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Join the Rams!

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Sports can not only strengthen the body, but also cultivate the enterprising spirit and promote the all-round development of students. At NACIS Shanghai, sports play an important role in daily teaching. At the beginning of the new academic year, we are proud to announce that the RAM will be the official mascot of NACIS Shanghai, adding more vitality to school life. In the future, we will have the opportunity to cheer for NACIS rams.


Where Does the Image of Ram Come from?


What is the symbol of the school spirit? With their own ideas, NACIS students participated in the initial design competition actively. We had over 500 entries for the competition with HOD’s of PE, Art and SLT deciding the winning emblem. It was a whole school competition and the eventual winner was Jenny Feng, 9 Oak. Her hand-painted ram pattern, defeating other hand-painted images including the shark and snake image, is widely recognized by principals, PE department and visual art department and becomes the prototype of NACIS official mascot.


As a member of the school basketball team, Jenny has a first-hand experience of NACIS sportsmanship.


"I learned more about NACIS sports spirit in the big and small games. It is an indomitable and courageous spirit. Although our school is a new rising star and our team has short training time, we cherish every minute and second to train. I want to display these ideas in my painting."


Why do We Choose Ram?


Rams, which live in the mountains of the northern hemisphere, often face harsh and abrupt weather and steep terrain, but they have survived by sheer perseverance. They balance themselves with their hard horns, and even a five-centimeter wide slope cannot stop them from exploring. Their flexible bodies allow them to jump up a cliff up to six-meter high, showing amazing explosive force; And their indomitable vitality enables them to find vigor even in the barren desert mountains.  In the animal world, the ram is the king of the mountain. As the official mascot of NACIS, “Shanghai Ram” will also represent the spirit of perseverance, courage and constant exploration advocated by our school.



However, at the beginning of the design, Jenny had a problem. It is not easy to simplify it into a striking visual image, but Jenny found inspiration in the art room.


"While I was designing, I was inspired by an antelope pattern in the art studio. I thought it could reflect the attitude towards the unknown challenges, but the antelope is a little passive in adversity with meek personality.  I did my research again, so I chose the ram with the bigger horn. I hope our NACIS athletes can also have a sound body and strong will.”


RAM Spirit on the Field


Having an emblem and mascot is an essential way to represent what is important to us here at NACIS. Mr. Sam, head of PE, said: “It establishes a physical representation of our school’s identity signaling what is important to the school, and our teams. Furthermore, the mascot can evoke powerful emotions in our students, giving our community a sense of pride and unity”.

For many ancient societies the RAM is a symbol of determination, initiative and leadership. These are qualities that we look for in our NACIS students particularly that of our student athletes.


Mr. Sam said: “We ask for nothing more than 100% commitment and determination from our students not only in the classroom but also on the sports field. We must thank the students for their dedication and passion, the parents for their sacrifices to attend training and matches, but more importantly the teachers who commit their evening and weekends to ensuring students get the best possible experiences. As members of NACIS community, we all carry out the RAM spirit.”


With the joint efforts, we have made great successes during the past three years.

This has seen our U13 Girls remain unbeaten and win the Nord Anglia Global Games U13 Football tournament in Beijing.  It is worth mentioning that our girls football program was started 18 months ago predominantly by Mr. Ciaran McCallan. We know they have made great efforts that is beyond our image to reach this success.  Mr. Patrick has developed our U15 basketball team into arguably one of the best teams in Shanghai at U15 level. We are delighted to see that our athletes make continuous improvement and develop leadership qualities taking on role and responsibilities within the community.


Find yourself from the RAM Spirit


In the traditional Chinese zodiac, the "RAM" represents virtue; In ancient Chinese culture, “RAM” were also endowed with the meaning of " piety" and " rites"; And in ancient Roman culture, "RAM" is a symbol of forward, indomitable spirit.


This happens to coincide with our philosophy “be ambitious”. Virtue always comes first among all matters. One can achieve success in the future life with a noble virtue and the outstanding ability.

The ram spirit is not only applicable to the athletes in the school team. We hope that every NACIS student can be encouraged by the RAM spirit and make continuous progress.


Mr. Ryan, head of visual art department, said: "In the mascot creation process, our students can have a deeper understanding of ‘who are we’? The creation of the mascot will also inspire the students' sense of identity to the school spirit.”

 Identity is crucial to the cultivation of students' sense of group honor. By wearing a ram jersey, our students will have a better sense of ‘who they are’ and what they need to do to achieve a common goal, thus stimulating their inner "energy".

Jenny, who designed the ram image, also got an internship in the design department of NAE due to her excellent sense of independence and innovation. She will have a better chance to learn visual design. As a new starting point, she will give full play to her talents and release her energy in the future learning.


Starting from this semester, the new RAM logo will be used on uniforms and posters. Our students will wear team uniforms with the logo of RAM; our fields will be marked with RAMs; our students will also compete for the honor of NACIS with RAM spirit. In order to deeply embed the RAM spirit in school life, the Ram image will be presented in different forms, including ram dolls, badges, sports kettles, etc.


At the beginning of the semester, “NACIS RAMs” are looking forward to seeing all new and current students at school. NACIS RAMs, may we all find better ourselves! Be Ambitious!