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NACIS Student’ s Story: How Many Surprises Will She Bring Us?

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NACIS secondary students won the first and second prizes respectively in the 2020 National Season FIRST Science and Technology Challenge (FTC) after defeating many experienced teams from all over the country.


During the one-year preparation period, students faced the challenges including concept design, system level design, detailed design, test, repair and construction, etc. which tested the comprehensive strength and team compatibility of students. Each NACIS participant plays a different role. The veteran FTC member is responsible for programming, the operator is responsible for the operation of the whole project, and the novice is responsible for the engineering notes. Each member plays his own role in an active way.


Like their team’s name Sigma, it was originally a mathematical symbol for summing polynomials. Each person in the team is a "polynomial" with many strengths and unique opinions in different disciplines. The individual strength converges into the collective wisdom, so this winning work is a "polynomial summation".


Among them, Jenny, a new member of Sigma Team this year, is outstanding. In the 2019 academic year, she was awarded the best athlete of the Year by the PE Team, recognizing her outstanding performance in basketball, swimming, volleyball etc. With her outstanding comprehensive strength and great contribution to our school, Jenny was also awarded the 2020 NACIS Scholarship of Excellence.


From the innovative consciousness in visual art design to the science competition award, Jenny displayed her remarkable comprehensive strength in interdisciplinary field. Today, we invited Jenny, her teachers and parents to share her story at NACIS.


Jenny's mother told us that Jenny has been very interested in many things especially hands-on activities since she was a child. She likes painting, flute and dancing and she learns to sing solo, swim, skate, etc. with good scores.


In the eyes of NACIS teachers, Jenny has always been a child with "personality".

From the perspective of the educational psychologist Gardner’s multiple intelligence theory, each individual is multi-faceted and unique. Students can be inspired according to their distinctive aspects during teaching and thus promote their individual growth and development. At NACIS, teachers focus on the "uniqueness" of each child and stimulate the potential of children by tapping into their inner genes.


With the personalized education, Jenny has achieved all-round development in a multi-dimensional way.

Under the guidance and encouragement of Mr. Sam, director of PE, Jenny won the title of the Best Girl Athlete in the academic year of 2019 with her outstanding leadership in the sports team. Mr. Ryan, head of visual arts, often provides her with personalized guidance that suits her level and encourages her to take part in art exploration activities to broaden her horizon. Under the normal interaction with the teachers, Jenny, who was a little shy, has formed a habit of active communication with the teachers. The good relationship with teachers motivates Jenny to keep exploring.


She joined the orchestra, the swimming team, the handball team, the basketball team and the FTC robot team, etc. Based on the training at school, she got more opportunities to represent NACIS and fought for NACIS together with like-minded partners. When she participated in inter-school sports events, she came up with the idea of designing the emblem of the sports team and designed the NACIS official mascot "Shanghai Ram".


Mr. Sam:

I ask our students to be 100% committed and determined both in class and on the sports field. I am also delighted to see that Jenny has shown her willing to take challenges both in the regular training and on the competition field, and she is thinking about how to be a good leader.


Mr. Ryan, one of the judges of the mascot design, believes that the mascot will arouse students' sense of identity with the school spirit. And more importantly, students learnt to find themselves from the spirit of ram: “What kind of person am I going to be”?

When talking about the future, Jenny said "I want to study biomedicine. I know it is hard, but I really want to try. Therefore, during the IB course selection, I want to learn more theoretical knowledge of science, so as to lay a solid foundation for my future study in university.”


“Be ambitious” has always been the spirit advocated by NACIS, and it is also a learner's quality that a qualified IB student should have.


Jenny, who started her pre-IB study in September, has a clear plan for future and knows what challenges she is facing. Jenny's IB teacher, Ms. Vikki Culliton, is expecting a lot from her.


“Jenny has perfectly demonstrated the IB Learner Profile, risk-taker - a characteristic that does not come easily to many young people. She took initiative in applying for the competition and through creativity and resilience she achieved her goal, designing the NACIS sports mascot. This is a wonderful success story for a Pre-IB student and a great start to her IB studies.


IB students are encouraged to be self-aware; to identify their goals and develop skills and strategies for personal growth. Jenny embraced the challenge that was set out for her and met it with determination. She told me that she sought advice from others and reflected on her work. This proves that she is open-minded and appreciated the guidance others could give her.


I hope that this achievement will give Jenny confidence to continue to try new things and make meaningful contributions.”


Jenny’s mother said:


“Jenny’s changes depend on her self-consciousness growth and the influence of the good environment at NACIS. If NACIS has changed Jenny the most, I would like to put it down to the fact that NACIS provides Jenny with the soil that allows her to grow up freely. The school philosophy of "Be ambitious" constantly motivates her, and teachers cultivate her with knowledge and skills. Such an environment is more precious than the scores that is usually believed. Jenny enjoys it and that's the most important thing for us.”