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Gordon Won the First Prize in RoboRAVE Robot Competition!

During the winter holiday last semester, our Grade 5 student Gordon participated in the Asian Open of RoboRAVE International Robot Competition and won the first prize. STEAM teacher Focus congratulated Gordon for his outstanding achievement in the robot competition and said that it is inextricably linked to his daily performance in the STEAM class. The STEAM characteristic project “Xie Xie Nong” is guaranteed by sufficient classroom time, which provides the children with the opportunity to design and practice on their own. And Gordon has strong interest in these projects that help him to develop basic practical skills such as planning, material selection and hands-on skills under the guidance of the STEAM team teachers, and also improve his communication ability, teamwork ability and decision-making and leadership in the project.

RoboRAVE is an international robotics competition sponsored and supported by Intel and has 15 years of history in the United States, attracting thousands of students each year. At present, in addition to American students, students from more than ten countries including China, France, Spain, Japan, Colombia, Mexico, Czech Republic, India etc. have also participated in the competition.

Gordon's shared us with post-match diary shows his passion for robots.


My Competition

On the first day, we took a bus to the venue: the stadium of University of Science and Technology Beijing. Based on the past experience, I realized that we should be active. Let me introduce our team members: the programmer Yixuan Duan; our leader, who was regarded as the philosopher of our team, Zhiheng Yang; I, the constructor, and the resource provider Hanhua Hu.

Our robot was called “Car Race Game”. We adapted the mobile game into a mechanical one, so that kids can enjoy the game while protecting their eyes. In the game, you can change the gear speed, brake and start. It inherited the effects of the electronic screen and incorporated real effects. To start, you should step on the accelerator (green) first, and the track will start to turn. What you need to do is to avoid obstacles. You have five lives (you must want to be a cat with nine lives). If you want to shift to second gear, you should first brake and shift the gear, and then step on the accelerator. The same as third gear.

Our works was loved by both the kids and the judge. We demonstrated and introduced our robot to the judge. The judge asked kindly how our robot could help others. “Our robot was adapted on the basis of mobile game, so that it will no longer hurt the players’ eyes. “I answered confidently. The judge nodded with the expression of appreciation. After lunch, something astonishing took place. Someone broke our robot and stole our batteries. We hurried to check our program and our programmer eventually solved the problem. We then encountered another - the difficulty in detecting four speed data. We then installed a gyroscope for data detection.

On the second day, we got up early and rushed to the field. “We have only a morning to compete.” I encouraged myself. After the introduction and demonstration of a whole morning, we finally came to the awarding part. “Come on, cheer up till the last second.” I said to myself. We were really nervous when watching the ceremony. “When is our turn?” “It will come soon.” Suddenly, our leader urged us, “Hurry up, we got a prize.” I finally felt relieved. I heard happy singing around me. In my view, Our hard work and persistence to achieve success in the two-day competition.