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What Makes a Champion of the English Speech Contest?

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As an old Chinese saying goes, ten minutes on stage, ten years of practice. How many efforts have our students made to deliver a ten-minute speech with great confidence? 
We have interviewed some top students in the English speech contest as well as their parents and teachers to find out what makes them so excellent.

Q1 Where did your interest in English come from?
Action: When I was preparing for a test, I was delighted to find out that I could recite 2000 words within 11 days. This made me make up my mind to become a good English learner.

Lillian: When I was in Grade one, I met my first English teacher, who inspired me a lot. From then on, I fell in love with English.

Q2 Why did you choose English Speech?
Lillian: After participating in several English debate contests at school, I was encouraged by my teacher to jump out of my comfort zone and try to deliver personal speeches. By taking part in activities such as NSDA speech contest, I gradually developed my passion for public speaking.

Action: In the contests, I met many outstanding participants. The virtuous competitions aroused my great interest in personal speech. 

Q3 What special feeling do you have on such a good result?
Elaine: I was quite nervous when I first signed up for the contest. It was not easy for me to stand out from the outstanding competitors. So, I made careful preparation and practiced over and over again. In the second round, I chose “environmental protection” as my topic. Unexpectedly, it was that speech that made me enter the final and finish second place in the contest. As I stood on the stage frequently, my English capacity got enhanced. What’s more, I became more confident.

Q4 Besides English, what other hobbies do you have?
Action: I am keen on football. NACIS has provided me with opportunities to participate in various tournaments, in which I met many like-minded teammates and gained precious experience. Now I know how to develop my hobbies.

Lillian:I am a cello lover. NACIS also gives me a lot of chances to give full play to my talent. In the Juilliard summer program, I was enabled to perform on stage with four other students. In the NAE Art Festival, students from Nord Anglia schools all over the world gathered together to exchange their understandings in music, which was really a great brainstorm experience.

Q5 In NACIS secondary school, what are you most proud of?
Action:My relationship with teachers. Every teacher has his/her shining points. After class, we have adequate time to communicate with them, just like friends.

Lillian: NACIS enables me to study independently. At school, I can feel that my teachers trust me. They believe that I can know my disadvantages and find solutions on my own. But this does not mean that they don’t care about me. Instead, whenever I have a problem and need help, the teachers are always there.

Then how do our teachers help students?
Let’s listen to David, the instructor of this English speech contest.

Q1 How do you help students improve their English-speaking skills?
David: we keep practicing during daily life. We offer our students abundant opportunities to practice in and out of class, such as making a debate or speech. When we find individual problems, we will give them one-on-one tutoring and rehearsals, including speech content, rhythm, body language and so on.

As a bilingual school, our English learning department also cooperates with Chinese learning department to hold bilingual debates, so as to deepen Chinese culture and develop international perspectives.

Q2 In preparation for the contest, will you help students manage everything?
David: No, they are required to choose their own topics of interest and prepare independently.

We use English to actively explore each student's interested field instead of simply learning English.

Q3 What is the importance of such contests?
David: In addition to the improvement of English speech-making skills, students can build confidence by participating in such contests. It takes a lot of courage to stand in front of a full audience and make a speech!

We also encourage students to challenge themselves on more stages, such as MUN, NSDA speech contest and so on. We hope our students not only learn English, but also explore more possibilities!

From parents of award-winning students

Lillian’s parents:
NACIS has built a good platform for children. In daily life, there are various kinds of activities on campus to provide students with opportunities for exercise and room for trial and error. When standing on a bigger stage outside the school, they will show themselves confidently.

Dora’s parents:
Back in the sixth grade, when Dora just started to learn public speaking, she participated in the NSDA national public speaking competition and won the ninth place in the country. At that time, she was still a little nervous and unconfident. However, NACIS helped her build confidence. She won the second place in this completion, which is inseparable from the cultivation of NACIS.

Action’s parents:
We joined NACIS at the establishment of the school. We chose NACIS because we believe that the school can not only provide good academic education, but also contribute to the comprehensive development of children. The good result is attributed to more than three years of immersion in English learning at NACIS, as well as various dramas, debates and election campaigns that bring him confidence.
Write in the last
NACIS provides a broad platform for children to participate in different competitions and activities, while our teachers also give personalized guidance to students, allowing them to show their own advantages on different stages and explore their potential.

As an old saying goes, what’s learned from books is superficial after all. It’s crucial to have it personally tested somehow. We believe that the shining experiences on the stage will be buried in their hearts and become the momentum to encourage them to explore further!

We also invited Lilian and Action to talk about the themes of their speech in the final. Let's bet on their style!