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How to Cope with "Growing Pains"? Meet the Spiritual Guardians at NACIS Shanghai

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Why do you want to be a psychological committee member?

Because I am very happy at school, I want to make every schoolmate around me happy.


This is a conversation between a psychological teacher and a primary psychological committee member.

Since last semester, NACIS primary has set up the "Green Grass" Psychological Counseling Center, which focuses on the physical and mental health of every student, promotes the primary preventive psychological development, and creates a friendly, diverse, and safe school culture. In order to implement the primary preventive psychotherapy, the primary recruited the psychological committee member of each class.

At the beginning of the new semester, the NACIS committee members became "guardian angels" and brought warmth to new students. In the first psychological committee session, the committee member left their wishes on the cards and placed them in the NACIS red envelopes, so as to help new students quickly integrate into the group.


"Welcome to the NACIS family. We hope you can make progress and be happy every day in this semester. We are your guardian angels. If you have any problems, please remember to come to us and we will be there for you in an instant!"


Psychological teacher Ms. Rose told us: “we want to help students grow up healthy, confident, and resilient through the activities of the Psychological Counselling Center. Students who have difficulties in school life can come to this "soul house" and share their thoughts in the picture book area, game interaction area or garden healing area. What we want to convey to our students is that we always stay by their side.

This is the NACIS family full of love.



Going through adolescence is just like taking a roller coaster ride.

- Dr. John Townsend


Embarrassment prone, moody, fear of exams and the future...are the troubles that students will encounter during the adolescent stage. These psychological problems often perplex teenagers and bring about ups and downs of emotion. Adolescence, the turning point of life, is an important transitional period that both teenagers and parents should pay attention to. Parent-child relationship is the first and most important relationship in life, which directly affects students' personality shaping and interpersonal communication.


Therefore, parent-child communication is one of the most concerned topics of the "Sunshine Tree" Psychological Counseling Center of NACIS secondary.

How to face the child's change, how to clarify the role of parents and how to understand the child's personality?

In order to work with parents and students to solve these problems, the NACIS secondary has formed the Sunshine Tree Psychological Center and the S.A.F.E.T.Y. group (S: Small and similar group. A: Attitudes of Care, F: Fun. E: Empathy. T: Time with them. Y: “Your questions) to explore stress management issues during adolescence.

NACIS Parent Salon aims to help parents "understand" their children through a lively learning approach.

Psychological teacher Ms. Debby helps parents feel the change in parents' influence from the core to the marginalized process through experiential interactive discussion. Then the DISC personality assessment is used to understand the children's personality characteristics, which emphasizes the necessity of personalized education and communication.

Through these artistic expressions, parents can know the nature of their children and the essence of parent-child relationship, so as to internalize the power of family education and face the "bumps " in life.

Similarly, we also provide adolescent students with one-to-one personalized counseling and help. Students can come to the Sunshine Tree Psychological Center after class and confide their true thoughts and feelings in a safe and confidential environment.


At NACIS Shanghai, we not only focus on academic achievement, but also hope that students can grow up in a respectful, healthy, safe, positive, and friendly environment. We hope every student feels warm when they think of NACIS. Therefore, NACIS Shanghai will continue to provide support to students in need.


Just like the wall decorated with thousands of paper cranes by students in the NACIS secondary, this is a big family full of love and kindness.