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The NACIS High School Scholarship Opportunities Are Formally Launched

In June 2019, NACIS awarded its first-ever IB scholarship. The scholarship system aims at encouraging the academically outstanding students who are well-rounded with culture diversity and social responsibility so that they can be role models to other students.


At the end of this semester, we are delighted to announce Emily Ding, from Grade 11, as the first winner of the NACIS IB scholarship! 

Emily Ding received IB scholarship from Principal Nick West

Since Grade 9, Emily has always been the leader and chair of the De (Integrity) house. (The four houses are: Honesty, Integrity, Serenity and Fortitude). She successively won the ‘House Spirit’ award and led De house to win the house championship in 2018.

House Championship

Emily has achieved excellent academic achievement since grade 9, winning awards in Chinese, business and PE.She also took part in various social practice activities on behalf of NACIS. She was the first UN ambassador of our school and the student representative of ‘The Snowland Childhood’ program organized by ‘The Paper’. She takes part in The World Children’s Activity Day every year and initiates her exclusive workshop at school.

‘The Snowland Childhood’ organized by ‘The Paper’

In 2018, Emily organized the first student union of NACIS. Under her guidance, the student union took part in planning different activities on campus including the thematic activities of Halloween and Christmas. They also made proposals on the school bus issues, the environmental protection and public welfare on campus.

The World Children’s Activity Day

She is also an art lover. Together with two other senior students, she co-founded and successfully held the first “Voice of NACIS”. She firmly believes that the abundant campus life and cultural innovation activities are necessary factors for students to love the school. They are also good ways for all students to show and improve themselves so that they can constantly do their best.


We are glad to invite Emily to talk about her study experience at NACIS.





It’s not the excellent me who chose NACIS. It’s NACIS that makes me excellent


This is the third year since I first came to NACIS. I have changed and learned a lot at school. In the past, as a student, I only thought of what I should do. I was never ware of what I could do.


I had been studying in a public school before I was admitted by NACIS and I was unfamiliar with classes in English. I can still remember when I first came to NACIS, I was afraid of learning all the subjects in English. I seldom communicated with teachers, especially in the subjects that required expression such as English and Business. 


Business is my selected curriculum in IB and it has given me more than academic knowledge. At that time, the subject teacher was Mr. Fredrick. Despite his outstanding academic and work background, his accent made all of us confused. Although he could speak fluent English, we could only grasp a few words at one class. Frankly speaking, I used to be quite reluctant to learn this subject. One reason was that I had not learnt this subject in public school. The other reason was that I could neither understand my teacher nor express myself. For these reasons, I got an ‘F’ in the first assessment. 


Although this result was related to my lack of efforts, I cried in the computer room since I had almost never failed in the past.  That was the first time I felt the academic pressure at a bilingual school. 


Then, Mr. Fredrick came to talk to me. I can still recall the moving words he talked to me, “I know you may not understand me, but you can feel free to ask me questions. Even if you ask for a hundred times, I will always answer your questions.” At NACIS, you may have communication barriers due to different reasons, but neither the teachers nor the students will stop talking to you because of your ‘difficulty’. 


From then on, I shifted from ‘ask me’ to ‘I ask’. What’s more, I understood a truth: It’s better to express your doubts and incomprehension to teachers rather than let them check whether you have understood. After a semester of hard work, I got A+ at the end of the semester. In 2018, Mr. Fredrick left China and went back to Holland. I could not help bursting into tears again, because it was Mr. Fredrick who enables me to have a memorable period of growing up at NACIS. I was really grateful to him.


Another thing that impressed me was at the first year of the establishment of NACIS. Ms. Rebecca told us that there was a chance to send two students as ambassadors to the United Nations in New York. We were asked to prepare an application letter and a public English speech. Though I was eager to have a try, I thought I was not so competitive due to poor English. But my mother told me, “If you don’t try, you will have no chance at all”.

UN ambassador

Then I finally started to accept the challenge and begin to make preparation. For me, the biggest difficulty was to make a speech in English in front of the whole school.


I remember the day before the speech, five girls of our dorm gathered together. We were all good friends. One girl from Australia also took part in this activity. As a native speaker, she got prepared earlier. 


On that night, she practiced with us and corrected the mistakes of my wording and pronunciation. She said she never saw me as a competitor, but as a good friend with common goals. I felt I acquired the most precious thing at NACIS: friendship. They were never impatient about my questions. They cared about my worries and they applauded me for my success. From that experience, I felt the bond of friendship among us. It was my friends’ support that made me eventually walk to the stage with bravery and confidence. Of course, I won in the campaign and went to the United Nations in New York to participate in the proposal and discussion of the 17 sustainable development goals, which was an unforgettable experience for life.

UN ambassador

I have had various experiences, from fearing of being asked in class at the beginning, to the first public campaign for the UN ambassador, from having difficulties in organizing activities and participating in the competitions to leading our house to win the first place as the president of De house, and from an ordinary student to becoming a class representative to build the first student union of NACIS. It was NACIS that gave me the platform and many "first time" memories, and it was each of these experiences that made me realize my dream and goal: like a sun, I influence and change the world around me with my energy. At NACIS, dream is never an illusory existence. As long as you are ambitious and make efforts, you will achieve success.


The three-year experiences have brought me many touching moments and tears, which come from every teacher's recognition and support, classmates' recognition and cooperation and parents' encouragement and help. I have never regretted choosing NACIS, which allows me to have access to IB diploma courses. I kept saying, " It’s not the excellent me who chose NACIS. It’s NACIS that makes me excellent.


The combination of disciplines, CAS, extended essay and TOK courses has been promoting my comprehensive development. I consider myself a person with a wide range of interests, but it is not easy to "cover all aspects". It is IB that enables me to learn better time-management ability and makes my learning and life balance better.

IB recital

To be honest, I don't know what kind of student deserves a scholarship, because everyone has his/her own extraordinary advantages, even if it sometimes seems insignificant.  


But I do believe that all who receive the honor should be principled, hardworking, independent and positive. No matter what happens, please keep a kind and sincere attitude. In my opinion, everything is subtle and perhaps it cannot get attention and recognition immediately, but you have to believe that all the experiences are like a little bit of a star which will eventually form a whole life road.


As the first student to receive NACIS scholarship, I would like to thank NACIS and my teachers for their cultivation, the tolerance from my classmates, the guidance from my parents and all those who have given me support. All of you have made me realize that I can do better. Of course, I also want to thank myself who have faced loneliness and difficulties without fear in the past three years. I hope I will be worthy of this honor in the next three years or thirty years.



Emily’s story makes us understand the changes she has experienced at NACIS over the years and we believe that her changes have always inspired people around her. In the communication with Emily’s parents, we also felt their pride in their daughter’s changes. During the three years, Ding Emily has not only made progress in her studies, but also had opportunities to show herself and made breakthroughs on various platforms.


We hope that more students can make full use of the resources provided by our school in the future and try to experience a variety of diverse activities, improve themselves and explore infinite possibilities!



How to apply for the High School scholarship?


The High School Scholarship application channel at NACIS has been formally launched. The scholarship will be open to students who move to Grade 10 to Grade 12 in September 2019, offering up to 50% of the annual tuition fee. Once confirmed, the scholarship will continue to be awarded until the students graduate from high school.


If you think you are excellent enough, please scan the QR code below to leave a message. The teachers of the scholarship committee will contact you within three working days and inform you of the application process and the materials to be submitted.



High School scholarship