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NACIS Summer Reading Recommendations 2020


During the spare time, it is fun to read an interesting book, explore unknown fields and experience different cultural connotations.

As a bilingual school, we are committed to cultivating students' love of reading and encourage them to learn about the culture and history of different countries through bilingual reading, so as to grow into bilingual talents with international vision.


Let's check the wonderful book list our teachers have recommended for this summer.


Reading List-Primary


The Good Egg

(Grade 1-2, Ages 6-8, Picture Book)


In this delightful story with engaging illustrations. Good Egg finds out he cannot change all the bad eggs in the carton-he begins cracking when he tries! So he takes time to heal. Once he returns to the carton with his friends, he has a new attitude: he does not need to be perfect. This is a great story for children and adults alike.



(Grade 5-6, Ages 10-12, Graphic Novel)


In this story about navigating friendships. Olive and her best friend, Willow, go off to sleepaway camp. Olive is sure that this will be the best time ever, but she soon realizes that Willow is not enjoying herself. Willow is not as outgoing as Olive and becomes dependent on Olive. Will this end their friendship?


White Bird: A Wonder Story

(Grade 5-6, Ages 10-12, Graphic Novel)


Grandmere Sara’s story comes to light as she describes her life as a young Jewish girl during Nazi times. While hiding in a Nazi-occupied French village, she tells the tale of how a boy once shunned by classmates became her best friend.



(Grade 1-3, Ages 6-8, science picture book)


With the theme of Everest, the book presents a comprehensive introduction of the geology, ecology, culture, history of the Himalayan zone. As the book goes from the unique forest at the foot of a mountain to the birds above the blue sky, from sherpas living in the Kumbuk Valley to explorers climbing Mount Everest, and from ancient myths and legends to modern mountain dwellers, the vast beauty of the Himalayas and the majesty of Mount Everest are revealed in all dimensions. With unique painting style and rich knowledge, it is a very attractive science picture book.


Riverside Scene at Qing Ming Festival  Shisanlang

(Grades 3-5, Ages 8-10, Chinese original picture book)


The writer Zhou Ziyuan spent eight years in creating the book, which is the best gift of artistic enlightenment he gave his two sons!


The creative idea of this book is to skillfully merge the story of the famous painting Riverside Scene at Qing Ming Festival with the story of Shisanlang, so that children can go through the streets, walls and more than 800 characters, wake up their interest in famous paintings, and enhance their artistic taste and humanistic knowledge in a subtle way.


The Secret of Mona Lisa

(Grades 3-5, Ages 8-10, Novel)


A 16-year-old Chinese girl, Sun Yi, came to Paris to study as an exchange student. One day, she visited the Louvre with her classmates Carol and Jacques. The Mona Lisa was surrounded by terrified people and police. In the frame of the Mona Lisa, there was a bust of a teenage girl.

The Frenchman Alexander, who provided accommodation for Sun Yi, happened to be the policeman in charge of the case. Over 60 years old, Alexander never solved a single case. The theft of the Mona Lisa before he retired sent him into a deep depression.

Sun Yi decided to help Alexander and launched the investigation of theft to Mona Lisa secretly with Jacques and Carole.

As the investigation went deeper, the secret about Mona Lisa emerged. Behind the charming smile, it’s the power vortex and danger the teenagers couldn’t imagine.


Reading List-Secondary


New Kid

(Grades 5-6, Ages 10-12, Graphic Novel)


Gifted young artist Jordan Banks struggles to fit in as one of the few kids of color in a prestigious, predominantly white private school in the Bronx. Like life in middle school, the story is both awkward and funny. The consistent, varied instances of racism on campus are especially poignant-an eye-opener for some readers, whereas others will certainly identify with Jordan’s struggles.


Superman: Dawnbreaker

(Grades: 6-12, Ages: 10-18, Fiction)


Teenage Clark Kent’s powers are beginning to emerge, and he hides them from his classmates, family, and best friend, Lana Lang. But when their small town considers a stop-and -frisk law and immigrants are disappearing, Clark must decide if he is the one to save them all. Teens will love this fresh take on an iconic story.


Electric War

(Grades: 8-12, Ages: 13-18, Non-fiction)


Edison, Tesla, and Westinghouse, and a world in need of electricity. Go into the mind of three geniuses and the progressive thinking that change the way we view the world.


The adventures of the Gorilla Sally Jones

(Grades: 5-7, Ages: 10-12, Fiction)


A cunning murder that makes Sally Jones the "killer gorilla"! She set out on a heart-rending, dangerous adventures from Portugal to England, France, Italy, Egypt and India. Even if she went to the end of the world, she would find the man and find out the truth! She would do anything to clear the name of her captain! During the long journey, she experienced kindness, friendship and love, as well as greed, deceit, cruelty and hatred, but her unbreakable friendship and unwavering loyalty to her captain gave her the courage to go through countless difficult times. The power of this obsession and sincere feeling is very impressive.

With the weird detective stories and breathtaking adventures, it has won the Swedish August Prize, the German Youth Literature Prize, the French Witch Prize, and the Best Young Adult book award of the American Library Association.


Space Boy

(Grades: 5-8, Ages: 10-14, Fiction)


Like "The Martian", it has space rescues, solid science and a more colorful and complex cast. Leo, Libra and Orion grew up on lunar 2. At the age of 15, they had to return to earth. When the three children arrived on earth, they found that life on earth was different from what they had imagined. Due to the global warming and resource exhaustion, people had a difficult life. Schools were forced to close, leaving only tattered nets blowing in the wind. Leo gradually found his body unable to cope with gravity and his legs would break off like dry branches after a fall. He also had to face an army of alien conspiracy theorists. And what worried him most was that everyone he knew seemed to be hiding secrets from him. Leo finally decided to return to space...


the Palace Museum Told by the Museum Director

(Grades: 6-12, Ages: 11-18, Non-fiction)


This book is created by Li Wenyu, former deputy director of the Palace Museum and museum research advisor of Nankai University. It contains 180 beautiful pictures of the Palace Museum and a large number of rare historical materials taken by the author from an exclusive perspective over the years. It can be regarded as a book that can make the Palace Museum three-dimensional in the mind of readers. From the perspective of "I", the author leads readers to trace the origin and tour the Forbidden City from Yongding Gate, the starting point of the central axis, as if they were on the scene. The four seasons, sadness, happiness, loneliness, sensual pleasure, past and present life of the six hundred-year Forbidden City finally congeals into a chain of historical and contemporary cultural images through the book. A real and mysterious Palace Museum that is hard for ordinary people to see comes alive in words and pictures and give us a unique journey of discovering traditional culture with a different perspective.