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NACIS Creative Reading Challenge 2020

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There is an old saying: "Read ten thousand books and travel ten thousand miles." Philosophers also said: "Books are the ladder of human progress." At NACIS Shanghai, we focus on cultivating the reading interest and habit of students of all ages.  In school days, our teachers hold a wide range of reading-related activities such as reading week and writer's lectures and workshops based on interesting reading activities and various books in the library. These colorful activities will foster the reading habit in every aspect of school life.


The sooner we develop children’ interest in reading, the better. In the Jewish family, they love books. When the child is slightly sensible, mother will drop a few drops of honey on the Bible and then ask the child to kiss the honey on the Bible.


The meaning of the ritual is self-evident that books are sweet. Let children from childhood know that reading is a sweet and happy thing, so as to arouse their interest in books and texts. Such a concept is also widely adopted in China. When we were young, our parents told us that "there is room for gold in books". Reading is the eternal theme of life, which is an important way to gain wisdom and experience. We believe that there is a huge amount of knowledge in books waiting for children to learn.


Reading requires a consistent reading habit and a good atmosphere so that readers can be happy and more focused. A scholarly family can always cultivate many talents. One of the most important reasons is that they have a good reading atmosphere at home. Therefore, we encourage students to participate in the summer creative reading challenge and create a better reading atmosphere by adjusting the reading environment, so as to help them complete high-quality reading in an interesting environment.


Autumn succeeds summer. Although the summer vacation has been half over, the NAE "Creative Reading Challenge" to all current students and new students who will join NACIS is still developing in full swing. Participants take an active part in this summer reading challenge by role-playing, reading fragments in their spare time, and reshaping their reading environment, so as to record their reading time in creative ways.


Now, please join us to share the creative reading moment of NACIS students!

Eason from grade 4 finds endless possibilities in the wizarding world of Harry Potter:

"In the wizarding world of Harry Potter, the duckling next to me is my mounts that takes me across the ocean, the warrior that accompanies me in fighting against Voldemort, and even my magical companion at Hogwarts school. The branch in my hand is also be the most powerful wand to realize the infinite possibilities following the incantation in the book."


Evan who will join NACIS in September also find the similar resonance.

"During the epidemic, I was reading Harry Potter in the avant-Garde bookstore, the most beautiful bookstore in Nanjing, imagining that I had superpowers to overcome everything."


Zigao disguised himself as a prisoner of Azkaban and found the pleasure of reading.


Khaleesi, who was traveling in Shangri-La, also gained the insights in reading during her spare time.


Alex, the head of primary English, once shared in the reading workshop: Reading for one minute a day can finish one book a year; Reading 20 minutes a day can finish 16 books a year. Cognitive development, thinking logic, and expression can be improved dramatically with the accumulation of reading, and the difference is not only in quantity.


Among the entries, we are delighted to see that students have grasped every moment of life to read.


Apple read the novel Outlaws of the Marsh on the high-speed train, and "acted chivalrously" with Liangshan heroes.


Zigao learned astrology during exercise and experienced lots of fun.


Of course, some students come to the quiet library or bookstore to immerse themselves in the texts:



The warmth of the sun shines on so many meaningful words, which makes them become lively and lively.



I read in Xinhua Bookstore. It is very quiet here, so I can enjoy the books in my hands quietly.

The Creative Reading Challenge is in Full Swing

Reading can not only make an individual better, but also make our nation more rational. As an individual, reading brings us fun and progress, but most importantly, it gives us a correct attitude towards the world.


The most important factor in reading is persistence. It takes a long process and perseverance to make reading a lifestyle. To cultivate children's interest in reading is a long-term project. It can't be done overnight. It requires a lot of patience and confidence.

Although the summer vacation is half over and the creative reading challenge is about to come to an end, our pursuit of reading has never stopped. We hope to see more and more wonderful entries in the following competitions.


In the coming academic year, the new learning resource center is open to all students. In a better reading environment, our students can have more opportunities to "read more and better books" and explore the wider world.


We hope every student can find pleasure and make progress in reading, broaden  the horizon with books and enjoy the journey of learning in the future.