• A global education

    We are a Nord Anglia Education school, with 42 sister schools around the world

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  • Did you know?

    Our average class size is 13 students, meaning every student gets the support they need to achieve highly

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  • Serious about students' futures

    Our graduating students go on to the best universities in the UK, US, Europe and Asia

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  • We love languages

    Students can study Spanish, French, German and Czech from Year 3 upwards

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  • Academic excellence

    In 2016 Our highest IB Diploma student gained 44 points putting them into the top 1% of students worldwide.


  • Did you know?

    Our Parent School Partnership runs events every term, forming a core part of the school's social calendar


  • Did you know?

    We have been established in the Czech Republic for more than 20 years

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Life in Prague

Our families and our staff love life in Prague. There's plenty for children to do, and plenty for adults too

Spreading across about 500 sq km, Prague is home to around 1.4 million people. As with many major urban centres in Europe, Prague’s demographics differ from the Czech Republic as a whole, which is more than 90 percent Czech in terms of language and ethnicity.

With its roller coaster population of expats and steady stream of tourists from all over the world, Prague is an increasingly diverse and cosmopolitan city.

For a capital city, Prague is incredibly manageable and easy to get around. The city has a very uncomplicated and easy-to-use Metro consisting of only three lines. There are also trams and buses that allow you to connect to anywhere in the city. Taxis are not really necessary in a city with such excellent and inexpensive public transport. Driving in Prague is not terribly difficult, as drivers are pretty easygoing. However, as Prague’s roadways are currently struggling to handle the constantly growing number of vehicles, going by car, especially in rush hour, can take longer than going by tram or Metro. Walking is also a great way how to discover Prague as one of the most wonderful aspects of Prague is how pedestrian-friendly the city is.

Relocating your family to a new country and city is challenging in many ways. The simple things in life can, for some, become much more difficult. In some cases it may be the language barrier, while in others it may simply be a lack of knowledge of available resources. We are proud of our friendly and welcoming Community who will instantly make you feel at home! 

What do our families, students and staff think of Prague?

"Life in Prague is as charming as the city itself. Although it was a tough start primarily due to language & cultural differences, after a while it was easy to make friends and blend in with locals. The school plays a pivotal role in making this happen. So, choose the school wisely. We’re glad we did!"

Sharmila, parent

"I've been living in Prague for more than twelve years now, and am currently going through my eleventh year at this school. Prague's great, I really enjoy it here. It's a beautiful city and I like my area. I attend Czech art and music clubs outside school, but there's also stuff for expats who can't speak Czech. I also attend an English-speaking Youth Theatre and, as well as school, it helps me connect with the international community."

Danya, student

"Prague allows one access to a vibrant and rich Czech culture whilst still being a truly international (and beautiful) European city. This makes both working and living here with a family a joy."

Stephen, teacher