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All About NACIS Canteen

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There are more than two thousand students and teachers from different countries at NACIS. Except the efficient and cooperative leadership team and dedicated staff, we also have an indispensable canteen team that provides three meals a day and plays an important role in the development of NACIS Shanghai.


Today, let's go into our canteen.

How to balance students' meal nutrition?

How to operate the Canteen in an orderly way?

What changes will the newly opened canteen bring to secondary students?



We would like to share all the information about “NACIS Canteen" with you.


With the sounds from the canteen, the staff start their busy day at half past five in the morning. At eight o 'clock in the morning, our students have a hearty breakfast at canteen. Today, they had croissants with scrambled eggs, ham and cereal.

The day at NACIS begins with a delicious breakfast.


After breakfast, the staff begin to prepare for lunch. The lunch period is busiest of the whole day with over 2,000 staff and students eating lunch at canteen. In order to ensure the smooth process, every staff is busy offering service at his or her post.


All the canteen staff work hard to ensure everything is in good order.  Each kind of food on the plate has gone through many strict procedures including procurement, acceptance, preservation, selection, cleaning, rough processing, recleaning and finally cooked by professional chefs under central temperature above 75 degrees. We always focus on nutrition, so we cook with less oil, salt and fried food. We do not use nut products, monosodium glutamate and blend oil to ensure the health and safety of all students and staff.

After lunch, the staff are still busy working.  Disinfection is the top priority of food safety and everything need to be carefully wiped such as kitchen countertops, floors, walls, cashier's area, tables, chairs and doorknobs.

When everything is in order, the staff can finally have lunch. After that, they begin to prepare for the distribution of snacks. The day's work is nearly over after the night snacks are delivered.  Then the cleaning staff have to clean and disinfect the canteen again. With over 12 hours of work every day, there is no room for any mistake in each process. The super team is the strong backing of NACIS.


The canteen team consists of 57 staff, including an executive chef who monitors the food quality and a manager who maintains the operation. There are also chefs in charge of cooking, nutritionists and quality control personnel in charge of balanced meals, and nearly 40 support staff to keep everything in order.

When we enter the canteen at the mealtime, we can see their hard work. They deal with every process with professional skills and experience, including disinfection, preparation, distribution and cleaning, etc.

They contribute to the effective operation and the health and safety of our school.  Despite the seemingly mundane jobs, they are the most extraordinary part of NACIS Shanghai.


With over 15 years of experience in offering service for bilingual schools, Sleto has been working closely with us since the founding of our school.  It provides a wide range of nutritious meals for our staff and students.

Its services range from kindergarten to high school, both national and international. Therefore, it has rich experience in meeting the needs of students of different nationalities and ages.

In consistent with the HACCP system, the canteen strictly abides by the highest food safety standards. For example, when choosing chemical cleaning products, it chooses food-grade disinfection products from Ecolab, one of the safest chemical cleaning suppliers, to minimize the health and environmental impacts.


The weekly menu is designed by the national and international executive chefs of the Shanghai headquarters, adhering to the balanced health and nutrition as well as combination of Chinese and Western styles. They are committed to providing high-quality meals for staff and students. At the beginning of the new semester, the canteen chose Poly yogurt, a French brand with more international popularity and fermented from fresh milk, which are welcomed by students.

The phase 2 canteen, newly opened in September this year, provides more spacious space and ample time for NACIS teachers and students. Primary and secondary students can have meals in different areas in an orderly manner. In the warm and clean canteen surrounded by green plants, students look forward to having three meals a day at NACIS.

After the cancellation of the epidemic prevention and control requirements, our canteen will increase Chinese noodles, American grilled meat Set, global western set and daily Chef's Choice, so as to provide more options for students.


Regardless of hasty steps,  reunion and separation, joys and sorrows,  voluntariness or involuntariness, there is always a flavor on the tip of the tongue in its own way, three times a day,  reminding us of having a clear idea for both the past and future.

-- A bite of China


Perhaps the food that warms our heart is not the fancy stuff but the plates and bowls of home-cooked food with love. We hope every teacher and student can feel at home at NACIS.