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NACIS back-to-school season| the ‘firsts’ help students to grow up

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After the summer vacation, the NACIS campus was revitalized with the return of students.  The annual orientation day has always been meaningful for our new students as well as for NACIS.
Early in the morning of the orientation day, our principals and teachers got fully prepared to welcome our new students, ready to guide them to do many things for the first time.
8:20 a.m.  the first time to step into the campus
In the morning sun, our first-year students, dressed in NACIS uniform, accompanied by their parents, walked into the campus with their new schoolbags.To welcome our students, the campus was elaborately decorated with teal balloons. It was just like a teal ocean.

Our principals, Mr. Nick West and Ms. Isabel Xu, were also waiting for students’ arrival. Seeing the cozy decoration and our kind principals, students all felt at ease. They entered the campus with smiles, eager to start their new academic year. The principals gave each student a stationary pack, which shew the school’s high expectations on them.

8:30 a.m.  the first time to step into the classroom
In order to help the students find their classrooms accurately, the teachers placed a colored map in the middle of the atrium. The map was clearly marked with different colors representing different classes. A student found the classroom with just a glance and shared excitedly with her mother: “Look, mum! This is the red mark of our class! We just need to go upstairs and turn right! Let’s go!”

Before long, the students, together with their parents, found their classrooms successively. Their form tutors were waiting at the doors of the classrooms, welcoming their arrival and guiding them to get seated orderly.
At the door of each classroom, students can find the lockers with their names respectively. Warm details such as the class stickers named after different trees and the hand-drawn class rules gave them a sense of belonging.

The class is like a small family in the school community. We believe that its warmth can also create a harmonious growing atmosphere for these children.
8:45 a.m.  the first class in NACIS
After everyone got seated, the form tutors started to introduce the class hour arrangement, dress code and various disciplines in details and constantly stressed the importance of obeying the discipline and forming good habits.The teacher spoke carefully with the children listened earnestly. Parents were sitting at the back row, making notes from time to time.

At this time, there happened to be a thunder outside the window. The teacher paused and then said jokingly, “If I ask you to write a composition with thunder as its topic now, can you manage to do that?  This is my expectation on you: you should get into the habit of thinking all the time.”

’Forming good habits’ is the first class for these children at NACIS. Good habits will benefit children for a life time, especially for primary students. NACIS always attach great emphasis on the formation of habits and the cultivation of logistic thinking.
9:30 a.m.  the first group photo of the class
Videos and photos are the most vivid ways to record students’ growth. That’s why the photo taking section became the highlight of the orientation day. In front of the teal background, students lined up in order, waiting for the shutter to be pressed.
The students, who will be classmates for many years, listened to the direction of the photographer, and showed bright smiles in front of the camera.

The school also prepared a photo printer to print the photos right after they were taken. Each photo was put into a handbook, distributed to all students. It will be a precious memory for them.

From now on, students will grow up with their classmates and share the memories in the campus. When they see the photos again as adults, there is no wonder that they will recall this sunny morning.
10:00 a.m. the first time to say good bye to teachers
After the orientation, the teachers held students’ hands and left the classroom orderly. Parents were waiting for their children at the waiting area.

After the first morning with teachers, students were somehow unwilling to say goodbye to them and they held teachers’ hands tightly. The teachers said goodbye to their students one by one, with a hug, a high-five or a whisper before parting. After confirming all students had been picked up, the teachers finally rest assured to leave.
Company is our promise to children.

4:30 p.m. the first time to live independently
Early in the summer vacation, the NACIS boarding team had already sent the welcome pack to the boarding families. The daily routines, behaviors for learning and item lists were all included for them to get prepared in advance.

After preparation, the students arrived in the afternoon. Some of them were excited while some were nervous.Trying to ease the children’s mood, Mr. Nick West shared his boarding experience in his school years with them. He appreciated the students’ bravery and encouraged them to feel free to take the challenges ahead, as the boarding mentors and ayes will always support them.

In order to make the children fully adapt to the boarding life, our boarding team also made some attempts. They gathered the children together and answered all their boarding-related questions. What’s more, to provide a good learning environment for children, teachers organize evening self-study every night to review and consolidate the knowledge learned that day.

The combition of work and rest is also important. If children want to get relaxed, they can rest in the sofa to watch a movie or play games with their roommates in the lounge.

The teachers’ endeavor made some effect. These new boarders soon got familiar with each other. The boarding area was filled with laughter and happiness.

Words in the end
We hope the students can keep optimistic and brave, pay attention to manners and think diligently in the future study life.We will always be student-oriented and provide them with the most reliable helps.
The golden September is the harvest season.
The September of NACIS is full of laughter. It is the season for children to plant the seeds of hope.
The future is promising. We hope all NACIS students can sow hopes and grow up hard to reach for their goals.