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The Professional Training of NACIS Teachers

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In September 2020, NACIS Shang will usher in a brand-new school year. At this new starting point, our national and international teachers are ready to start the exploration journey of the new academic year. With great enthusiasm, a group of like-minded partners gathered at NACIS in the summer and brought a full of vitality.


The year 2020 will undoubtedly be a special year. The international environment has changed dramatically, and all of us have lost in the numerous unknowns. In such a special period, how to continue to run a good school, ensure the high-quality teaching and promote the all-round development of students is a question that NACIS community is thinking about. The two-week professional development program will explore these key issues.


This training begins with sharing the educational vision of NAE. The value and wealth of high-quality education accumulated in the past 50 years has made teachers clearer about the goals. The training will last for two weeks, covering all aspects of teaching philosophy, teaching methods, teaching management, ISAMS management system and teachers' physical and mental health development. It adopts the online and offline linkage mode, which provides teachers with more opportunities to communicate and share authoritative resources.


A simple stick figure game has demonstrated how to “Be Ambitious" in secondary training. The teachers worked in groups of three. The first teacher drew a stroke at random, the second teacher added a stroke to it and finishes the painting, and the third teacher judged. Finally, the teachers found that it was difficult to distinguish the original painting from the final painting. However, each stroke played a crucial role in completing the painting.


Just like in learning and life, every step the students take is precious and important. But once that step is taken, the future is limitless. On the journey of pursuing dream, the teacher is the guide.


Excellent teaching is not simply about leading children to a high level, but about encouraging them to make a difference and be willing to take that step. This is the excellent teaching that NACIS Shanghai pursues.


As the core of teaching, the annual curriculum plan training is in full play. Teachers actively share the experience gained in the teaching and reflection of the previous year and create the new plan for the new academic year. In the curriculum that focuses on the all-round development of students, each teacher is a "craftsman" who integrates various wise ideas into the curriculum plan of all grades, aiming to drive the thinking and action of students. Through continuous improvement, the teaching design will mobilize the subjective initiative of students, and at the same time encourage the faculty to continue to optimize and carry out higher quality teaching.


Maintaining physical and mental health is also crucial during the special period. As example is more important than words, optimistic teachers will also set up a positive attitude for children and create an open and diverse learning environment.


During the training, we held many regular workshops, which helped teachers relax physically and mentally in a warm and fun way. Yoga classes, painting workshops, ice - breaking games and other activities enable the national and international teachers to get familiar with each other quickly.


In this constantly changing environment, we believe that the mutually empowered and energetic community is able to deal with the challenges of the future.


Welcome Our New Teachers


Carol Camargo

Head of Science

Carol Camargo has 20 years of teaching experience. As an examiner at Cambridge International Examinations, she is familiar with A-level, IGCSE, IPC and IBDP curriculum. Before joining NACIS Shanghai, she taught in many internationally renowned schools and worked in many leadership positions including the head of science and head of secondary etc. Carol is well acquainted with the teaching philosophy of NAE. During working in Shanghai British School, she served as the head of STEAM and went to MIT for exchange training on behalf of the school.


Liam McManus

Drama the Teacher

Graduating from Birmingham City University with a major in theatre, Mr. Liam has extensive stage experience. Before joining NACIS Shanghai, Mr. Liam used to be the head of drama in Shanghai Pinghe Bilingual School. He was responsible for the preparation of the curriculum and supervised 13 drama productions in a year. He was good at creating student-led drama classes.


In spare time, Mr. Liam established Big Debates Studios to organize debate events. He is also a speech mentor, providing one-on-one guidance for students. Mr. Liam, who loves Chinese culture, has studied Chinese at Shanghai University and obtained the HSK Level 5 certificate.


Don Pak

Head of social humanities

Don Pak has nearly 20 years of teaching experience, including 15 years in many famous universities. With a full understanding of international courses, he is adept at cultivating the independent learning and critical thinking ability of students. Don Pak is familiar with AP, IGCSE and IB curriculum. He has rich teaching and management experience in knowledge and theory, business, economics and other subjects.


Liu Wei

University Counselor

Before joining NACIS Shanghai, Ms. Liu Wei worked as a senior advisor and lesson preparation leader in Shanghai Southwest Weiyu Middle School. With rich teaching experience, she is good at inspiring the inner potential of students, providing high-quality one-on-one guidance and organizing on-campus education fair. She participated in overseas university guidance conference and led students in the American Decathlon Competition.


NAE and OTOS system


NACIS Shanghai, as the strategic partner of NAE in China, has always been valued and concerned by NAE. The recruitment of our teachers relies on the OTOS system of NAE (Outstanding Teachers for Outstanding Schools) and follows the strict ratio of 30 to 1 in order to ensure the quality of the teaching team.


We believe that an excellent teaching team will make a great school. As a result, NACIS Shanghai adheres to strict standards and guidelines for the recruitment of teachers, professional training, competency assessment and career development. We regularly hold professional trainings and workshops to provide teachers with sufficient teaching skills; Rigorous ability assessment ensures that every national and international teacher at NACIS Shanghai can continuously encourage themselves to be positive; The Masters in International Education Management programme in partnership with King's College also offers high-quality career development opportunities for teachers.


Bruner, an American educator, said: “Teachers are not only broadcasters of knowledge, but also role models”. Only teachers who constantly explore "teaching and learning" can bring more valuable learning experience to NACIS students. The pursuit of continuous improvement will also build up an energetic lifelong learning community.


No one is alone. Especially in teaching, we need teachers to improve themselves. The power of a team is always greater than that of an individual. A team endowed with mutual abilities will have stronger vitality and be able to march forward more steadily and further. On the way ahead, we would like to work together with every NACIS learner and embrace the future actively.