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NACIS Boarding: Grow up with Self-discipline and Freedom


Self-discipline and freedom are closely linked to each other. People who have the skill of self-discipline can fly higher and farther. NACIS is committed to cultivating a "self-discipline" student group in a "free" learning and living environment.


The boarding culture is consistent with our educational philosophy. We believe that the essence of education is to promote individual growth through the establishment of bonds with the inner self, the external world, and the future society. During boarding life, we hope that children have more freedom and creativity to focus on their own growth.



Self-discipline is the basic tool for us to solve life problems. We can't do anything without self-discipline.

--Scott Parker


Time is always the most precious asset for students. In the boarding department, we will make reasonable use of every minute and save students commuting time, so as to ensure that they can participate in every learning process in their best condition and become self-disciplined "time managers."


Boarding students start their day at 6:30 am. Our boarding coordinator and mentors lead students to the special dining area and enjoy the delicious Chinese and western breakfast.


After a full day at school, students return to the dining hall for dinner. The daily meals for boarders are carefully planned with reasonable combination of meat and vegetable by the Executive chef of our catering partners and are cooked by school chef with less oil and salt. In addition, we also provide snacks for boarders twice a day to ensure that each student can get suitable nutrition.


At 6:00 pm in the evening, students start their academic prep. To ensure that students are able to focus on their study efficiently, mandatory academic prep and extracurricular activities will be a 3 or 4-hour session. During this time, students need to hand in all personal electronic products to ensure effective learning. They are also supported by boarding staff and subject teachers who offer individual and group guidance to students.


For IB programme students with more academic tasks, they have an extra hour to participate in sports training or complete their group project. This is a privilege for our older, responsible students.


Self-discipline is the prerequisite for everything, which helps accumulate energy for finding a broader free life in the future. Therefore, self-discipline is the first criterion in our boarding department. With sufficient time and a good learning atmosphere, every student can have the opportunity to think about questions such as “what do I like to do? what can I do? what should I do?”


Jenny from Grade 11 has spent nearly five years of boarding life at NACIS. The five-year experience is a rare treasure for her.


Jenny has more time and energy to develop her interests. She joined the swimming team and participated in swimming trainings at 6:30 a.m. four times a week for nearly two years.


Avoiding the inconvenient traffic, she has enough time to attend the basketball and handball trainings and friendly matches, so as to improve her ability. Devoted to the basketball sports, she was awarded the 2019 best girl player in NAE inter-school basketball competition and the NACIS outstanding girl athlete for two consecutive years.


With more thoughts and feelings about sports, the emblem RAM she designed was chosen as the official mascot of NACIS. At the beginning of this year, she set up a wellbeing hub with her classmates to provide help for students who need psychological counseling.


Th boarding life has brought Jenny a lot of positive guidance and help her become a student with a clear "sense of purpose".




Nothing can be accomplished without norms or standards. Based on the rules established by the boarding department, our school also leaves free space for students to develop their potential and give them the right to grow up.


Boarder William:

The biggest impact NACIS has brought to me is to give me enough freedom for development”.


Boarder Jerry:

Mr. Peter, our Head of Boarding, has meetings with us every Thursday to learn about our boarding life. He talked with each of us to know our needs.


Based on understanding the personalized needs of each student, we provide students with a wealth of extracurricular activities, which is the essence of the boarding life. Extracurricular activities not only improve their Chinese and English language skills, but also enhance their cross-cultural understanding and develop their tolerance and perseverance, so as to cultivate independence and confidence and prepare them well for a wider world.


Jonathan Lewis

NAE Regional Head of Boarding and Student Wellbeing


Nord Anglia schools have a programme for all of our boarding students that provides a rich and varied experience to develop our core themes of boarding, which includes:


- Independence and conscientiousness

- Teamwork and optimism

- Creative thinking

- Self-management and control

- Reflection and emotional stability

- Participation and determination


In addition to 250 extracurricular activities, NACIS Boarding Department also provides more boarding activities for boarders based on their daily learning. Boarding students can get access to dance studio, music practice room, track, playground and gymnasium to enrich their after-school life and develop their hobbies. Based on time and space, most of the activities are created and organized by boarding students themselves.


We have relaxing movie nights, fitness clubs, horticultural club and traditional cultural experience that exercises patience and mind, as well as IB mutual-help group.


The IB students with more learning tasks can choose to conduct additional research after completing their daily tasks. William from Grade 12 devotes himself to researching his environmental science project and enriching his university application materials; Sara spends her evening self-study time on launching the speech club and make teaching manuscripts for her team members.




School life may leave diverse and colorful memories and experiences for each of us. Some people miss a taste, some people think of themselves in school uniforms, and some people cherish the fun of living together under the same roof.


Jenny (Boarder from Grade 11)'s mother:

After five years of boarding life, Jenny has improved her abilities in all areas greatly. She is much more mature in academic learning, interpersonal communication, problem solving, self-management and so on. We are assured of her ability to study abroad in the future. We are also very confident that she will do well in her future development, for independence and self-confidence is the basic guarantee for a good life in the future. Although learning is important, the more important thing for children is to have the ability to face the uncertain future.


The three girls living with Jenny help and encourage each other. They made great progress in the academic examinations last semester and built a deep friendship together. These positive life experiences also have a great impact on Jenny's learning status. I think she is happy and full of energy every day.


At NACIS, we believe that the essence of education is to establish a bond with the inner self, the external world and the future society. Our boarding life prepare students well for their overseas study in a real situation.


We are committed to help students to learn self-discipline and self-reliance in free time and space, and find their own "voice", "shape" and "track". We hope every NACIS student will be able to fly higher and farther in the future with a firm, courageous, and curious attitude.