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NACIS School Uniforms:Education about Courtesy and Beauty

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Every school uniform can enable us to recall the memory of school days and wake up the most beautiful collective memories in our heart, which is precious and valuable.

As a symbol of the school, uniform represents the spirit and culture of the school. It is a subtle education that teaches students how to find and create beauty.

We believe that good education reflects the value orientation and plants the seeds of truth, goodness and beauty in the hearts of students, which can develop students' qualities and influence their behaviors.


NACIS school uniform origins from Eton Kidd, TRUTEX, Clarks and other traditional British brands, which bring students a unique experience with different styles and materials of school uniforms in different seasons.


The Education about Courtesy and Beauty


Eton Kidd has rich experience in making school uniform. In China, Eton Kidd maintains long-term and good cooperation with famous schools such as Tsinghua Affiliated Primary School, Fudan Affiliated High School and Nanyang Model Middle School. Eton, Oxford, Cambridge...are the sources of Eton kidd classics. With years of uniform-making experience, it has given Eton Kidd the introverted style while retaining the childlike innocence of school uniform.


We have also cooperated with TRUTEX, a 155-year-old British student uniform brand that has accompanied many members of the British royal family and aristocratic elite through their school years.


Manchester-based TRUTEX provides tailor-made uniforms for more than 4,000 prestigious schools, such as Eton and Harrow and Aldenham, in more than ten countries including Europe, Australia and China.

Our uniforms include 12 accessories and 20 kinds of clothing, suitable for different seasons and occasions.

With preppy shirts, pleated skirts and suits, students start the school day with proper etiquette.

Comfortable and casual fashion, the blue athletic jacket matches breathable athletic pants, which shows vigor in calmness.

We also provide professional swimsuits and caps for students to ensure that they can protect their skin in the pool and swim better with less water resistance.

NACIS uniforms, showing vigor in calmness, also reflect we expect that our students have "strong body and civilized spirit".


Our shoes come from the leading British brand Clarks, which is famous for its exquisite craftsmanship and comfortable wearing experience. The latest Black Shoes adopt Agion Antimicrobial technology which can Inhibit the growth of bacteria and fungi, keep feet healthy, and eliminate odors. Students can even run with the leather shoes safely.


Details show quality. In terms of accessories, we use YKK zippers for dresses, pants and coats to protect the health of every child, which is also consistent with our commitment to providing students with a quality school experience.


Through different dress codes, we help students explore beauty, discover beauty, and awaken their awareness of beauty.


The seeds of etiquette and beauty are planted in the hearts of our students through wearing NACIS uniforms.


We have formal uniforms and sports uniforms with different sizes.  Wearing formal uniforms such as suit, tie, skirt and sweater can give a sense of British style with cool beauty. The ports uniforms including shirt and pants can enable us to move freely. In cold winter, we have warm coats with velvet and windproof jacket. Girls’ sports pants look like a skirt with good design. 

-- Nicole from Grade 9


NACIS uniforms are designed in an elegant and decent style, which is consistent with the temperament of NACIS students.

-- Sabrina from Grade 8


Strict Safety Control


Just like parents, we put the safety of school uniforms on the top priority of the uniform quality.

Our uniforms are in full compliance with the national standard of school uniform industry GB/T 31888-2015 Primary and Secondary Uniforms and are higher than European standards in the Export Technical Guide of Children's Clothing.

For texture, we choose fabrics with new technology and many functions, so as to provide safety protection for our students.

3M visual reflective material can significantly improve the visibility of students in the dark environment. Winter uniforms are made of breathable and wet coated fabric to keep the body dry and comfortable for a long time. The yarn card fabrics used for skirts and trousers are made with the fluorine-free waterproof finishing process of Archroma Company in Switzerland, which reduces the environmental pollution with both breathable and waterproof characteristics.


Imported environmentally friendly dyes from Switzerland and Germany can prevent formaldehyde, decomposition of aromatic amine and other toxic hazards.


TRUTEX's suit fabric, which USES Teflon EcoElite, a non-fluorine-resistant, durable anti-splash agent, instantly condenses into droplets and keep the fabric dry. It is worth mentioning that about 70% of TRUTEX suits are made of recycled fabrics, while plastic bottles are used as raw materials to re-weave yarn through Revive technology. On average, 36 PET plastic bottles are used in the manufacturing of each suit. About 300,000 suits are sold every year, which is equivalent to 9 million PET plastic bottles, which have protected 2,080 square meters of forest since 2011.The environmental protection concept with innovative design is consistent with the educational philosophy we have passed to our students.


NACIS School Uniforms Represent an Education about Love and World.


Chloe’s mom said:

“Both of my children like NACIS very much, and they look forward to going to school every day. Even in holidays, they insist on wearing school uniforms. I believe that this is a sense of identity.”


Every time we send pictures about NACIS school uniforms, we will receive lots of praises.

The formal uniforms are smart and neat, and the colors of sports uniforms and many accessories (such as coats, etc.) are very beautiful. It is quite appropriate to wear them as ordinary clothes outside school. I have seen many students who wear NACIS uniforms outside school. The blue logo of NACIS on each piece of uniform makes the uniform outstanding and highlights our identity as NACIS students. No matter inside or outside the school, the emblem always brings us a sense of collective honor.

-- Heidi from Grade 9


If you dig a pond it will somehow fill with fish and/or ducks, as well as aquatic plants such as lilies.

Once you have dug the pond, you naturally begin to fill it. Although you may not have seen how and when the seed fell there, nature is looking at them...So the seeds began to come up.

--Thoreau, American thinker


In the nutrient land, we look forward to the day when every seed grows into a towering tree. It is a journey about exploring beauty, creating beauty and remembering beauty. We hope every NACIS child can enjoy it and cherish the happy time at NACIS.