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Is your child transferring schools? How NACIS supports transfer students


We know that it can be daunting (for students and parents!) when transferring into a new school; especially coming into an international, bilingual school with little fluency in English. As we welcome new students to our school at all grades and levels each year, NACIS ensures transferees have the best support possible both academically and socially.


We consider each application individually, taking into account academic ability, student attitude to learning, and parental support. We have high academic aspirations for all our students, and all students are expected to meet these strict standards to enter the school and be successful. Our teachers are here to help your child be confident and secure during this process, perform their best and really show us their potential to be an exceptional NACIS student.



Through the " Cognitive Ability Assessment", we conduct all-round rigorous tests on students' English literature ability, mathematical and logical thinking ability, and spatial thinking ability, etc. The test allows us to make a comparison with students of the same age around the world and have a comprehensive and multi-dimensional assessments of a student’s learning ability.



Our Chinese and International teachers will assess applicants through the form of a mock class during the interview process. Our teaching team will make the judgement based on students’ attitude to learning, including students' enthusiasm in participating during the class, language expression ability, personality analysis and social skills.



A successful education is a three-way partnership between parents, the school, and the student. As such a Senior Team will meet with all parents as part of the interview process to discuss their role in their child’s education and how they can support the school at home.


It can be overwhelming to join a bilingual school like NACIS without having learned much English, but it’s better, easier and faster to acquire linguistic skills when a student starts as early as possible. From the first day a student enters NACIS, whether grade 2 or grade 7, we offer bespoke support for those students that need it.


Richard joined NACIS with almost zero base in English. We still remember that he was very frustrated to tell us that he could not understand what Mr. Jamie was teaching after the first day of classes. Although it was no surprise to us, we still felt uncomfortable and anxious as parents.


Thanks to the good English learning environment and teachers’ commitment to cultivating children’s reading habits, Richard has made a great improvement in English during his first year at NACIS. Now, he can actively communicate with teachers and tell  stories from what he has done in school. We are so proud of his progress. And most importantly, he is happy every day. This is what we expect.


——Richard‘s parent


In Primary, each classroom has two dedicated teachers – one national and one international native English speaker – who work together to develop bilingual lessons that are tailored to different abilities in the class. All new students from Grade 2 onwards who arrive at school with a ‘Beginning’ level of English are enrolled on a 10-week Accelerated English Programme (AEP). This programme is run daily in very small groups and enables students to rapidly acquire enough English language capability to access the mainstream curriculum.


Transfer students may also be challenged with the academic curriculum when coming into a new school, so NACIS uses academic test data to provide us an accurate baseline that we can use to design a personalized learning journey and then compare each child’s progress against. Findings from these regular assessments are then shared with parents every few weeks so that they can share our confidence in their child’s great progress.


I think NACIS’s FAST platform and teachers’ approaches are very scientific, which can find students’ weakness in time.  The teachers also attach great importance to the teaching approaches rather than simply asking students to do exercises.


-Gordon’s parent


I re-recognized my child through the collection of mistakes. “It turns out that my child can reflect and review his mistakes in humorous language. It is both creative and impressive. I believe that my child will get a better grasp of learning through this way.


-Ivan's parent


Our school also has small class sizes and a low student-teacher ratios, which provide our teachers the opportunity to focus more closely on student’s individual needs. We find this particularly useful for transfer students who may feel nervous coming into pre-established classes.


We also know that in equal importance to English language acquisition and strong academic performance, is the importance of social development and friendships. Many children may be apprehensive about transferring to a new school because making new friends is a daunting prospect. Every new student to NACIS is assigned a buddy who will meet them on their first day in school and help them settle down into new routines and environments. Our 200 extra-curricular activities provide fantastic opportunities for students to build friendships outside the classroom and gain confidence that will follow them into the classroom.


I joined NACIS Shanghai in the first semester of Grade 6. At first, everything was strange to me. So I worked hard to integrate into the school community. It was my classmate Jocelyn who helped me a lot. During the first two weeks, she accompanied me all the time, which made me feel really warm. In this way, I gradually got familiar with the campus, adapted to the new school environment, and most importantly,  Jocelyn became my close friend.


I find that at NACIS, as long as I want to try, the teachers will spare no efforts to give me  chances to prove myself. Encouraged by Mr. Sam, the head of PE, after various trials, I eventually joined girls’ football team. Every week, I need to participate in the team training. Though I was a new member, with the helps from the coach and other players, I soon developed good team spirit. I really loved to work towards common objectives with my teammates.