individual awards for the annual performance were determined by the total accumulated points out of the four games held this semester.
The venue of the event – Shanghai Silport Golf Course is located next to the beautiful Dian Shan Lake. The course environment is pleasant and the facilities are sophisticated. There are totally 36 holes in the course. The fairway is relatively wide and the water hazard is relatively small. However, there are many bunkers in the golf course. And the difficult green bunkers set the first challenge for the junior players. In addition, the most challenging task for them is the fast green with a speed of 9.5 and its big slope.
After 3 hours of fierce competition, Kevin Xu from 5 Sycamore won the champion title of the primary division, with 45 strokes, Jiale Wu from 5 Oak and Beta Xue from 3 Yew, ranked No. 2 with 45 strokes, and No. 3 with 47 strokes respectively. While in the junior high division, Ronald Zheng from 7 Oak won the championship with 42 strokes, Wiley Hang from 8 Elm and Skywalker Ren from 6 Yew, ranked No. 2 with 44 strokes and No. 3 with 46 strokes respectively. Jiale Wu, Beta Xue and Jayden Ye from 5 Oak won the best birdie awards by catching a birdie each.  Skywalker Ren and Johnny Li from 7 Blossom won the Closest Pin awards. Amanda Hu from 2 Elm won the title of Putting Queen with a total of 15 putts.
In addition, the individual awards for the annual performance were determined by the total accumulated points out of the four games held this semester. In the primary division, Jiale Wu won the championship, Kevin Xu won the runner-up, and Eric Zhang from 3 Oak won the second runner-up. In the junior high division, Ronald Zheng won the championship, Wiley Hang won the runner-up, and Bruce Cai from 7 Yew won the second runner-up.
Golf is a very elegant sport and the etiquette is very critical to the success of players. The best etiquette awards were granted to 3 players: Henry Wang from 5 Oak, Grace Dou from 8 Sycamore and Wiley Hang.  The best progress awards were granted to Eric Zhang, Bruce Cai and Joanna Zhao from 5 Willow. At the same time, 2 best appearance awards and 20 future star awards were presented to encourage players to continue to work hard, beat themselves, and become future stars.
Professional organization, professional competition
This tournament, regardless of the event process, site layout and award ceremony, was professionally organized. The tee-off ceremony was the highlight: There was red carpet laying on the ground, with the 33 big road banners, on which the swinging photos of the junior players were printed, flying on both sides of the road. Dressed in united team uniforms and hand with a NACIS blue balloon, the players walked the red carpet one by one, under the guidance of the hosted introduction. They enjoyed the cool experience like a super star!
After taking group photos with Principal Nick, the players released the balloons together. Numerous NACIS blue balloons slowly rose to the sky with the laughter of the kids. They took the children’s golf dreams to fly higher and higher..... Ronald Zheng, the captain of the “Nord” team, and Wiley Hang, the captain of the "Anglia" team, accompanied with Principal Nick and two other guests to the waterfront and then shot the tee-off golf balls. Five golf balls drew four blue arcs and a pink arc in the air, and then jumped into the water, bringing several beautiful colors and a peaceful atmosphere to the bleak winter course.
Mysterious guests showed up
After the game, the players tasted the delicious afternoon tea, participated in the fun putting games, and then attended the grand award ceremony. Principal Nick delivered a wonderful keynote speech, in which he told the audience his golf story, and encouraged the kids to carry forward the golf spirit, and to calmly face the ups and downs in their future life. The organize committee also invited a mysterious guest to deliver a special speech. Not only is he an accomplished amateur golfer, but also he is the father of a NACIS student, as well as one of the key organizers behind-the-scenes for NACIS community golf team. He very much agrees with Principal Nick's viewpoint: Golf and life are very similar. Life is full of joys and sorrows, golf will teach us how to effectively manage all kinds of emotions, and this sport could accompany these ambitious kids all their life.
Successfully wrapped up, look forward to the future
In the photo slideshow of the highlight moments in the tournament accompanied by the high-pitched music, in the joy from the kids’ winning trophies through lots of hard practice in the past one year, under the parents’ moistened eyes watching the touching video clips, the award ceremony was successfully wrapped up. The new golf season is waiting for the young players. All the match points will be reset to zero. We are looking forward to seeing the brilliant performance of these junior players in the near future! Be ambitious!