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Our Students Perform Excellently in MUN

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Previously, we shared how Phoebe and Alice prepared for the model United Nations. Then, what intreresting challenges have they experienced when they came to New York?
Let's see what the two students say:
When we sat on the plane to New York, we were surrounded by students from NAE schools in China. We were supprised by their fluent oral English, unique and profound thoughts and optimistic personalities. So, we made up our minds to show ourselves with the best attitude and harvest more friendship!
We began an extraordinary journey across the ocean.
It's a joy to argue with each other.
The highlight of MUN is the two-day formal meetings.
After a series of professional trainings and tutorials, we found MUN to be the epitome of international leaders' conferences.
Even among young people of all ages, we naturally take on the role of "ambassadors", negotiating in our own countries' shoes with a different formality and dignity.
What makes us longing for more is the negotiation and alliance between countries, the solution discussion, and the identification and resonance between people.
Although we were not assigned to the same debate topic when we represented Thailand and Sweden, we found that the debate strategy, the communication language and even the compromise wisdom worked in the same way.
We need to take every opportunity to communicate and negotiate with "country representatives" of similar positions during the free talk period of every meeting. To fight for the common goal as well as our own "national" interests, our thinking and discourse must be very logical and rigorous. So, we didn’t open our mouth until we had careful consideration.
In addition, we needed to invite our teammates to write solutions together, so as to get the maximum support for our solutions. It is not easy and we must be well-grounded, which required us to spend a lot of time in research and practice.
Fortunately, we were well prepared.
A good companion makes a good Self

In addition to heated debates, interaction was also a core component of model United Nations.
During the seven-day trip, we could choose free activites in three nights, which enabled us to learn about the culture and history of New York and make friends with our peers from the world.
The interesting thing was that we spoke various languages which made our little room become a mini United Nations.We boasted of our own schools and talked about our dream school together. We also had "passionate debates" about our views on current events. Based on the common interests, we talked late into the night.
Gradually, we began to get out of shyness,, break through the comfort zone of interpersonal communication, and gradually integrated into the strange and fun group. At the same time, these excellent peers also inspired us to work harder.
Be Ambitous!

As our trip to New York drew to a close, the high-level political forum (HLPH) and the final Gala Dinner brought our trip to a perfect close and left the deepest memories in our hearts.
The forum is a once-in-a-lifetime opportunity for all of us involved, which not only allows us to gain an insight into UNICEF's contribution and its core goals around the world, but also offers an opportunity for young people to express themselves.
We see young people standing on the platform and sharing their experiences and opinions with adults and even senior experts. We see that only if you have enough courage and thinking, you can have an opportunity to speak out!
The Gala Dinner held on the last night was like a transparent crystal, which incorporated all the emotions in the past seven days. At the dinner party, boys and girls dressed solemnly and seized the last chance to take precious photos with friends and teachers.

Students' words

Phoebe: The MUN challenge taught me how to break out of my comfort zone and discover my potential. At the same time, what moved me most was the importance and encouragement it gave to young students like us. In the chorus in HLPH, when I shouted Dream Big and Speak Loud, I was very excited.

Alice: As a novice, I was always nervous about MUN, but the process was more important than the result. I will never forget the research I did in preparation, the speeches I made for the debate exercises, and the excitement I experienced during my visit to the UN headquarters.
Phoebe and Alice have returned to school from New York with new feelings. The MUN experience has sowed seeds of hope in their hearts and inspired them to work harder for better themselves.