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Hello, 2020 Summer Vacation!

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As we look back on the extraordinary events in 2019-2020 academic year, we cannot avoid the impact that the global COVID-19 is having on schools. The epidemic has been lasting for six months since it began in January, which has changed everyone’s life. There is no denying that it will be a profound memory for all of us, even for this era.

The epidemic has brought various degrees of hardships and unpredictable challenges to everyone, while working against it together has also brought us precious value. In the post-epidemic era, we are no longer simply stuck in the epidemic itself, but start to look into and think about deeper things and explore our own value to the society.

Fortunately, NACIS community have worked together successfully through the unusual semester and made it different due to the long and special battle.


February – Education about “Love” Outside the Classroom

Every November, we take secondary student representatives to Tanzanian camps for community service. We hope that students can understand the meaning of assuming social responsibility through this experience and learn how to love others and the world. Before the trip, we will also invite the NACIS community to raise money for local residents to improve the quality of life. It is a pity that our secondary student representatives cannot participate in the event this year due to the epidemic. The overwhelming news of the epidemic has made us, even from afar, feel the difficulties of the people in the affected areas.

Therefore, 24 students from the primary donated more than 10,000 yuan of lucky money to support the frontline prevention and control. The medical resources including 60,000 surgical masks and 450 surgical gowns were successfully delivered to frontline medical workers on the third day of the Lunar New Year. At the same time, the "Donation to Wuhan" initiated by IB graduate Emily received a positive response from 380 people. In the end, a total of 104,520.54 yuan was raised and donated to the local hospital in Wuhan.

Even if students can't go back to campus due to the epidemic, we still encourage them to manage their own lives and stay curious and passionate about life, which is also reflected in the homework and works of NACIS students, as well as the online interaction with teachers. The song "Love in my heart" sung by the choir has brought us closer.

Students understand that one who often reflects on the seemingly ordinary life will live a rich and meaningful life. We firmly believe that every NACIS student has understood his responsibility through the epidemic, which is also the positive spirit that the four houses embody.

NACIS Online Choir

Click here for the video

March - "Online Classes"

In the early days of the epidemic, our lives seemed to have gone through a 180-degree turn, and we were all dragged into the rapidly changing and unknown world. In March, the world hit the pause button and students and teachers began an unprecedented long vacation. "Online classes" have pushed us together into an era of "live streaming" we've never heard of. How to guarantee students' learning quality has become the hottest social topic.

At eight o 'clock each morning, Teams Classes kicks off a new day for our students. Our international teachers in London completed interactive online teaching with students. In order to continue to implement the holistic education philosophy of NACIS, we created rich and diverse learning opportunities in the online learning space. While ensuring the fun of learning, we can also meet the individual learning needs of each student and ensure that every student can continue to explore to achieve self-growth during the special period.

The online learning experience has introduced students to a wide variety of resources and services, and the distinctive "teaching and learning" experience will be a flexible and rigorous long-term education program. Our students had a variety of online learning during the epidemic, while our teachers prepared lessons actively, integrated the "epidemic" element and reflection into the interdisciplinary learning experience, and guided students to refine their feelings through personal experience.


April - Safe Campus

At the same time, our operation team also made every effort to elaborate the detailed epidemic prevention plan and epidemic prevention and control drill plan during the epidemic covering all aspects of campus life, to build a solid defense line for all teachers and students. Finally, we successively welcomed the long-awaited smiling faces in April.


May - "Global Challenge" - Global Xtra

We have many sister schools in 29 countries around the world. Our faculty team tells students that no matter where you are, you can continue to explore the world through “Global Campus”.

In the "closed" world of 2020, NAE education team continues to ensure that every student can study online anytime, anywhere, through the network of global campus. In addition, the Oxford education team launched "Global Challenge - Global Xtra" to expand learning outside the classroom, including six major sections, respectively for Big Question, Xtra Challenges, STEAM with MIT Xtra, Performing Arts with Juilliard, Social Enterprise with UNICEF Xtra, Expeditions Xtra.

Bilingual education lays the foundation for the uniqueness of NACIS students. Global challenges not only help students acquire the ability of teamwork and critical thinking, but also develop the ability of cross-cultural communication from daily learning, enabling students to think from different perspectives, appreciate and understand different cultures and convey correct values.

We hope that no matter where our students choose to work and live in the future, they will build a bridge of communication in the collision of Chinese and foreign cultures and make their own contribution to world peace.


June - Graduation season in full bloom

In June, as the graduation season approached, we had a chance to reflect on our achievements in the academic year. There were so many successes and moving moments in this past academic year, and one of the most gratifying was to see the remarkable progress our students have made. Under the changing circumstances, we are delighted to see the second group of NACIS Shanghai graduates pursue their dreams without hesitation.

The IB graduates of Class of 2020 completed their IB diploma with a 100% pass rate. The average IB score for the class of 2020 was 35, and the highest score was 41, higher than the world average. Two-thirds of them achieved an IB score of 35 or above, and 75% of IB graduates were admitted to the world's top 50 universities.

More importantly, under the guidance of the IB team and the higher education team, our students have bravely chosen more diversified majors. Going to the world-famous university is just a small step in the pursuit of dream. We believe that they can also face more unknown challenges in the future calmly and continue to fulfill more dreams with the mission and energy granted by IBDP.


Looking Forward to Future

This semester, which we nicknamed "returning soon after coming", finally came to an end today and the summer vacation is approaching.

We believe that every member of NACIS Shanghai will be more skillful in managing their own time and life after undergoing the special experience during the epidemic. It will be surely become the wealth of a lifetime to try something that has never been tried before and gain the thoughts and insights from it. Thank every "brave" teacher for taking risks and staying away from his family to return to school; thank every "omnipotent" parent for being a "part-time teacher" for your children during special period; thank each "strong" NACIS student for being more independent individual to accept challenges and thank the epidemic for making us  a stronger community.

In the coming September, we will welcome all current and new students in our new campus. The new facilities, which took more than a year to build, will provide our students with a more diverse learning experience and create more possibilities for the future.

With the support of our excellent staff, outstanding students and parents, we will try our best to make NACIS a better school in the 2020/2021 academic year.

We wish you a wonderful and unforgettable summer vacation and look forward to seeing better you on campus in September!